Love Jihadi under arrest while dumping 2nd victim

published on July 4, 2014

Police have arrested a Jihadi Romeo Shahul Hamid, who allegedly subjected a Hindu girl to sexual harassment, following which he persuaded her to convert to Islam. The arrest came following a suicide bid by the girl.

Shahul had eloped with the girl last month, with promises that he would marry her. Meanwhile, the girl’s parents lodged a complaint with the Kanjirappilly police. However, things took a sour turn when the man started compelling the girl to convert to Islam.

Unable to bear his persistent compulsions, the girl made a bid to
commit suicide. Police reports point out that Shahul took the girl to Ponnani, to get her converted to Islam.

Shahul, a conductor in a private bus was already a married man, when
he ensnared the Hindu girl. After having lured her, he gave her false promises of marrying her. The girl, forced to submit to his sexual overtures, was taken to Ponnani, where Shahul introduced her to his first wife and promised her that he would marry her if she converted
to Islam.

The girl however, refused and returned to her parents. Shahul did not give up and divorced his first wife and resumed his pursuit of the Hindu girl. This time he succeeded and eloped with the girl to Ernakulam, where the two stayed together in a  lodge.

The persuasion drama repeated, which roused the victim’s suspicions.Though she returned home, she made a suicide bid, in deep dejection, which led to the registering of a case by the local police.

Investigations are on, to verify if Shahul has a link with terror networks, which inspired him to ensnare girls of other religions and indulge in Love Jihad.

The girl has been subjected to medical examination. Meanwhile Shahul has been remanded to judicial custody.

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  1. KKR Reply

    July 5, 2014 at 9:05 am

    A global trend
    I am so surprised that even after so many such incidents of cheating been reported in media, how come there are still girls falling in such traps. Why Hindu parents are not alert about such threats and warn their children ? Love Jihad and Sex Jihad are reality in Kerala. Using Sex as a mean to convert others is a trend among Jihadis across the world. Such incidents have been reported from countries in Europe including Briton.

  2. Sunil Reply

    July 5, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    Once bitten twice NOT shy
    When are our Hindu sisters going to learn?. The girl in this case did knew the Jihadi’s intentions to convert her which she resisted the first time. What difference it would make if the Jihadi divorced her first wife? Does not Islam permit divorce?. The jihadi obviously did not give any assurance to the girl that he will not henceforth compel her to covert in his second attempt to trap her. Did the girl presume that just because the jihadi divorced his first wife he would give up the basic teaching of his evil religion? In one way the girl need to be congratulated. She resisted the conversion bid of the jihadi on both occasions. Usually, Hindu girls learn things the hard way. They agree for conversion and only then realize that Islam is not a sweet toffee as projected by Jihadis but is actually a bitter pill. Unfortunately, by the time the realization comes it would be difficult for them to either to spit it out or swallow it in. But the suicide attempt of the girl in question has made her just another victim of love jihad. The right thing she should have done was to initiate legal action against the jihadi for forced conversion and sexual assault. Kudos to Janmabhoomi & HK for bringing this report. As usual other dailies did not find this to be news-worthy.

  3. Gangaram Reply

    July 6, 2014 at 3:06 am

    No words
    These rascals must face Hindu punishment, however long it takes. That alone will keep their dirty hands away from innocent, gullible , foolish , shameless , unpardonable Hindu girls who fall for anything . Shame on their families who bring up girls in such useless way. Punishing the aggressors is a big must . For the to happen , they must be marked unmistakably.

  4. RegiPK Reply

    July 6, 2014 at 10:29 am

    Spiritualised Criminals
    It is not “love ” jihad but “lust” jihad.

    Beautiful name given for the ugliest activities.

    Look in to this,
    Recently there was some report about the “moral police” in Kerala.

    What do they do?,

    This people belong to Muslim youth community

    Torture non-muslim boys ,who were in case talking with girls, may be there friend , colleaque or even with own relatives.

    This criminals muslim youth later upload the video of this inhuman activities in the social networks.

    These are not mere youthful mischief or innocent adventurism.

    In fact
    These are deliberately planed psychological suppression of the Hindu Young Mind.

    The effects of this incidences has far reaching implications in the Hindu youth.

    After such incidence, They even lose their sociability with there own classmates or friends. Or colleagues.

    Thus the muslim criminals are clearing the ground for “Love Jihad”
    Now we think,
    What all Media call this activities.
    The criminal activities of torturing innocent Hindus are called “Moral” Police. They are not “Moral Police”
    Either they are called as

    ” TERRORIST Police” ,

    ” CRIMINAL Police” or

    ” ILEGAL Police”

    Like the activities of faking Love to satisfy the Lust of “muslim animals”
    should never be called as “Love Jihad”
    It should be called as

    ” LUST JIHAD ”
    In an utter disappointment. Usually a Hindu himself blame hindu girls.

    But we must understand that how this poor girls falling as victims of this Organised Criminals.

    Strengthening the Hindu youth spiritualy, socialy, culturaly and economicaly. Is the only way to protect the hindu community from this spiritualised Islamic Criminals.

    These Criminal Must be Given ,
    What the punishment is give in Islamic Nations ,

    So that they may not have thier
    “SPIRITUAL WEAPON” ( Yes “It” mean as it is ) for a second “Jihad”

    These Spiritualised Criminals should be taught new lessons

  5. GSK Menon Reply

    July 7, 2014 at 9:19 am

    Love Jihadi under arrest
    I request HK to impress upon the Modi govt to introduce a legislation to ban conversion of Hindus to any other religion. A Hindu cannot be converted legally, that should be the aim. This would ensure that the Constitutional provision freedom of religion is not violated. You can practice your religion amongst your people but it cannot be used to convert a Hindu.

  6. Raj Puducode Reply

    July 7, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    Apply Jihadi law to his pants
    NEW DELHI: The Supreme Courts verdict on Monday declaring that a sharia court has no legal sanction drew sharp reaction from Jihadi clerics who said that the Constitution allows them the right to work & act according to Muslim personal law.
    Zafar Jilani, member of the Jihadi Personal Law Board said We are not doing anything parallel to the judicial system & we don’t say that any order passed by a Qazi is binding on all. Our sole motto is to resolve a matter with the consent of two parties involved in accordance with sharia.

    Khalid Farangi, a Jihadi cleric said that under the Constitution, Muslims have the right to work & act according to Jihadi law. Indian Constitution has given us the right to act and work according to our Muslim personal law.
    “One must also keep in mind that Jihadi Application Act has clearly said that in those cases both parties are Muslims & the matter is related to nikaah, talaaq, lian, khula and mubaraat, the decisions will be taken in the light of the Jihadi personal law adding that the verdict needs to be studied properly before a final statement can be given.
    Maulana Sajid Rashid, president of Imam Association, said the plea filed in the apex court is itself wrong as it is a religious matter. “If a person is practising a religion, he has to follow its preaching. A Muslim who does not follow the sharia is not a true Muslim.
    Maulana Rehman, member of Imarat Shariah, Patna, however, agreed with the apex court ruling, saying that the judgment is not wrong & it is not going to hinder the functioning of Jihadi courts.
    For arbitration when two parties consensually approach the sharia court, it is lawful. The Supreme Court is not wrong but I need to go through the entire verdict properly.
    Disapproving of a Jihadi court issuing fatwa and order against a person who is not before it, the Supreme Court on Monday said it has no sanction of law & no legal status.
    This man accused deserve to be mutilated by Jihadi law to prevent from abusing.

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