Maadani, The Menace

published on April 16, 2008

By Synonymous


Those who thought that the Maadani menace is over with his repentance for past deeds are wrong. The so-called Social Justice Meet, recently held at Kochi , is a pointer to this. He has become much more dangerous and the MOIS (Monopoly Of Intelligence Syndrome) has afflicted him badly. By making speeches like Mark Antony and roping in leaders who are Hindus only in name, he thinks he can destroy the majority community from within. The presence of so-called secular pretenders like Yesudas and Krishna Iyer are to be seen in this light. Yesudas is beginning to show his true colours after his need of a ‘secular image’ for his business is over. People are closely watching how his son is going to bring up his children after his marriage to a Hindu girl with so much secular publicity. I can bet that he is going to baptize them.


Those who have heard Maadani’s speeches during ISS days know his true intentions. It would be foolish to think that a blood thirsty devil will ever turn a saint even after a decade in jail. Like a true wild animal, a man-eater can never return to its normal food habits again. Those Hindu leaders like Vellapalli Natesan who have started showing a bit of sympathy to PDP are cautioned about Maadani’s true intentions.  Keep an eye on him on what he is doing and talking while he is in the Gulf among his brothers in their Holy lands. His ambitions are very high and a typical fundamentalist fool like him has all the chances of becoming a willing tool in the hands of arch enemies of Indian nation again and again.


One of the important points Madaani spoke about in the meeting was about the absence of any Muslim employees in organisations like RAW. But none of the secularists on stage dare to ask him about how many Indian Muslims would genuinely do their duty of spying against Pakistan and Bangladesh ? When Sachar & Paloli reports get implemented, the Muslim spies from India may be used in Nepal , Sikkim and Sri Lanka . Then it would definitely make things much more easier for ISI and not RAW. Maadani is raking up unwanted and unnecessary issues that are aimed at damaging the foundations of a nation state viz. India . He should understand the cold basics of holding a nation together and how his Muslim nations are doing so in the Gulf. And if he refuses to do so, we should atleast make him understand that all Indians are not fools as he thinks.    

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