Kala Kaumudi Exclusive – Love Jihad, Conversions, and counterfeit currency for destroying Kerala

published on July 13, 2012

Copies of this Kalakaumudi Weekly which came out with a Exclusive report on
Love Jihad, Conversions, and counterfeit currency for destroying Kerala, were purchased in lots and destroyed within hours of it reaching the newsstands all over
Kerala! Only very few copies were available the next day.  Kala Kaumudi is a well known weekly in Kerala (Known for it’s Liberal and Leftist outlook ). The report is said to be based on the report of Indian intelligence agencies submitted to the Home Department!

Love Jihad, Conversions, and counterfeit currency for destroying Kerala

By P.D. Shelvaraj


Indian intelligence agencies have got hold of a blueprint about foreign separatist groups’ plans to alienate Muslims from the mainstream society of Kerala and to make them pawns in their hands. The first agenda of this blueprint is to alienate a minimum of 5% of the SC/ST backward communities in Kerala, which make up about 9% of total Hindu population, joining them to the Muslim community, and initiating them into terrorist activities. Systematic introduction of counterfeit currency to destroy the economic system of Kerala, conversion by taking advantage of poverty, conversion by feigning love and subsequently marriage, etc., are the ways in which this secret agenda is being carried out. From 2006 till date, about 6000 people have converted in Kerala. More than half of those converted are young women. Around 100 to 180 young women are converting every month in Kerala. – After reading this report, if you feel like looking at a section of Muslims with extreme hatred, then you too are fit to be in the same line as those of the separatists. One should approach this blueprint of destruction of Kerala’s peace and harmony with equanimity.

Overview of the report:

Of late, a discreet file reached the special desk of the Home Ministry in New Delhi. The file contained intelligence information about the circulation of counterfeit currencies by migrant workers from other states in Kerala, infiltration of people with separatist thinking into the mainstream society and into politics, maoist training camps in forests, foreign aids received by various religious organizations, conversions, etc.

The section titled “Foreign aid to various religious organizations and conversions,” starts with the information leaked to the intelligence agencies. The leaked report says, “The minority Muslims in Kerala should take the help of Hindus to achieve their rights.” The report then elaborates as follows starting with the statistics about the population growth in Kerala for the last 50 years:

Muslims were 17% of the total population in Kerala in 1961. It became 24.6 in 2001. According to the census in 2012, it has become 27%. Even after this tremendous population growth in the last 50 years, Muslims are still unable to achieve what is rightfully theirs. It is here that taking the help of Hindus comes into picture. Out of the 55% Hindus in Kerala, about 9% belongs to the backward communities of SC and ST. Out of these at least 5% should be alienated from the Hindu society and made pro-Muslim. When that happens, with the support of 32%(27+5) population of Kerala, Muslims will be able to prove their strength in Kerala.

After a thorough investigation by the investigative agencies on the lines of this leaked report, shocking facts have come to surface.

Terrorist groups have already infiltrated and firmly established their roots inside these communities that were supposed to be “alienated.” These communities are closer to Muslims and Christians instead of being close to Hindus! The upper caste Hindus do not raise their hands in support of these communities and have abandoned them completely.

The above report also states that the number of Hindus and Christians is dwindling in Kerala. In 1961, Hindus constituted 60% of the population and have now decreased to 55%. The Christian population which was 22% at that time has reduced to 19% now. One of the main reasons that is being held responsible for this is that even after converting to Christianity, they choose to maintain their Hindu identity in order to avail all the facilities meted out to them.

There is a secret plan underway to instigate the Muslim community into separatist tendencies and this is also being achieved through the sizeable presence of muslim migrant workers from other states, says the report. These migrant workers number around 14 lakhs and their number is enough to decide 14 MLAs in the Kerala assembly. More than half of these workers are Bengalis and majority of these are Bangladeshi muslims who have illegally migrated to India. They have become a part and parcel of Kerala. Construction workers in the beginning, they have now have become domestic helps too! As such, their health problems too have reached the dining tables of a Malayalee. This is a big problem indeed, but what is more disturbing is the fact that the participation of these workers in various illegal and criminal acts. The workers from Bangladesh make up the majority of those who are arrested in the counterfeit currency cases that have become a regular feature in Kerala now. The counterfeit currencies printed in Pakistan are smuggled into Bhaarat through Bangladesh by the Pakistani spy agency ISI. According to the report received by the Home Department, it is due to the circulation of counterfeit currency in such large numbers that the cost of one cent of land in Karunagappaly recently rose to around one crore. Most of purchases are carried out as benami land deals by unknown persons. In spite of this serious situation, Kerala police has failed to extract much information about these migrant workers, the reason being that these workers come under the Labour Department and Labour Department has insufficient resources to identify and document information about these 14 lakh workers!

District wise conversion statistics:

The shocking part of the report unfolds now, the statistics of the ongoing conversions in Kerala. Since January 2009 till March of this year, 3902 people have converted in Kerala. Out of these 3812 people have converted to Islam! Those converted to Christianity are 79. Only 8 people have converted to Hinduism. Out of the 3902 who have converted to Islam, 1596 are young women!! Even though financial help in the face of poverty is one of the reasons for conversion, majority of these conversions are through the love net.

During this period, the number of people who have converted in the Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital, is 92. Out of these, 48 Hindus have converted to Christianity within the city limits. 3 Hindus converted to Islam. Out of the 48 that have converted to Christianity, 13 are young Hindu women. The 3 Hindus who have converted to Islam are also young women! The conversion to Islam is in large numbers in the outskirts of the city and villages. 40 Hindus have converted to Islam in the villages in Thiruvananthapuram, out of which 13 are young women. Only one Christian has converted to Islam.

In Kasargod district, 28 Hindus and 3 Christians, a total of 31 people are documented to have converted to Islam. Out of the 28 Hindus, 3 are young women.

The least reported conversions are from Kottayam and Wayanad districts. From 2009 to 2012, only one person has converted, a Christian converted to Islam. In Wayanad only one conversion, that of a Hindu woman to Christianity has been reported during this period.

The majority of the conversions (2137) reported are from Malappuram district. 1786 Hindus have converted to Islam. 349 Christians have also converted to Islam. It is unclear whether all those who converted basically belong to Malappuram or not. People from outside Malappuram district are also brought for conversion in the Islamic conversion centre functioning in Malappuram and to continue further study of Islam. Out of those converted, 851 are young women again.

A total of 26 people converted in Kollam district, out of which 9 are Hindus including one woman have converted to Islam. 9 Hindus have converted to Christianity including a woman. Total Hindus who converted were 18 in number. 6 Muslims have converted to Christianity including 4 women. One Muslim woman and a Christian woman have converted to Hinduism in Kollam.

In Kozhikode, 1269 people including 495 young women have converted to Islam. Out of those converted to Islam, 1006 are Hindus including 384 young women and 263 are Christians including 111 young women.

In Pathanamthitta, 20 people including 13 young women have converted. Out of these, 9 converted from Hinduism to Christianity, 3 Hindus converted to Islam, 3 Muslims became Hindus, and 3 Christians became Muslims. During this period, in Pathanamthitta, one Muslim has converted to Christianity and one Christian converted to Hinduism.

Out of the 8 people who converted in Idukki district, 7 are young women. 4 Hindus including 3 young women converted to Christianity whereas one young Hindu woman converted to Islam. One Muslim woman converted to Christianity whereas another one converted to Hinduism. Those converted during this period in Idukki district include one Christian woman.

In Ernakulam district, all the conversions since 2009 are entirely into the Muslim community. One Christian woman and a Hindu youth embraced Islam within the city limits. In the outskirts of the city, 5 Hindus including a young woman converted to Islam whereas 6 Christians including one woman became Muslims.

The above statistics are over a period of 2-1/4 years starting from 2009. If we take into account the conversions since 2006, the numbers would double. 6129 people have converted in Kerala since 2006 – Community wise, Brahmins 25, Nairs 700, Izhavas 1228, Christians 1132, Vishwakarma 395, SC 1376, other Hindus 1273.

“Love Jihad”:

If we take into account those cases that have not been reported, the numbers would rise further. The inference from this report is that on an average 100 to 180 conversions are taking place among young women in Kerala every month. A sizeable amount is that of those who converted to Islam after “love” marriages, part of the now infamous “Love Jihad.” The report also points to some of the reported cases of “Love Jihad” and subsequent marriages that had caused a tremendous uproar in the society. The report especially mentions that cases of the following young women that had taken the Kerala society by storm, i.e., that of Keertana (21) from Palakkad Engineering College, Vaidehi Nair (22) of Palakkad Victoria who committed suicide, Premalatha (20) of the Palakkad Shrikrushnapuram College, Vishnupriya (19) a nurse from Kottayam, Reshma (21) from Royal ITC Irinjalakkuda, Seethalakshmi (21) TTC student, Rajani (22) who committed suicide, MBA students Mithula and Bino Jacob from St. John’s Pathanamthitta. The whereabouts and the present status of those who converted thus is unknown so far.

The report that the Kerala Police submitted to the high court suggests that around 2500 girls have fallen into the trap of “Love Jihad” since the year 2005. (But an affidavit stating exactly the opposite was submitted by the Government of Kerala later in the high court. This led to the official stand that “Love Jihad” is nonexistent. As of now, this report establishes the fact that “Love Jihad” was operational in Kerala and that it is still continuing!)

The report further states that “Love Jihad” continues unabated by equally targeting the upper caste families of Hindus and prosperous Christian families in Kerala. Professional colleges and technical institutes are the chosen arena for this. The first target of these separatists is economically weak Muslim boys who have got admission in these same institutions. These boys are given facilities akin to the Muslim boys from prosperous families. They are lured into this by giving them monetary help for their education. The next step of these separatists is to instigate these boys to organize various cultural activities and give away prizes to non-Muslim girls in order to lure them. Those who are attracted are given opportunity to be in close contact with Muslim girls. After these initial preparations, the plot for the “holy war” of love is put into action – the report states.

The separatists do not hesitate ask for help from criminals belonging to the Hindu or Christian communities in this. An infamous goonda from Ernakulam is a witness to 10 such marriages. The people who have thus declared their support to “Love Jihad” include Abdul Jabbar alias Verghese Joseph who was killed in Kashmir by the Indian Army and Mani who was the accomplice of Abdul Nasar Madani in jail.

The report also states that these separatists can go to any extent to convert these girls who have been trapped in the love net. A case in Thiruvananthapuram is such an example. A girl from a prosperous family eloped with their Muslim driver. When they were caught by the Police, the driver confessed that he was “married and had children.” When the girl was asked about living with such a person, the answer given by the girl was shocking: “I am going to convert. He will be able to marry me definitely after I convert.”

This answer was the result of powerful brainwashing. Non-muslims leading an isolated life are also the targets for conversion and the separatists work very hard to achieve this, says the report. There are organizations exclusively working towards successfully conducting these “holy” love marriages. The report explicitly mentions the various Islamic councils active in Kerala that working towards converting others. One of the councils converts from 500 to 700 people every year. Those wishing to convert should come and stay in the conversion centres for studying Islam. Certificates are issued after that. They are also given memberships of the Mahallu committees in their home towns to work in close association with them.

Statistics of conversions by an Islamic council in Malabar are elaborated in the report. Those who converted to Islam in 2007 were 627 including 441 Hindus and 186 Christians. 885 people in 2008 – 727 Hindus, 158 Christians. 674 in 2009 – 566 Hindus and 108 Christians. 664 in 2010 – 566 Hindus and 98 Christians. 393 in 2011 – 305 Hindus and 88 Christians. Young women constitute a majority of those who convert. In a raid at such a conversion centre in 2008, 17 people who were staying there for getting converted were arrested.

Along with luring non-Muslims, separatists are alert about not letting Muslim women talk to the youth from other communities, the report says with examples. The “Moral Police” active Malabar is an example of this. Recently, a policeman was a victim of cruel beating by this “Moral Police” when he committed the crime of talking to one of his Muslim ex-students (a girl) whom he met on the way. Within minutes of his conversation, the “Moral Police” arrived on swift bikes and asked him his name and beat him black and blue – says the report.

Moderate and Secular Muslims silenced:

Individual Muslims or organizations that are either secular or moderate are also targets of these separatists and they are either brought on to their side or silenced regarding all this and the separatists can go to any extent to achieve this. Such Muslims are harassed and made the target of the media by accusing them in various ways. They are also harassed by registering false complaints against them in Police stations and courts. Afraid of this, many moderate Muslim leaders are forced to work on the same platforms as the separatist leaders. About 10% of the members of the organizations like DYFI and Youth Congress is constituted by these separatist leaders who have infiltrated into these organizations – the report points out. In certain isolated cases, these individuals or organizations are forced to maintain silence because of the threat from these 10% separatists. The separatists also try to prevent Muslim women from working in Hindu families as housemaids.

According to the Indian constitution, an Indian citizen has the right to believe in any religion that he chooses. Consequently, converting from one religion to another is not a crime in India. But since majority of these conversions are happening only in one direction, this raises suspicion about these conversions – says the report. Why is it that the reverse does not happen? Only 8 Muslim women have married no
-Muslims via “love marriages” since 2008. The reports exclusively points to the fact that these separatists, the creators of “Love Jihad,” have a definite discreet plan to isolate the Muslim community from the mainstream Kerala society and that we should be alert against these tendencies.

Note: Copies of this weekly magazine were purchased in lots by Muslims and destroyed within hours of it reaching the newsstands all over Kerala! Only very few copies were available the next day.

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