Marxist proscription of TP 51

via Courtesy: Janmabhumi published on September 13, 2015

The proscriptions placed by Marxists on the screening of the movie TP51 once again reveals the deep rooted intolerance of the party. The movie depicts the life and subsequent murder of TP Chandrashekharan, a former Marxist who chose to make an exit from the red brigade and form a political party of his own. Chandrashekharan was hacked to death by Marxist goons, with 51 slashes on his body. The episode has gone down in the history of Kerala politics as one of the most gruesome episodes of Marxist brutality.

According to theatre owners, louts from Marxist family were quick enough to issue trying to dissuade them from screening the movie. The unlawful proscription orders reveal how the party continues to seethe
with vengeance towards Chandrashekharan, even after executing the heinous deed. The Marxist mindset also reveals the repugnant nature which fails to experience remorse of any sort, continuing its stand of being the fiend’s own political outfit. They prove, time and again, how the Marxists of Kerala are nothing but rebirths of Stalin, ho was responsible for uncountable bloodshed.

Similar to this is the way Marxists devils tried to do away with MV Raghavan, who cast aside his Marxist robes and decided to form his own party CMP. They did everything under the sun to annihilate him, like possessed bloody thirsty spirits. The result was the destruction of
the Ayurveda Hospital in Pappinissery and Snake Park in Parassinikadavu. The spree they went on resulted in a massacre of
innocent wild beings, including monkeys and snakes.

The first death anniversary of Kathiroor Manoj is one of the most recent instances that show how Marxists can stoop to evil and odious levels, when they slaughtered three dogs and hung them at the very spot Manoj was murdered. Their targets were Swayamsevaks, which is bestial by itself. It is even more horrendous to think that they decided to kill innocent animals just because they failed to get their desired human targets.

With all their frailties coming to light, Marxists are running for cover trying to shroud their misdeeds and mistakes. This is their very reason for the witch hunt of RSS and SNDP Yogam, all in the name
of ‘fight against communalism’.

In this context it would be worth pondering over who the actual ‘communalists’ are! The Marxists have always playing the communal card to set people waging war against one another. They clamour for minority rights, but the instances where Marxists have murdered just because the concerned person is a Muslim are galore. The murders of Moulavi inside Eettikkulam mosque, Mohammed of Valapattanam are Marxists. No other party has turned hatred towards a political party (Muslim League) into hatred of an entire community. The murder of Shukoor of Thalipparamb and the ransacking of shops in the entire area are none but Marxists. The Marxist witch hunt of Muslims in
Bhumivathukal, Pazhayangadi, Nadapuram etc in Vadakara have no parallels. Abdullah Master of Nadapuram who was attacked mercilessly, was pleading to be spared as he was part of the Marxist clan and the
head of CPM Teachers’ Union. The pleas fell on deaf ears as the hoodlums screamed, “If you are a Marxist, you are no Muslim”. These are brutal episodes which no native of Nadapuram will ever forget.

There is no other political party in the country which has antecedence of bloodshed. The party which tom toms about love for mankind being its core philosophy has nothing but brutality filled tothe brim in their hearts. The political murders committed by them is beyond count.

If Marxists live in the hope of winning this ‘war’ being waged against SNDP and RSS, they should remember that times have changed and people no longer stand for injustice. When dawn has ushered in promises of change and progress, along with peace and prosperity, Kerala society
is not dim brained to reject those in favour of Marxist brutality.

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