Learn more about churchianity’s inveterate hatred for Pagans

via Aron published on July 12, 2010

Let us again take history lessons-

Viking Age as it is called came about when Charlmagne the great, the Christian nutcase who somehow felt Saxon Pagan Religion cannot be supplanted by Chrsitianity-
His Missionaries had arrived there as early as 5th centuryAD, and reported that unless the Big Tree of Life sacred and central to Pagan Saxons and all Scandinavians is defiled they couldnt be turned away from their ancestral faith-
and Charlemagne ordered it to be cut down and burnt !

When that majestic IRMINSUL was cut down, do you expect the proud Vikings to take it lying down?

That is the martyred Saint- How about a Muslim walking up Peter’s basilica and cutting down the Cross? And later calling him a Martyr?

This Sacrilege made all Scandinavians to join and close in ranks and wage a Holy National war on this fanatical French Monarch.

 Before, and check this out- Charlemagne the great(!) had ambushed and slaughtered 5000 saxons and noblesmen, so no body would stop the cutting down of the shrine Tree.

Even then Scandinavians couldn’t be forced into catholic Religion- they had their own paganish Celtic christianity.

 The peculiar thing is- no one in Denmark, Norway or Sweden would look at it any other way except as an abomination and a historic wrong by Churchianity- even the Pope mentioned this in his apology.

Only our Christians can cultivate such inveterate hatred for Pagans, falsifying history-

Varg Vikrenes says-

 When the proud Saxons finally fell to his might, Scandinavia was under threat. Until then the few Christian missionaries in Scandinavia and their converts had been tolerated. The Christian missionaries had arrived in Scandinavia hundreds of years earlier, probably as early as in the Vth or VIth century, but until the Viking Age began we had been foolish enough to tolerate them.

I think Hindus are repeating that mistake.

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