“Manorama Visham”

published on September 18, 2006



 But for three very visible and powerful living symbols, the civil society in Kerala would have been completely polarised by now – Yesudas, Yusufali Kechery and Malayala Manoroma.


While Yesudas and Yusufali are positive factors till date, the granny newspaper represents the negative side of the spectrum. Incomparable rendition of Hindu devotional songs by Yesudas and his declared beliefs in Sabarimala Ayyappan & Guruvaroorappan, even while being a practising Christian, has found wide acceptance among a majority of Kerala Hindus as truly sincere. In similar lines, the flow of words from Yusufali, a practising Muslim, while invoking Lord Krishna has little competition even from ardent Hindu devotee poets. The simple fact that the two operate in a highly popular film industry makes them all the more effective. But the third one has always been powerful and working overtime to split the Hindu society. For the last two decades there has been a steady deterioration in the status of Kerala Hindus and conditions are ripe for an unprecedented consolidation. But the three seems determined to dent the pace.


In a way it is good that the two individuals are doing what they can to avoid a split in the society. So let us pray that their efforts are successful to the extent allowable. But it is high time the ugly face of the granny media is brought out in front of our Hindu brothers. “Manoroma Visham” as we should call it, has been doing all it can very efficiently and silently to keep us divided. The poison (visham) has intensified and now it is also in the air (MM Vision). In the present generation there are very few who knows about the real Manoroma. It was the infamous but brilliant Sir C.P. who actually recognised its poison first. His strong actions in closing down the notorious Pala and Quilon banks were attempts to contain the “rubber culturists” in their nascent stage. With the power of a newspaper and immense rubber money, the poisonous group could not only turn the table around but manoeuvre their way to the very top. Actions against their notorious banks were successfully christened as atrocities against media and imprisonment for financial irregularities were projected as part of the freedom struggle. With deft manipulation when things were going against the Diwan, the poisonous newspaper made it into the hearts of all Keralites, including the Hindus.


What followed in the post-independence era was even more intriguing. The fake freedom fighters could not only get Hindu leaders like Mannam into their trap but also succeed in building up a strong readership among the majority community. The businessmen in them knew how to trap the innocent Hindus. Barring the editorial team, almost the entire middle management of the paper is still “reserved” for the offspring of well-to-do Hindu families. The vice like grip of “Manoroma Visham” on the current office bearers of NSS is well known. Leaders of NSS who could have taken the leadership in a consolidation of Kerala Hindus are always kept impotent by the manipulations of this Achayan group. By deft manipulation of editorial policies and planting of coloured news at appropriate times, they have always succeeded in keeping the Hindu society divided. There are enough and more reasons to suspect their hands in the recent break-up of SNDP-NSS ties also.


It is better late than never to bring Manoroma’s manipulations to the public domain and make the suffering Hindu society in Kerala realise their mistakes. With the advent of MM Visham in the air as well, their damage-making capacity has increased. Unless Kerala Hindu society accepts their own mistakes so far and put a full stop to their patronage of enemies, no improvement will dawn. All those who want Hinduism to survive in Kerala must stop subscribing to Manoroma and MM Visham immediately. Make it a point not to buy their tyres and encourage anything that would give these enemies of Kerala Hindus money to work against our own interests. Ordinary members of NSS must make extra efforts to force the leadership to drop their hot lines to MM Visham offices. Nairs belong to Hinduism and are not followers of St.Thomas or Knaya Thomas. It is time we did something to redeem ourselves from the likes of “Manoroma Visham”.  


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