Marxist craze for Hindu Temples

via HK Correspondent published on February 25, 2007

There are several misconceptions about Marxists in Kerala. Many falsely believe that Marxism is against capitalism, profit making, and temple ownership. Another misconception is that Marxists are against religion. Marxists in Kerala are only against Hindu culture and spiritual practices. But they are fond of Hindu temples, temple income and temple management.

E.M.S, the veteran Marxist leader belonged to the rich, tradional Ealamkulam Mana. Elamkulam Mana owns a traditional SIVA  temple and the temple was managed by EMS’s brother E.M. Raman Namboothiri. The Temple committee was taken over by the local Marxist party and Raman Namboothiri retained the Chairmanship of the Temple Trust. The temple employees were under the control of the Marxist Trade Union CITU. CITU and Marxist Temple Board clashed over and fought for temple funds and management. The traditional SIVA Temple was forced to close on December 18. The government took over the temple and the temple trustee filed a law suit. The High Court Division Bench headed by Acting Chief Justice Radhakrishnan and Justice M.N. Krishan stayed the government order and directed  the Temple Trustee to continue its function and manage the temple with traditional services. 

The whole  incident shows Marxist disdain for Hindu temple practices. Their hatred is only against Hindu temples and cultural practices. Marxists have no qualm in making an alliance with Muslims and Christians. Marxists, radical Muslims and Christian  fundamentalist work hand in hand in Kerala to destroy the sacred Hindu culture, the social bond that keep the country together. Marxists, Jihadis and Christian fundamentalists use code words like Hindu fanatics, sufforanization, Brahmanism, social justice, proletarian equality and muti cultarism to confuse and deceive the public to cover up their ulterior motives. Marxist, islamic, Christian alliance think that Hinduism is the obstacle standing in their way of deconstructing Kerala. Kerala Hindus would have to be changed first. The Marxists and their fellow travelers know that Hindus survive through temples and they have to take over temples, and loot temple wealth before they can destroy Hindutva.

The Marxists know the new battle ground is the temple. Temple management, rituals, and traditional practices must be radically transformed and the tradition must be termed upside down with the Marxists  at the tope of temple management. This is the beginning of the cultural terror against Hindus.

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