Love Jihad & Bapterrorism

via Synonymous published on October 26, 2009

Barring the selfish secular politicians, almost all leaders from all walks of life have been warning about the deteriorating conditions of Hindus in Kerala for quite some time now. Aggressive forms of religious conversion like Love Jihad and Bapterrorism are giving us the last and final call to wake up or perish. The characteristics of the two invading armies are exactly in line with the nature of their religious affiliations. Love Jihad as the name suggests is an out and out war against the dwindling silent majority, quite openly and with all their might. NDF (now named Popular Front) has already declared in their posters that Hinduism suffers from ideological pauperism and that is why it is afraid of strong faiths like Islam. Though at loggerheads with the Jihadis now, the Christian poachers are always active in God’s Own Country with their secretive baptism of all gullible.

The one and only option in front of Hindus is to break their silence. Only a vocal and offensive Hinduism can counter the twin attack of Jihadis and silent terrorists. Anymore silence on the part of whatever organized might we may have will prove highly damaging to Kerala Hindus in the long run. Noble and spiritual organizations like Ramakrishna Ashrams and Amritanandamayi Mutt can no longer remain mute spectators to this open declaration of war. The unmatched spiritual content of Hinduism must be aggressively propagated among common man. Hindu children must be taught the essential content of our faith which is the most liberal and truthful religion in the world. Our children can withstand the high intensity negative propaganda unleashed with the help of Gulf money and Vatican dollars only if they know how to destroy the aura of doubts built up by the dangerous Mullahs and Missionaries.   

The best form of defense is offense and the best form of offense is telling the truth. It is time to tell the Jihadis that Allah is only an Arabic name for God and that Indians are not fools to believe that God gave dictations only in one particular human language and that also to some nomads in an uncivilized part of the world. It is crystal clear to all those who are primarily educated in public schools (not Madrassas and Sunday schools) that both these organized offensive religions are only after Power. Its leaders who are sitting in posh palaces in far-off nations are using their bird-brained supervisors (like those in NDF and PDP) who are crazy after money to create suicide bombers for nothing.  They are creating robots out of humans to destroy all other nations so that they can inherit the whole earth. Hindu leaders must start thinking seriously about re-conversion by offensive exposure of the false religions. We need more literary works like the scholarly ‘Christumata Chetanam’ by Chattambi Swamigal. Kill the poisonous insects or the poison in insects before it starts killing you. 

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