Marxist Loot of Hindu Temple Funds

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on April 26, 2007

Marxist leader and atheist minister Sudhakaran has ordered Travancore Devasom Board, Kochi Devasom Board and Guruvayoorappan Temple Administration to deposit Temple funds in Cooperative Banks controlled by the Marxist Party.

How does it help Temples? It is a dangerous obsession of the atheist Marxist Minister to destroy Hindu temples and to gain power over Hindu devotees. Cores of rupees of temple fund are at stake.

Marxists are fixated on a particular dogma of class conflict, armed rebellion and destruction of religious institutions. Confronted with Marxist anomalies and inconsistencies, now Marxists have changed their rigid paradigm.

 In Kerala, the Marxist party has taken on new assumptions, rules, and standards for enriching party leaders. The Marxist party is the richest corporate empire in Kerala. Marxist leaders are now addicted to luxury life, corporate office and five star hotels. The Marxist party now owns media outlets, TV stations, amusement parks, profit making hospitals, financial institutions, and real estate. Ardent Marxist supporters have equated survival of Marxist corporate empire with their own personal survival, and will manipulate and control financial institutions, temples and cultural organizations.

Marxist party controls several Cooperative Banks in Kerala. These mismanaged Banks need a steady flow of funds for survival. Alarmed with the poor management of the Marxist controlled cooperative banks and loss from the media outlets, Marxist Party is concerned about the ‘what they can do to change the course’. As any business empire, the main power lies with money. The Marxist Corporation is in desperate need of funds.

To amass funds, the Marxist minister Sudhakaran has ordered Hindu temples to deposit devotee offerings in Marxist controlled Cooperative Banks. Sudhakaran’s pervasive mindset of control, domination, and contempt of Hindus is evident in his decision. If the Marxist government does not control Hindu temple funds, Hindu temples will fall into chaos, or so we’re to told to believe.

Who controls atheist Sudhakaran? What kind of control has he in mind other than looting Hindu temple funds? Sudhakaran’s directive does not make sense to Hindus. It is dangerous. Is he able to order Mosques and Churches to deposit their funds in Marxist controlled Cooperative Banks?

It is time for Hindus to pose the question:

Is our culture of tolerance, apathy and indifference working for us as well as we desire?

 Is our silence and consensus philosophy shaping our temples to serve Hindus?

Or are we becoming servants to the evil Marxist system that loot our temple wealth and turn us into money making machine for the Marxists?

When more and more Hindus find themselves asking such core questions, we will have strength and power to challenge the criminal thinking of the Marxists. It is time for Hindus to start thinking from the ground up. It’s time to reclaim our powers, our temples and respect.

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