Marxist take over of Hindu Temples in Kerala

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on February 5, 2007

Hindu Temples are the centre of cultural preservation. Hindu Temples are abode of God where rituals, ceremonies and cultural practices are preserved and help Hindus to purify consciousness. Hindu temples are a symbol of our dynamic Vedic culture and living tradition that holds eternal spiritual truths that are relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Hindu Temples represent our cultural aspirations, tradition and spiritual heritage.


For hundreds of years, Islamic invaders and Christian colonialists have vandalized our temples, stole our temple wealth, looted temple gold and jewels and encroached temple lands. Hindu temples were razed to the ground or burnt down and deities were destroyed, desecrated or stolen.


 Koranic and Biblical teachings were often cited for the demolition of Hindu Temples.Christian colonialists continued the tradition of encroaching temple property and destroying temples until 1947. British colonial masters have introduced several legislation in Kerala to take over Hindu temples and property in Kerala. British policy has inflicted heavy burden on Hindu temples. Temples have lost their enormous wealth and suffered severe transformation. Hindu temples were improvised and disappeared.


Government took over temple lands and property. Even after 1947 secular governments have continued this policy against Hindu temples and began appointing atheists and non believing secular politicians as Devasom Board Members and Temple administrators. Huge income from temples including Sabarimala and Guruvayorrappan temple become under the control of the government. Huge temple funds were looted and spent for nefarious political purposes.




Now the Marxist government in Kerala has dismantled the Hindu Devasom Boards and introduced new law for the complete take over of Hindu Temples in Kerala. Under the new law, Marxist government can appoint atheist, non practicing Hindus as temple managers and administrators. Government will have the ultimate control of managing temple workers, temple funds and distribution of funds. The goals are to loot Hindu temple funds and confiscate temple property. The new law will also helps Marxists to destroy Hindu culture, demoralize devotees and please their Muslim and Christian political partners.


Throughout its existence in India, everything the Marxist party touched has been marred with lies, tyranny, massacre, and terror on Hindus. Traditional Hindu spiritual culture and ethical principles have been violently attacked, and social structures have been deconstructed by force. Hindu harmony among different sects and people have been twisted into class struggle and hatred. The Marxist rule in Kerala and west Bengal is the darkest and the most dangerous period of Hindus in history.


Under the new law introduced by atheist Marxists in Kerala, the government can monopolize Temples, control its wealth, property and gold deposits. The atheist government can appoint people hostile to Hindu temple services as Temple administrators, pujaris, temple workers and managers. Hindu devotees, Hindu cultural and social organizations, local temple committees will have no say in temple rituals, practices or management of Hindu temples under the new law. It is the complete and total take over of Hindu temples in Kerala. The Marxist government has never hesitated to use power to control and force to loot Hindu temple funds. It is an attempt to rape Hindu spirit and morale in order to maintain absolute control and political power over Hindus.




Marxist are irreligious, atheists and opposed to religious practices. But their hatred is limited only to Hindus. Marxists say one thing about religion and practice another thing. Marxists have long-term plan for coexistence with Muslims and Christians. They are sincere each other and share honour and grace. They coexist and support each other in sincere manner to attack and destroy Hindus.


History teaches us that there is deeply-rooted patriarchal clean system among Marxists, Christians and Muslims that serve as a fundamental barrier against Hindus. This somewhat mutually dependent relationship was used for exploitation of Hindus. Previously the Marxist government introduced laws to expropriate Hindu property and gave to Christian and Muslim plantation owners. Christians and Muslims receive cores of rupees from foreign sources and they have rich mosques, churches, plantations, wealth producing properties, institutions for profit and huge funds in the bank.


The Marxist government dare to introduce any law to interfere their Church or Mosques or confiscate their wealth and property. The Marxists make no pretence of such wanton take over of Hindu temples and temple wealth. Their choice restricts mainly to Hindu temples not to wealthy Churches and Mosques.


Hindu organizations like Hindu Aiyka Vedi, and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have expressed strong protest and concern about the Marxist Hindu devasom ordinance law and urged Hindus to take steps to prevent the complete take over of Hindu temples.


 Sri Swami Chaitanya, Director of Bhagavat Gita Center, and Pejawar Mat Swamiji have issued strong protest statements against Marxist attempts to take over Hindu Temples. They have urged that Hindu temples should be left to Hindu organizations for management. If fully implemented the provisions of the law will make Hindus second class citizens in their own country with no control of their own temples, cultural practices and rituals. Non Hindu politicians and atheists will have complete control over Hindu temples and spiritual institutions, Madams, Ashrams, Vedic schools and Hindu religious schools. Government can take over any Hindu religious institutions for pretentious reasons. And the government administrators are not answerable to any Hindu cultural organizations, Temple Committees and devotees.


It is strange that some caste based organizations (NSS) joined with the Marxist bandwagon. Their complicity and even active collaboration with the Marxist government will have disastrous consequences. Most caste based organizations and leaders except SNDP leader vellappally Natesan chose not to challenge and ignored the Hindu Temple persecutors. Many political leaders dropped out, withdrew, eased into simplistic, intellectually barren statements. Several secular leaders and phony intellectuals are in deep denial and silence on the thunderous onslaught on Hindu temples with paralyzed detachment. Gripped in the dark age of leftist secularism, they are in seemingly insecure detachment.




The only solution to this tragedy is a meaningful commitment to Hindutva and assertive power display. Hindus must find ways to express their long unmet needs and confront these demons who are bent on destroying our spiritual practices and temples. Hindus should not tolerate or hide from the monsters willing to destroy our sense of Hindu community. Hindus can no more remain live in fantasy and passivism.


We hope that those who are still deceived by the Marxist policies will now see its nature clearly, purge its poison, extricate their minds, its evil control, free themselves from the shackles of terror, and abandon for good all illusions about Marxism.


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