Marxist-Jihadi Criminal Enterprise

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on May 7, 2008

The prevention of crime and anti-social activities is an important responsibility of the government-one in which all segments of society have a stake. But on that crime fighting ideological front, the Marxist government in Kerala has been notably deficient. (In the view of the Marxists aligned with the Jihadis, peace loving, law abiding Hindus are the real problem of social tension, crime, violence and Jihadi terrorism). 




Marxists and Jihadis: Partners in Crime




Under the Marxist government , Kerala has become the crime capital of the world. There is an explosion of crime in every aspect of life in Kerala, from homes, neighborhoods, schools, colleges, workplaces, and places of worship. People live in a world of Marxist violence and Jihadi terrorism directed at any levels of society. There is decline for human rights and law and order. A general disrespect for the rule of law is translated into numerous Marxist-Jihadi criminal activities in Kerala. Most of the victims of Marxist-Jihadi crimes are innocent Hindus. Under the Marxist government, there is no justice for Hindu victims.



Now Kerala is encountering new criminal schemes which attack financial institutions, particularly those crimes being committed by organized Jihadi groups. There has been an increase in bank fraud, fictitious document fraud, counterfeit currency distribution, Hawala transaction, as well as fraudulent identification document created with the use of computer technology.





Counterfeit Currency Distribution: Unparalleled In Our Time





There is a marked increase in the amount of counterfeit currency being circulated through Kerala. For the last several years


currency printing plants have been churning out high grade counterfeit Indian currency. A recent concern is the increasing evidence that Jihadis from Kerala settled in


have been smuggling counterfeit Indian currency Printed in


security press.


has become a willing pawn for the


government engaged in corrupt financial activities against







counterfeiters were able to bring counterfeit Indian currency into Kerala because the Marxist government aid and abet Jihadis as a matter of policy. There is no hope that Pakistani criminal activities can be brought to a halt until Marxist government changes its Muslim appeasement policy. A recent concern is the increasing evidence that the Marxist government has not been an innocent bystander in


traffic in bogus Indian currency.







counterfeiting of Indian currency represents a direct attack on a protected national asset. Circulation of bogus Indian Rupee might undermine confidence in Indian Rupee, and depresses its value. It will damage Indian economy. Financial industry sources estimate that losses associated with


counterfeit currency distribution amounts to crores of rupees. The bogus bills are used to buy real estate, businesses, shops and petrol pumps. It undermines legally established businesses and threatens financial stability. Officials familiar with bogus currency distribution notes its exceptional quality of counterfeit currency printed in


. The quality is so good that many cashier-level bank employees would likely not be able to detect the forgeries.



The amount of money allegedly bring to the coffers of Pakistan ISI and Jihadi terrorist groups is beyond imagination. The earnings from counterfeit Indian currency distribution also could be significant to Jihadi terrorists and subversive Islamic groups like NDF and SIMI. Money may be used to purchase weapons, fund subversive activities, and for slush funds for bribery and corrupting police and politicians.



Jihadi groups in Kerala have long relied on criminal proceeds to fund and expand operations, and were pioneers in using business structure to commingle funds to disguise their origin. Jihadi terrorist groups have used and continue to use established mechanisms to move their funds. One common method is smuggling cash, gold, electronic and computer parts through the Muslim couriers working in the middle east. Jihadi traffickers have become adept at exploiting the weakness and lack of supervision of custom officials, banking institutions and the police to move counterfeit currency.



The Marxist government denies allegations of party involvement in any counterfeit currency distribution by Jihadis. It is the consistent policy of the Marxist party not to oppose all sorts of criminal activities of Jihadi groups like NDF and SIMI for political reasons. Since Marxist party has engaged in a broad range of other crime for profit activity, inhibitions against Jihadi money laundering may not be strong. The political parties in Kerala have made no attempt to stop Jihadi counterfeit currency distribution or Hawala transactions. Allegations of Jihadi crime for profit activity have become the focus of public attention.



The Marxist government has no plans or coordinated criminal investigation strategies involving financial crime, bank fraud, computer fraud, direct deposit fraud, investigation of forgery, false presentation, documentation fraud, electronic fund transfers, fraud within Treasury payment systems, insurance fraud and organized crime by Jihadi groups.




Lack of Public Outrage



printed counterfeit currency distribution, mafia land grab, Jihadi terrorism and Marxist crimes are increasing since there is lack of strong public outrage against these crimes. The Marxists and Jihadis are partners in crime and they have built a sophisticated defensive wall by tricks, diversion and sophistry. The Marxist-Jihadi assault on our culture and social system need to breached. The Marxist-Jihadi criminal gang has exploited our tolerance and made a mockery of the rule of law. Our national destiny depends on our ability to challenge the enemies of our civilization. It is time for the majority Hindus to confront the danger in order to preserve our ideals, culture and values.


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