Loyalty of Converted People from India

published on February 22, 2013

By analyzing the thought and actions of converted people from INDIA AND THE POLITICAL, Social pathology and social-economic crisis created by these converted people, one could find that the they introduced bogus secularism, pro-Islamist and desert dogmas and fascist ideology in India. They have deliberately destroyed our unity of values, and the dissolution of Dharma. The failure of our third rate, criminal and corrupt politicians and their cohorts ensure that Hindus remain passive and approve the dominance of Islamists and Christians.

If concerned Hindus are protesting or if some enlightened Hindus are speaking, then no one is listening or they are labelled as communalists and fanatics.

The general Hindu public resists a consideration of history as it related to desert creeds of Islam and Christianity. I hope that Hindus in different persuasions will find our history useful in sharpening of issues they confront everyday. Since India is ruled by an uneducated Italian catholic lady and Indians are told that Christians and Muslims are liberators, not invaders who destroyed our culture, looted our wealth and converted millions of Hindus. Our media is owned and directed by our enemies. So they support our enemies. Familiarity with our tendencies likely to result in errors as well as fallacies that evade, obscure or distort our positions on the atrocities committed by invading murderous Muslims and Christian colonialists.

There is a general understanding that Pakistan printed counterfeit money distribution, smuggling, black money distribution, Love Jihad and terrorism are committed by Pakistani agents in India. Jihadis are infiltrating from Pakistan and Bangladesh with the active support of the Sonia, the Vatican agent in India. The anti-national Congress party and criminal politicians are cooperating with our enemies to destroy India through sinister plans. As a result Hindus in India, are facing an intensive, massive and deliberate psychological warfare intended for creating cognitive confusion, and mental misdirection.The purpose is to liberate Hindus from the universal, spiritual, pluralistic and open-ended thought system and culture to desert dogmas. It is a deliberate attempt to enslave free spirited tolerant Hindus into servitude. The slave Masters of closed creeds and their cohorts exploit gullible Hindus by offering money while keeping them in permanent servitude.

The converted goons had harmed our culture, destroyed our ecosystems and harmed our social environments.

The corrupt political parties and the anti-national mass media inspired, managed, financed and directed by imperialists forces support Muslims and Christians. India is the only country on earth with special privileges and quota system for Muslims and Christians. Jihadis and the conversion mafia blame peace loving Hindus for social disturbances and terrorism caused by them.
Our educational system, mass media, television have failed miserably to expose the true nature of Maoists, Marxists, and dogmatic creeds of the desert.

India has a unique history. While the west and the Middle East were living in darkness, India was at the zenith of civilization. Indian culture, philosophy , rich spiritual tradition was unparalleled in the history of the world.

History has shown that millions of Hindus were slaughtered, millions were forcefully converted and our great country was divided.

Even today, after independence from British Colonial Christians, Hindus were are oppressed, discriminated and subjugated. Hindus are faced with severe social,financial, psychological political challenges. Hindus are in a trance and do not know that they have been out of touch with reality.

A careful examination of the history of Islamic invasion and Christian colonialism, and continuous discrimination and oppression of Hindus in India would lead to find causes of Hindu subjugation and oppression and ongoing discrimination.

A widely varying doctrines, political philosophies, religious dogmas, blind faiths
are introduced and practiced in India by Muslims and Christians that are alien to native culture.
In the name of tolerance and compromise the majority Hindus tolerate all these nonsense. These alien enemies are threatening the existence of Bharat. They are well protected by our government, enemy forces, and powerful anti-Hindu forces from within and without.

Instead of harping on pseudo secularism,and bogus socialism, we, Hindus must practice our Dharma, protect our civilization and promote our spiritual philosophy and curtail coercive religious conversion and stop Jihadi terrorism by all means necessary.

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