M.F. Hussain – into how many pieces?

via Synonymous published on July 5, 2010

The much trumpeted claim of Islam as a religion of peace is increasingly under doubt. The latest episode of Islamic violence of cutting off the hands of a Malayalam professor points to this. His only mistake was that he used their Prophet’s name in a question paper. Is this a reason for cutting off the hands? Are we really living in the 21st century?  If that is good enough a reason, into how many pieces must we cut M.F. Hussain into? Just one look at the pictures he has drawn of Hindu gods and goddesses is enough to convince anyone for his public execution. Yet he is continuing to draw in comfort and he is being felicitated every day by all Muslims in the Gulf. Muslims have a clear double standard in their outlook and are increasingly getting arrogant by their increasing Gulf money clout.

Whatever be his background and whatever be the actual wording used in the controversial question paper, cutting of the hands of a teacher (guru) cannot be justified under any religious doctrine. The complete silence of the so-called Mullahs and Moulavis who proclaim their ridiculous fatwas for everything under the sun clearly shows their silent approval for this. It is time for the reasonable and rational among the Muslims to question such ‘religious’ deeds.

Merely talking about the mercy and peaceful deeds of their prophet in sixth or seventh century is not enough to satisfy human beings in the twenty-first century.  We are supposed to civilised and we should be living in a civilized manner. Someone has to start talking among the Muslims.
And if there are no such sensible sounds coming from the Muslim community, it is time for the so-called International Community to act. UN must start deliberating on declaring militant Islam as a threat against humanity.

Atomic bombs being manufactured by Iran are nothing compared to the increasing clout of Talibanised militant Islam in different parts of the world, including Kerala. What NDF, PDP, JIH and silently by IUML are targeting in Kerala, is a complete surrender of anyone questioning Islamic principles, idiotism, non-believers and followers of other religions. The public arrogance of Maadani, denigrating of other religious beliefs by the likes of M M Akbar, false propaganda by JIH & Madhyamam and outright militancy of NDF are nothing but wake-up calls for others. The new LeTV (Leshkar-e-Toiba TV) planned by Jamat will only take the Islamic threat to higher levels.

Now only an individual has lost his hand, but very soon the entire Kerala society will be limbless and speechless if there is no concerted action.  

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