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via SAFFRONIZED published on July 29, 2008

Myth: Communists brought distributed development in Kerala where the development is distributed and difference in Urban and Rural infrastructure and facilities are too less.

Reality: Kerala’s distributed development has nothing to do with communism. Even before communists, there were small townships and cities all over Kerala, which were even in direct trade with Arabs and Europeans.

If Communists are the reason for distributed development in Kerala, Why in West Bengal even after such a long communists rule

39% of the revenue districts (these are all rural areas) do not even have basic primary education facility

Only 15.38% Villages have Upper Primary Education facilities. (84 % do not have!!!)

Only 8.36% Villages have got High School facility. (91 % do no have!!!)

Only 14.16% of people have got schools within 1 Km distance where as National standard is 37.02 and in Kerala it is 50.54


Per Capita incom in West Bengal is lower than the National “Average”


Lets have a look at the Per Capita Income in West Bengal Districts.

Have a look at the difference between Kolkotta and Uttar Dinajpur!! What a wonderful distribution of wealth and distributed development in a communist ruled state..

Now lets look at the Per Capita Consumption. 

Per Capita income in Kolkotta is 53015.06 while in Uttar Dinajpur is 13817.83 ! !
Per Capita consumption in Kolkotta 17122.08 while in Purulia it is  just 4800.00 ! !

What else we can expect from a state which still has the system of man pulling carts which symbolizes the worst form of feudalism..



Myth: Communists brought 100% literacy to Kerala.


Reality: Kerala is forward in many areas like literacy because of social reformers like Sri Narayana Guru, and with the contribution of educational institutions run by religious organizations.

If Communists brought literacy in Kerala, why West Bengal even after such a long communist rule is at 19th position with 68% literacy rate. Even behind Tamilnadu and Goa where communists doesn’t have much presence.



Myth: High Education Standard in Kerala is because of Communist presence and presence of SFI in Schools and Colleges.

Kerala is slowly losing its position in Higher Education Standards because of excess of political influence in campuses and other factors.

See the Education standard in Communist ruled West Bengal and compare it with National standard and Kerala West Bengal is lagging behind even National Standard in all areas. If Communists and SFI are reason for Education standards in Kerala, why it is not happening in Bengal even after such a long communist rule.

According to National Standards 62% of the Children (of age range 11-14) are students. But in West Bengal it is 61% and in Kerala it is 93%

School dropout rate (between 1st std and 8th std.) in West Bengal is 74.20 . (at national level it is 56.82) and in Kerala it is just 2%

Students going for higher education after 10th Std. is at 76% in Kerala ( National 33%) and in West Bengal it is just 18% !!!

Literacy rate at the age range of 7-14 in West Bengal is just 62.56% where as in Kerala it is 97.43% (Nationally it is 64.18%)

Teacher-Student ration at primary schools in West Bengal is 1:59 and in Kerala it is 1:30 (Nationally it is 1:42)

Have a look at where communist West Bengal stand in National Rating… One of the most backward.!!!!



Myth: Communists helped poor in Kerala in getting basic facilities and better living condition


Reality: Without forgetting the land reform and the benefits that it gave to the poor in the state, It is well known that Kerala is in better position in these areas because of the higher position in other areas like literacy and the money flow from abroad.

Here is some statistics which points to sad state of West Bengal after a long communist rule..

Only 40.42% houses have got basic safety measures and in rural areas it is just 25%

51 % of houses in West Bengal has got single room where as in Kerala it is just 10%

79.19 % of houses in villages and 62% in urban areas depends kerosene for lighting (unbelievable!! but statistics from govt. of India) but in Kerala 84% Urban and 66% Rural Houses are electrified.

In West Bengal at state level 56.29 houses do not have basic sanitation facilities, the rural rate It is at 73% and 26.66% of the states population live without any such basic facilities like water and sanitation.


Myth: It is because of communist presence that the caste system was eradicated from Kerala..

Reality: In 1988 Srinarayana Guru installed Shiva Linga in Aruvipuram, which was a spiritual revolution, challenging the authority of Brahmins in religious matters such as installing idols and building temples. By 1912 Sreenarayana Guru founded temples through out Kerala and Mangalore where lower caste people performed Puja… all these happened much before even the communist party was founded… how can the communist claim the credit for the almost casteless society in Kerala?

If communists were the reason behind eradicating caste system, why West Bengal after such a long communist rule is one of the state which still has got worst caste based discriminations. Why West Bengal is the only state, where the worst feudal system of man pulling carts, where usually carts carrying upper caste people are being pulled by lower caste people still exists?

Do you still believe Kerala is a front-runner state in many of these areas because of communists?? Communist usually fool the people showing Kerala’s development in many areas (though the glory is fading slowly) and taking credit for all those.

These are based on UNDP reports.. these are statistics… not just jargons… Communists counter these statistics with their usual communist jargons…

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