Liberals do not have to be called ‘fascists

via GIRISH P published on August 3, 2011

Liberals do not have to be called ‘fascists’. Liberals by default possess intolerance because left liberalism as practiced today is inherently a Semitic religion with inbuilt hatred of dissent.

The birth of the modern liberalism coincides with the decline of institutional religion. During the French Revolution, the Jacobins turned Notre Dame into a “Temple of Reason” and slaughtered thousands because they lacked (revolutionary) “virtue.” The Jacobins conducted the first modern genocide, when they went in into the Vendée region and killed every Catholic man, woman, and child, because they represented the reactionary past. It was a fore-runner of Pol Pot.

The violence in words and action (as in Kerala and West Bengal under Left rule ) is freely employed to stifle ‘heresy’. Censorship is enforced where violence cannot be employed. Dr Swamy is not an Isolated victim. Yesterday, former Justice KT Thomas who dared to say that RSS has no hand in the assassination of Gandhiji has been at the receiving end of a diatribe meant to rattle him and ensure that no one dares to speak against the manufactured consensus of the ruling elite.

Yet ultimately truth will prevail. This isn’t an European nation state where a barrage of lies will foist the truth for ever. This is India. This is dharma Rajyya. Rama Rajya – according to Gandhiji himself.

Yes, untruth and adharma will have its brief place under the sun. Under the regime of Smt Indira Gandhi, a campaign of lies, a wall of lies, was erected to protect her empire of fear. The people of India tore it down. Nobody thought such a powerful machine of repression would fall. But it did. And so will this wall of lies erected by the so called ‘intellectual elite’ and the masters they serve.

When the times come they too will meet the fate of every invader who tried to shackle this great nation.

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