Marxist hate speech:Where to draw line

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on March 23, 2007

There is a growing concern that Marxist ministers in Kerala frequently send offensive messages against Hindus, temple worship and sacred rituals. We hear and see crude and rude language and offensive remarks from Marxist ideologues. People are talking about where to draw the line. There is growing concern that Marxist free speech is becoming too obnoxious and provocative. Marxist freedom of expression has become a crusade against Hindus.


Few days ago, Sudhakaran, the atheist Marxist Devasom Minister used derogatory comments about Hindu temple worship. The Marxist minister boasted that he is an atheist in charge of Hindu temples and has the power to manage, direct and supervise Hindu temples. Another Marxist leader Balan states that Hindu Gods are naked and temples spread pornography. Marxist Party General Secretary Pinaroy Vijayan ridiculed two MLAs who took oaths in the name of God.


Marxism contains contagious patterns of information that are passed from mind to mind which directly shape and propagate deviant actions among its followers. Marxist literature contains catch phrases, behavior norms, rituals, and social codes to amplify Marxist hatred against Hindus. The Marxist party amplifies these deviant behavior norms through replication of ideas and other hateful information through brainwashing sessions. Existing pseudo secular and communist culture provide ideal conditions for propagating and dispersing Marxist mind viruses that can destroy spiritual Hindu culture.  Marxist party provides affinity spaces by means of shared activities and study classes. Marxist party indoctrinates its followers with an illusory idealism and its dangerous, naïve faith and bankrupt ideology. Marxist ideologues create memes and infect followers with Marxist mind virus. The injection of Marxist viruses is modified to suit local social and political conditions. The party has developed techniques for mind virus transmission, infection, and maintenance to face challenges from adversaries.  Infected with Marxist mental virus, these Marxist goons run around spreading hatred against Hindus.


These Marxist leaders are the sickest comics of them all. Crude language, violent behavior, and offensive messages are common among Marxist comrades. Marxist obscene words, slogans, and memes against Hindus can be heard and seen in songs, movies, TV shows and the print media. Those who disagree or object Marxist mind manipulation are ideologically pigeonholed. Marxist TV and print media have been obsessed with obscenity and offensiveness against Hindus. The only way to understand the ugly mindset of the Marxists is to see Marxist memes themselves. The Marxist offensive messages are intended to spread bigotry and hatred against Hindus. Television, print media, and entertainment are not the only area of concern. Marxists have been using teachers, students, phony intellectuals, bogus secular social leaders and journalists to spread the anti Hindu hatred. Hindu students, spiritual leaders and social activist have been threatened, called names, insulted and attacked.





Many people are concerned that Marxist offensive messages are poisoning society. Marxist leaders have crossed the boundary of free speech and have shown disrespect for the well-being of Hindus. It is time for Hindus to look again the meaning of dirty, violent, hateful speeches of the Marxists that denigrate and threaten Hindus. Marxist offensive speech matters. These hate mongers want to shape the way people feel about Hindu cultural practices. These deliberately calibrated offensive remarks have impact and influence and are meant for creating great harm.


Unfortunately our phony secular leaders are in cohort with the Marxist hate mongers and are not concerned about the dangerous Marxist mind viruses. Phony secularists are too tolerant of bad behavior of the Marxists, and the kind of thinking that leads to it, largely because these hate messages are aimed at Hindus. These quarter-brained secularists want to protect Marxist offensive messages because free speech against Hindus is good speech. What does it mean? Does it mean they don’t know right from wrong anymore? Does it mean that secularists are willing to put up with offensive messages of the Marxist goons? What is it more important: Marxist freedom to spread hatred against Hindus or public morality?




The question is not whether certain Marxist rhetoric is offensive to Hindus. But what should we do about it? Should Hindus allow Marxist mind viruses to spread? Hindus share a deep belief that all people have the right to speak and hear the ideology of others. When the commitment to freedom of speech and the commitment to certain morals are in conflict, it is imperative that freedom to spread hatred and violence should be curtailed. To protect the spiritual tradition, freedom and peace, to protect the dignity and faith as well as rights of Hindus, Marxist freedom to spread hatred must be limited. Marxists must be forced to extricate themselves from the clutches of the rigid, fanatic Marxist ideology. Hindu right to practice their religion, to live in peace and freedom is at stake. So is the moral health of the nation. It’s time for Hindus to join together to draw a line to restrict Marxist ability to spread mental viruses. Hindus must learn to be assertive and shall use effective force continuum until the Marxist mayhem is curtailed.

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