Marxist Deception and Hindu Holocaust Denial

published on September 22, 2009
Dr. Babu Suseelan, Director, Indian-American Intellectuals Forum

Francis Gautier has proposed to institute a Hindu Holocaust Museum to remind the general public about the inhuman and horrible atrocities committed by Islamic invaders on Hindus. The proposed Hindu Holocaust Museum is required for the increased understanding of Islamic brutality inflicted on to Hindus. Every new person born into our society must be aware of the Hindu Holocaust and the tragedy our forefathers have gone through during Islamic invasion. Holocaust Museum will remind Hindus: How could Hindu Genocide happen? The Hindu Holocaust Museum will shed light on the past and also helps us to understand events in our contemporary society.

As usual, the Marxists, Jihadists, the bogus psychological shock troops and phony secularists have entered the fray with deception and denial.  It is strange that for Marxists who believe in  “Religion does not reflect the productive process of people….and it is the opium of the people” have made a grotesque alliance with Islamic Fascists. Their goal is to comfort Jihadi terrorists and to wage a relentless war on Hindutva.

One Marxist academician Vijay Prasad has written an article ( denying Hindu Holocaust with deceptive explanations on the Islamic atrocities committed against Hindus.  By hiding behind a thick wall of denial, the author is trying to deny Hindu genocide and reject historical evidence that more than 80 million Hindus were murdered by Islamic Jihadis. In a futile attempt to expatiate his deception, the author has cited bogus historians like Ramila Thaper and Mohammed Habib to justify Islamic brutality with phony explanations. By denying Hindu genocide by Jihadis, the bogus Marxist historians are trying to reject historical evidence with phony explanations.

The author makes illogical interpretation, to justify the most frightful form of Islamic oppression and mass murder in human history. His assertion of Hindu-Buddhist fight is a lie. His bogus claim of Muslims reached India for trading is a myth. Muslims came to India not with goods but with Islamic swords. In Sindh, Kathivar, west Punjab and Kutch Hindus were forced for Islamic conversion. Those who refused were slaughtered the Islamic way.

Unless such bogus historians come out of their denial, thinking errors and cognitive confusion their heightened perception of negativity and hostility will continue. To protect themselves against uncomfortable reality of past and present Jihadi terrorism, they develop a set of irrational defense mechanisms widely used to negate, deny, or ignore dangerous Islamic brutality.  Their defense mechanisms filter out historical facts that they may not want to recognize. They use these defense mechanisms to escape from freedom, responsibility and want to maintain their defective thoughts.

It has long since become common knowledge that Marxist academicians relinquish their loyalty to reality and their consideration for Hindus. They are in deep denial and suffer from cognitive disorder and Islamic approval addiction. Their goal is to deconstruct history to please Jihadis. The net result of their Hindu Holocaust denial and thinking errors is the destruction of our country, our culture and freedom.

Since 8th century, Islamic invaders have been slaughtering Hindus, destroying temples, looting our wealth and captured women and children and sold them as slaves. Muslims faithfully followed Koranic directives to kill the idolaters wherever they could be found. The Muslim attitude toward Hindus is reflected in various verses throughout the Koran. The concept of perpetual war with infidels is common among Jihadi Muslims. The Islamic conquest of Indian subcontinent enabled the Islamic mob leaders like Sultan Mohammed, Muhammad Ghori, Timur, Iltutmush, Firuzshah, Tughlaq, Baber, Aurangzeb, Hider Ali and Tipu Sultan to murder millions of Hindus.

The great cultural Historian Will Durant argued in his 1935 book “The Story of Civilization: Our Oriental Heritage” (page 459) “The Muslim conquest  of the Indian Sub Continent led to widespread slaughter of Hindus, Buddhists and joins because Muslims regard Hindus as infidels”.  The Islamic historians have recorded with great pride the slaughter of Hindus. History has clearly recorded Hindu slaughter by Islamic mob leaders like Sultan Mohammed, Muhammad Ghori, Timur, Nadirshah, Iltumush, Firushah, Tuglaq, Baber, Aurangzeb, Hider Ali and Tipu Sultan. During the Mopila riots in 1921, and the period during the creation of Islamic Pakistan thousands of Hindus were butchered by Jihadis.  Several scholars have written extensively on the brutal nature of Islamic invasion of India. (“The Legacy of Islam”: Andrew Bostom, “The oxford History of India: V.A. Smith, “Muslims Invade India”; K.S. Lal, “The History Of India as told by its Own Historians”: H.M. Eliot and John Dowson, “The Toynbee-Ikeda Dialogue”;Daisaku Ikeda and Arnold Toynbee).

The Marxist-Jihadi alliance use varieties of creative and devious means to distort history deny Hindu Holocaust and malign Hindus. It is part of a psychological warfare to convey selected information and indicators to gullible public to psycho program their mind. Marxist historians and Jihadi academicians claim that Hindu holocaust did not happen in the manner or to the extent historically recognized. They deliberately deny that Islamic invaders had a policy of deliberately targeting Hindus for extermination.

The Marxists, Jihadis and bogus secularists have made it intellectually fashionable to blame Hindus for Islamic atrocities. They are engaged in the deliberate manufacturing of falsehood, mindless distortion and blame game.

Let the Marxist historian continue with their denial of Hindu Holocaust and misinterpretation of Islamic invasion. But Hindu Holocaust is a reality and the Hindu Holocaust Museum will be built. What better gift can we give to our country, to our forefathers who sacrificed their life for our freedom and for the future generations?

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