Leftist Loonies of Kerala

via HK Correspondent published on June 24, 2007

We have two kinds of people in our lives–balcony people and basement people. Balcony people are fired-up, positive, upbeat people who see good in everything. They speak universal spiritual truth, and they derive much joy and comfort from their love, devotion and refreshing words. Swami Vivekananda, Sri Narayana Guru, Chatambi Swamigal, Swami Chinmayananda and Mata Amritananda Mai are balcony people. Their transforming power can renew our mind, help us replace negative thoughts with their eternal wisdom.


Basement people are negative, critical, confrontational, and harsh. They lurk in the murky waters of society. They say things to disturb peace, tranquility and spiritual tradition. Their pronouncements are full of thinking errors intended to injure people. Leftist loonies in Kerala are basement people. They prefer to live under the shadow of discarded Marxist theory of conflict and confrontation. Their imagination run into areas where we really don’t want to go. Their wild imagination and thoughtless pronouncements lead innocent people into areas where the Marxists know are wrong. The Marxist theory of confrontation, negativism and mistrust of sacred Hindu culture control their life.


Leftist Loonnie, the Marxist Minister Sudhakaran is a typical basement man. He is known for his criminal thinking and addictive personality. Leftist loonies like Minister Sudhakaran don’t know how to have healthy relationships and has been taught not to trust Hindu spirituality and Hindu culture, the foundation of Kerala. Marxist indoctrination has taught him to distance himself from Hindus and from his cultural roots.


Addiction to rigid Marxism is an active belief in and a commitment to a negative and confrontational lifestyle. Marxist addiction begins and grows when leftist loonies abandon the natural ways of getting emotional needs met, through connecting with other people, one’s community, one’s self and spiritual powers. The repeated abandonment of oneself in favor of Marxist high causes the leftist loonies to develop a criminal personality and gradually feel grandiose and powerful.


As a leftist loony, Sudhakaran frequently say things with thinking errors to injure people, mainly Hindus. Marxist Minister Sudhakaran’s wanton and capricious statement to allow atheists, Hindu hating crusaders and temple breaking Jihadis to enter our sacred Guruvayoorappan temple is intended to stir up our emotions, set us on a course of worry and confrontation.


As time goes on, Sudhakaran continues to act out and is preoccupied with confrontation with Hindus. He find pleasure and delight in emotionally distancing from great Hindu tradition. Marxist Minister Sudhakaran who is suffering from Marxist addiction is now feeling a “pull” inside. This is coming in the form of criminal pronouncements, emotional restlessness or pang’s of conscience. His misguided statements against Hindus, temple worship and Hindu culture is an outgrowth of his lack of self-respect, self-esteem, self-discipline and self-control.


Normal logic, passive protest and tolerance will not work with leftist loonies. Leftist loonies like Sudhakaran think it is right to hurt Hindus because relationship with tolerant Hindus are not important. Sudhakaran’s criminal thinking, emotional immaturity and grandiosity shows itself in many ways. His grandiosity is laden with self-centeredness and irrational pronouncements. It leads him to stubbornness and refusal to listen saintly Hindus.


It is time for Hindus to abandon tolerance of intolerance and passive, non-effective protests. It is time for Hindus to sound the alarm by planning strong protest, assert their rights against brutal treatment by the leftist loonies. Let us make certain that we do our part to ensure our freedom of worship and temples. Hindus must forcefully confront this Marxist evil Minister Sudhakaran and challenge his absurdities with effective strategies.

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