Maoists invasion or Chinese masquerade invasion on India?

via Vedaprakash published on June 27, 2009

Maoists meddle borders for penetration: Maoists meddling with the Indian borders are revealed, as suspected earlier[1]. However, the pro—Marxist / Maoist newpaper “The Hindu” characteristically reports that “Maoist activity suspected on border with Nepal[2].  Of course, even for such “suspect-report”, one Mohammedan journalist is required. The activities of suspected Maoists in Shravasti district on the India-Nepal border have alerted the Uttar Pradesh authorities, he says, as if the authorities were sleeping! The alert comes after alleged Maoists damaged three border pillars and hoisted a red flag on a tree on June 20 and 21 in an area under the Sirsiya police station in the district. After all, the hoisting “Pakistan flags” by the renegade Muslims has become a regular feature in India and no Indian of worth has never bothered about it. Now, after the election win, perhaps, the Catholic government has started extending such facilities as a token of inner agenda of the Catholic-Communist understanding.


Atiq khan goes on to say, “Home Secretary Mahesh Gupta said here on Thursday that a report on the incident is being sent to the Centre. Gupta said the incident was reported from a no-man’s land on the border and occurred about eight km from the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) post located in Bhauva naka. Stating that the area was covered by dense forests and small hills, Gupta said pillar number 618, 623/2 and 625 were damaged by “anti-social elements.”  Though the State’s role in such matters is limited, the issue will be discussed with Nepalese officials when they visit the neighbouring Dang district (on the other side of the border) on Friday.” However, Times of India reports as follows:


Maoists damage border marks on Indian territory
[3]: Maoists have virtually declared war on India damaging borders, infiltrating inside and launching war on India, killing people, attacking the economic targets and now ruling parts of India in connivance with the Communist government, as they have no love for India than for China or Russia. The state government on Thursday (18-06-2009) confirmed that Maoists have damaged three border marks on Indian soil along the UP-Nepal border. A home department spokesperson said that the Central government has been apprised about the damage to take up the issue at the international level with the Nepal government. Border marks milestone are concrete structures erected on the border to demarcate the Indian territory, the No-man’s Land and the boundary of the neighboring country. These border marks are grounded deep on the ground and cannot be easily uprooted manually. The home department spokesperson said that all the three border marks damaged were situated deep into the forest area. “The incident is believed to have taken place sometime during June 20-21. Security agencies and authorities of the border districts have visited the sites and the work of repairing the damage is underway. The state government has also decided to take up the issue with Nepal at a meeting of officials from the two sides slated to be held in Shravasti on Friday,” the officer said. This was the first incident of its type where the Maoists in Nepal have openly targeted property of the Indian government along the UP-Nepal border[4]. Security agencies were of the view that if the issue was not taken up with all seriousness at the international level, more such incidents could happen in the near future. “You never know when these stray incidents may turn into major offensives,” said an officer[5] of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) guarding the Indo-Nepal border [emphasis added].


Nepal and India, the way India loses the traditional and diplomatic relationships:
Can anybody  could have believed that the secular India was acting against the interests of the Hindu India, thus paving way for the complete collapse of Royal rule and installation of the most dangerous another type of “Chinese-Taliban”[6] government in Nepal? While India has snapped all “Hindu” sentiments and started foreign affairs negotiated through the Mohammedan and Christian Ministers and officers[7], the world has understood the position of India, whereas, the Christians and Mohammedans have been operating only on religious lines. Currently, the U.S. embassy in Kathmandu continues to conduct covert operations against China, mostly through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Trace Foundation, a Tibetan support group run by Andrea Soros Colombel, and funded by her father, George Soros. The Trace Foundation is working with one of the Buddhist Tantric sects that has the aim of revealing the Kalachakra prophecy, which predicts a final global war between the forces of good versus a future Islamic Mahdi. A Buddha-type figure is foreseen as returning as a new Messiah. This construct is similar to the neocon “Clash of Civilizations” that sees a final showdown between the West and Islam. That is the Buddhists, in spite of their grouping with “Hindu” under Article 25 of Ambedkar’s Constitution, the Buddhists have been acting as enemies against India. The Sri Lanka story also has been the same!


The Communist-Taliban and CIA-Americans in Nepal: The Communists of all sorts represented by the China and Russia at one side and the Americans though CIA agents have been making Nepal – another Tibet acting against India[8]. As American interests have been varied, their activities could not be  understood easily, as many times, it appears that two American agencies would be acting against each other, but their main purpose is to confuse both the involved opposite parties and make them attack each other, so that they are weakened, but Americans get advantage. Remember what happened at Afghanistan? Afghanistan has been the world’s leading producer of opium and the CIA-backed mujahedeen had / has been producing opium at will as an effort to oust the Soviet Union from the country, with the drug trade serving to help finance the war. But, even today, the strategy continues, as if the Frankenstein is acting against the mujahideens or Talibans, as only names, banners and bank accounts differ from time to time[9]. That is why the drug-trafficker, Dawood Ibrahim is involved in money laundering and encouraging gambling operations in Nepalese Casinos, where the American agents play their crucial role in manipulating the secret agencies in taking and breaking orders. Note, similar types of Casinos have in operation in Goa, where such types of drug, sex and murders have been taking place[10]. Thus, as long as the drug, arms and political power go together, such nefarious forces work together. Unfortunately, the idiotic Indians work in the name of ideology and aid and abet anti-Indian forces, without realizing the danger.


Indians may have pay heavy price, as the Catholic-Communists Budget buckles before China:
The poor Indians have to suffer more in 2009 onwards, as the Budget proposals have been to favour the Chinese and American companies this type. The so-called Indian companies have been thriving in China, interestingly involved in the pharmeutical industries. Ironically, they have been manufacturing Viagras[11] under different brand names and camouflaged formulations selling though the NE agencies, where a Christian billionaire is involved[12]. Now, the Budget-sops for such Chinese-incorporated, affiliated and holding companies go to play considerably. There is a proposal to import rice into India do good business and the media has started raising alarm about the failure of monsoon, no-availability of water, food grains etc. And this is prelude for such activities to loot India buy the politicians, whose relatives would be the importers, distributors and thus profit-makers.

Chinese have been tax-evaders professionally since the days of the Cholas: 
How the Chinese goods are available and sold cheaply, because, they do not suffer any taxes. How the Chinese ceramic-wares were / are found everywhere[13], just like Chinese electronic goods or toys? Same answer. Of course, now there has been anti-dumping duty, but the Chinese have their on way of evading. The decision to impose anti-dumping duties on silk imports from China does not seem to have had the desired impact, as loopholes in the order came handy for the Chinese silk importers to continue with the `business as usual’ approach[14].  The silk reeling community in the country feels that Chinese silk importers have taken advantage of certain clauses in the order imposing anti-dumping duties to their advantage and bypass the duty[15]. As per the order issued by the Authority, all silk consignments of grade 2A and below would attract anti-dumping duty of 34 percent. The decision was made after taking into consideration that majority of the silk coming from China to India belongs to 2A and below while higher grades including 3A and 4A accounted for very negligible quantities. The Chinese goods do not stop with silk and ceramics, but continue with steel, medicine, milk products, tyres and so on. India’s tyre industry has been having a rough ride for some time now as cheap Chinese imports have made deep inroads into the country’s replacement market, prompting calls for an anti-dumping duty by domestic players. Tyres imported from China, often illegally, are cheaper by as much as 30 percent compared to Indian products. These Chinese imports in percentage terms into the replacement market is anywhere between 12-15 percent, which means every sixth tyre fitted on an Indian vehicle is a Chinese tyrers and it is between 85-90 percent of India’s tyre imports. Inferior quality radial tyres are imported from China under the guise of bias tyres[16], which is done by small traders[17] who resort to all sorts of means to evade duties, they (the Bias tyres) are largely identical to radial tyres, typically have a less fuel-efficient design than the standard radial, thus attract only 8.6 percent instead of 10%. They were following such tactics even during the Cholas period bringing downfall of the powerful Cholas. Now, the Indian economy might collapse, if the Chinese are allowed continuously to dump with their inferior goods and evade duties and taxes.

Indians have to learn a lot and remember from the Recent Past: The so-called LPG has not been anything to India as India and Indian goods have been in demand always in the world since time immemorial. Till mediaeval period, India was reigning supreme in the maritime trade excelling all nations exporting and importing goods[18]. Now only, the Indian politicians and rulers, of course the businessmen and industrialists have bee so corrupted that they have no morality or principles, nationalism or faith in God and thus become renegades and traitors helping the enemies without any shame. But, the Indian trade guilds[19], who were working systematically 300 years back had been sincere and honest with love for India, Indian people, religion and Gods. The Indians never collude with other corrupt people easily, as the Cholas system had been systematic in electing and choosing the people of high-offices. When the judiciary comes, no person with any violation of Acts and Rules could become an advocate or Judge[20]; the rulers of Vattam, Kottam and Mandalam were elected by ballot and thus they ruled, collected taxes and the collected tax used for the welfare of the people[21]. Thus, the tax-evasion could never be thought about it. But the European, Arab and Chinese had involved in such fraudulent activities, as could be noted from their own documents (some examples are given):

Ø      The VOC declared insolvency and evaded all taxes and duties including the tribute meant for the India King for five years. Ironically, the same Company was given permission again later.

Ø      The European forces – the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Danish, the French and the English (the Germans would always work behind them and they do not come out openly), the Arabs (they are mentions as Moors, Mohammedans, Muslims etc), and the Chinese were involved in piracy, slave trade, smuggling and tax evasion.

Ø      Though, they used to have their “settlements” at the important Indian ports like – Calicut, Kollam,  Cochin, Thuttukkui, Kayal etc., in attacking Indians, they worked together, but fought with each other in other contexts.

Ø      The Christian-Mohammedan rivalry in piracy, smuggling, trade slave and tax evasion had been very notorious exhibited through their pirate-leaders, “pepper-wrecks” and other material evidences.

Ø      The killing of each other, burning down / or destroying each other settlements, as happened in Calicut where the Arabs destroyed the Chinese settlement etc., had been famous.

Ø      All these incidences clearly prove that the non-Indian Companies, trade-guilds and their representatives did not respects the firmans issued / trade permissions granted / agreements entered into.

Ø      However, as the countries, the companies, individuals etc./, had become rich, earned profits up to 500% etc., prove their extent of tax evasion, profiteering and debauchery.

As the same trends continue, even today, the Indians have to be careful and now they are fooled with the current electioneering system and cheating them by all means. Just because, they have come to rule such farce and bogus electioneering system, they try to meddle with all aspects of Indian life, which cannot be allowed by the Indians.

Border infiltration, meddling with borders amount to invasion: The Maoists activities have been totally anti-national and amount to invasion on India and their threat cannot be taken as that of “terrorists” or “suspects” as the Communist comrades or the mighty-media-magnates propagate. As one sane element has pointed out correctly – “You never know when these stray incidents may turn into major offensives,” said an officer[22] of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) guarding the Indo-Nepal border, India should take serious action, instead of announcing sops to the defense personnel of announcing through Antony, the Christian Defence Miniser for the secular India that India is prepared for any eventuality and so on, when the Maoist  anti-Indian forces have already launched attack on India.





[1] About the Chinese goods reaching Indian states through the porous Nepal-Indian borders on the backs of asses and donkeys and sold has already been pointed out, where evasin has been running into hundreds of crores.

[2] Atiq Khan, Maoist activity suspected on border with Nepal, in The Hindu dated 26-06-2009, for more details, see at:


[4] When the asses and donkeys have been coming and going easily through such porous borders for more than 20 years, it is ironical that this is the first incidence to be noted by the Indian security forces. The Bangladeshis in fact did not allow completing the fencing and the Bangla-forces have killed Indian workers engaged in the fencing work many times and only few cases have been reported in the media, suppressing the other cases and this type of diplomacy is followed by the shameless India. The Bangladesh exaple is given, because India fought, liberated East Pakistan from West Pakistan and made an independent nation “Bangladesh”, but now it has become the most populous Islamic countries exporting terrorism to India with all facilities at the borders and Chittakong hilly areas.

[5] At least one officer has been there to support India!

[6] “Chinese-Taliban” expression is used, because, they have been so treacherous towards India. Whenever, the border issue comes, the China newer compromises with India and Buddha would not help or bring peace in the Indo-Chinese talks. However, the Indians would be celebrating I
do-Japanese friendship festivals and cultural shows, all in the name of Buddha and dots on the foreheads!

[7] Idiotic India has been following such coolie-mentality to prove its secularism and the concept of self-defeat and self-denegation. Just, one has to remember about the Yuan Court policy of tributes and declaring Indian kings as “subjects” of so and so and so empires!

[8] The loosing of Tibet has been another black-chapter in Indian history not told by the faithful or faithless historians to Indian students, though getting laurels from non-Indians governments, but refusing to get the same from Indian governments and such has been their level or standard of nationalism or patriotism to the country, where they live and enjoy life!.

[9] Russia might have been weakened politically and economically, but the Indians do not understand that the very same forces are now acting against them. Under the guise of controlling or containing American-nurtured Taliban forces, billions of $ aids are given to the enemy-nation Pakistan and the US-envoys just lecture on how both the countries should behave or conduct elections democratically!

[10] Goa is not far away from Mumbai or Karachi and of course, in such activities, the Mohammedan pimps co-oerate the Christians for enjoyment and terrorism also.

[11] The Company which manufactures in India has factories in China also, yet the Indian company has been so proud of its Chinese comnnecytion!.

[12] He is respected moore than any CM / Governor of NE and he has connection with all Chinese and Pakistani agencies.

[13] Nobory Karashima and the Japanese team made many such studies discovering Chinesware everyware, but finally bringing out hypotheses and theories that the rich Indian medieval trade-guilds have been responsible for the fall of or the demise of mighty Chola Empire! Of course, for this also there have been Indian collaborators.
[14] An article / report, Chinese Importers Pass All Silk Goods As High Quality To Evade Dumping Duty, in Fnancian Express dated 02-06-2002 for more details, see at:

[15] However, no Indian historian would worry about such “silky-evasion” as continues from the medieval period! No team works on such issues to tell the Indians truth so that the Indian producers and manufacturers could be aware of such manipulations. After all, tax evasion has also a history!

[16] That the Chinese goods are imported with less duties prove that the Indian tax-officials have been involved. Had they been aware of such manipulations, they should have stopped and charged full duty, so that the illegal imports could have been avoided and even stopped.

[17] It cannot be accepted that the so-called “mall-traders” are involved in such hundreds of INR tax evasion involving the Chinese goods. Without the involvement of the politicians, nothing could happen in India. That the Communists could exercise such influence even with or without political rule or governance show their undue influence in such transactions. The Communists are involved not only in the decision taking levels at the north-block, but also at the trade union levels.  As the CHA, Port and other related works are now carried on different outsourcing agencies, they are controlled by the Communist and Maoist organizations.

[18] Now, none could dare to name any ocean as “Indian ocean”.  In fact, “Hindu Ocean” is mentioned as “Indian Ocean”, as “Chola Ocean” is changed to “Bay of Bengal”.

[19] “Injurruvar”, “Manigramam” etc., who could make their presence at SEA Countries and also at Quanzhou in China with their temples, sculptures and of course maritime trade.

[20] Refer to the Cholas inscription for more details about the “Kudavolai” system of voting, polling, election etc.

[21] The Cholas had been the kings who surveyed their country and numbered the houses in each street with vattam / Ward, Koottam / Division, Mandalam / Corporation and collected taxes meticulously.

[22] At least one officer has been there to support India!

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