Leftist loonie Angana Chaterji’s Antics

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on January 29, 2009

At this time, the shadow of Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion by the missionary gang, Marxist violence and political corruption looms before us. In this context one wonders what’s going on? Why are leftist intellectuals, bogus secularists and anti national academicians are betraying us? Instead of performing their rightful functions or promoting public good, they are busy abusing Hindus and Hindu organizations. Why? The so called peace activists, leftist liberals and pseudo secularists have an inclination for conflict over peace, compromise over confrontation with Jihadi terrorists, and prefer reductionist thinking over systemic thoughts. They have difficulty in appreciating Hindu organizations promoting universal, pluralistic and uplifting philosophy of Hinduism. Since these leftists are moral relativists, they reject absolute standards of right and wrong and pluralist philosophy of Hinduism.

While we ignore such evil people, their deviant ideology and dirty tricks grows and festers around the world.  They consciously seek approval from their Jihadi mentors and missionary mafia and Marxist masters. Controversial leftist loonies like Angana Chaterji lack a useful vision and they prefer to twist India’s spiritual tradition into unnatural Marxist shapes. The dynamics of Hindu hatred of leftist loonies like Angana Chaterji may be inferred from her devotion to the Marxist-Jihadi-Missionary alliance and their hidden agendas.

Leftist loonies like Angana Chaterji is associated with several anti Hindu hate groups in the US. She wants to project her self-hatred and destructive tendencies onto RSS and Hindu organizations. She and her cohorts derive pleasure from blaming Hindu organizations. The aggressive component and her deeply ingrained hatred is in her provocative writing.  Her recent article on RSS and Hindu organizations, which I found are filled with lies, deceptions and idiocy from beginning to the end.

The crazy leftist loony is eager to neglect acceptable social values or subordinate herself to erroneous and dangerous Marxist-Jihadi values. Such phony social activists and amoral Marxists have been promoting obscure social factors to promote hatred and violence for several years.

Why do these mindless Marxists overlook the destructive and violent aspects of the Marxists, the Jihadis and the Missionary mafia? Merciless Marxists like Angana Chaterji who exhibits punitive motives is a reflection of attitudes and functions incorporated by them early in life by Marxist or Missionary education. Like Jihadis, she may have an unconscious desire for self-destruction to tarnish Hindu organizations and inflict pain on peace loving Hindus. She may be compelled to gratify her fantasy by falsely accusing Hindu organizations because there is a familiar instinctual urge toward blame game and destructiveness.  She derives great joy and a feeling of accomplishment in by falsely accusing Hindus. She is by simply assuming a moral high ground when she fails to soften or neutralize hostile drives. She may also suffer from the principle of intolerance. The same basic force that operates in Marxist violence and Jihadi terrorism

This is not so strange that this tendency to be vicious to Hindus is present in all Communists, Jihadis and Missionary gang. The necessity to hate Hindus is fundamental in their closed, rigid and totalitarian ideologies.

Angana Chaterji’s hatred towards Hindus is directed more by her internal necessity than by external social reality. She claims to be an objective observer but she is not writing such trash for any ideal but seems rather to be purely selfish psychological reasons. She is not forthright either, in her avowal of her intentions. She is driven by her impulses and personal despair.

Leftist loonies like Angana Chaterji are not working alone. Without the deep pockets of the criminal Marxist-Jihadi-Missionary nexus to support them, the network of Hindu haters would pose only a fraction of a danger to Hindus they currently do.  

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