WHY JNU BURNS? – Shadowy Role of Fifth Columnists & Fellow Travellers

By Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (Retd) published on February 18, 2016


The glistening embers of the fire of Maoism and Islamism have been smouldering across the Jawaharlal Nehru University for a number of years. But the UPA government chose to ignore the signals of the growing radicalization of students for reasons best left unstated. Now suddenly the prestigious educational institution burst into flames on 9th February, 2016, when a function was organized in the JNU for eulogising Afzal Guru and advocating destruction of the Indian nation. The two favourite slogans of the radical mobsters of AISA and Democratic Students Union were ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Jang Rahegi Jaari Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak’. The reasons for announcing a new war against India are not difficult to seek. The public memory is proverbially short, but far shorter indeed is the memory of telemedia anchors and column writers. The ultra-soft attitude of the UPA regime towards radical Islamists has be evaluated with reference of Rahul Gandhi’s confidential tete a tete with the US Ambassador, Timothey Roemer, in April, 2009, warning the latter that the saffron terror was far more dangerous than the Islamic terror of Lashkar-e-Tayeba !


When the ultra-radical group, AISA (All India Students Association) won the student union’s elections in 2012, several groups of anti-nationals shouted in unison the famous Maoist slogan, “Lal Salam” and drum beats reverberated across the campus. There were spontaneous celebrations and distribution of sweets, too. The scale of spontaneous celebrations was far more impressive than the previous celebrations organized by the leaders of AISA and Democratic Students Union in April, 2010, when 76 Jawans of the C.R.P.F. were killed at Dantewala in an ambush by Maoist guerrillas. The killings of CRPF Jawans had been celebrated under the aegis of ‘JNU Forum Against War on People’ formed jointly by members of the AISA and the DSU.


It is not a mere accident that the arrested traitor Kanhaiya Kumar and the runaway organizer of the anti-national cultural Khalid Umar happen to be active members of the Democratic Students Union which was responsible for the celebratory function organized after the Maoist manslaughter of CRPF Jawans in 2010. It is believed that Khalid Umar has been in touch with SAR Geelani and Prof. Ali Javed who held a similar anti-national function in the Press Club of India on 10th February, 2016. There is a hush-hush rumour that Khalid Umar and Prof. Ali Javed had been in touch with some suspected members of the Students Islamic Movement of India, popularly known as SIMI through AISA activists. The open support of Hafiz Saeed to the antics of AISA and Democratic Students Union must not be ignored – never, ever!
In the circumstances it is imperative to entrust to the National Investigating Agency the probe into the two cases of sedition and criminal conspiracy pertaining to the JNU and Press Club of India.


It is equally important for our intelligence agencies to erase the growth of ‘No Go’ zones in Indian cities and uproot thousands of pro-Islamist-cum Maoist moles embedded in educational institutions. It is well known that many radical communalists like Prof. Ali Javed have been strutting across Delhi and other major cities like Kolkata and Mumbai and operating in tandem with leftist outfits and the traitors. Many of them are reported to be funded by anti-India groups based in the Gulf countries. There are reasons to believe that anti-national moles have regular connection with the Pakistani spies embedded in India.


Time To Expose Kejri’s Radical Connections

Arvind-Kejriwal-of-AAP-partyIn order to analyse and understand the genesis of the roots struck in the national capital by radical politicians one must remember the umbilical connection between Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party with AISA. Our telemedia anchors have forgotten that the right hand man of King Kejri is the Transport Minister, Gopal Rai, who remained a prominent member of AISA and continues to have extensive contacts with the outfit’s leaders safely ensconced in the JNU.

An important reason for defeat of the BJP in 2014 Delhi Assembly elections was their failure to highlight Kejriwal ’s dubious Dubai connection. It is public knowledge that on December 7, 2014, Kejriwal was felicitated by a Dubai-based shadowy organization , ‘World Brands Summit’ with great fanfare. He was infamously flown in the Business Class courtesy his Dubai-based money bags, rumoured be flush with petro-dollars. While the Indian media latched on to the gross impropriety of a self-proclaimed representative the ‘aam aadmi’ of India in Business Class they failed to read the tea leaves of AAP’s petro-dollars connection. and questionable association with fundamentalist Muslim groups, both in India and abroad. For several years Dubai has been an important pivot of radical Islam.


In a well researched article written by a Baloch journalist, Aamna Shahwani, and published in The Afghanistan Times, Kabul, on March 4, 2014, the following important facts were highlighted which showed Kejriwal’s Pakistani connection :
In 2013 after Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party won 28 seats out of 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly elections, the Pakistani media was full of praise for AAP. Although the BJP had won a few more seats than the AAP, the well known Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, totally ignored it and emphasized the AAP victory by frontpaging the news. The Pakistani media also started praising Kejriwal for his spectacular success. No one knows why suddenly Kejriwal became a darling of the Pakistani media and chatterati?


There were celebrations in different cities of Pakistan, especially in the Pakistan-administered Kashmir, heralding the AAP victory. Can Kejri explain what led to the jihadi tribe to laud and celebrate AAP’s political debut in Delhi Assembly elections ?


There was a big spurt in the online donations from Pakistanis to AAP. According to Aamna more support was likely come to AAP from Pakistan because the ISI wanted to have a puppet regime in New Delhi The sudden surge in online donations for AAP from Pakistan needs to be explained to the Indian masses ?

In February 2014 some Pakistani journalists and media groups interviewed Kejri. Even the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, proclaimed that the victory of Kejri will help in resolving the Kashmir dispute. It needs to be explained what suddenly made Kejriwal a darling of the Pakistani politicians?


Prima facie the prime reason for Pakistan’s love for Kejri was the AAP’s anti-India stand on Kashmir dispute. The Baloch columnist Aamna Shahwani pointed out that at least 3 members of AAP had openly delivered anti-India and pro-secessionist statements on Kashmir favouring a referendum, or plebiscite, publicly voiced by Prashant Bhushan.


Aamna Shahwani further observed that AAP has many members who had pleaded for sparing the life of Ajmal Kasab who was convicted for attacking the Indian Parliament. Kejri must explain why did AAP leaders have a soft corner for Ajmal Kasab?


In another important article titled, ‘Islamists in Pakistan launch online campaign for funding AAP’, posted on the website of ‘Covert Wires’ on November 17, 2013, two researchers Somiksha C Mohanta and Nazia Murtad had drawn attention to the fact that the Kashmiri separatists were running online donation campaigns for Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party. 1 [Source: www.covertwires.com] The two researchers wrote that the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party was not a visionless man. He has a far-sighted vision which enables him to get a kind of proper sense of winning elections. He knows the clever ways to earn funding for the AAP from outside India. It was pointed out that Kejriwal constantly claimed that the AAP was getting funds from NRI’s clean money through the donation section of the AAP website. Once AAP had boasted that it has received a huge sum of INR 5 million from an NRI based in East Asia which donation lacked transparency. But the catch, according to the two authors, was that one can never prove whether some foreign agencies were channelizing funds through the NRI’s located abroad having stakes in those agencies’


The article penned by Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murtad on the website of covert wires highlighted how a post on Internet showed the screen shot of an extra clever donation process invented by a man who works in the Gulf for Pakistan. Also there is a recorded instance where an anti-India resident of India, has donated his two months’ salary for AAP. Claiming to be one Qayyum (probably, his name was a blurry), a 47 years old Indian, who called himself as Qayyum Endian had donated INR 45,000 to AAP and taken the screenshots of form filling and then claiming the payment process and received the Transaction ID. His post on Internet was inspiring Pakistanis to donate at least INR 100 each to AAP. And the reason was explicit in his hope and prayer while contributing his two months’ salary to AAP? His message to the Muslims could be seen in the remarks box and it read thus : مجھے یکین ہے کی آپ لوگ ہندوستان مے اسلامی ھقمت قیام کروگے It proclaimed, “Mujhe yakeen hai aaplog India mein Islami Huqumat Qayam Karogey” (I am sure you guys will establish the Islamic rule in India).2 [Ibid]


The pro-Kejriwal online activist, Qayyum Endian, had described the situation created by AAP as a historical turning point and hailed Kejriwal as the new Jaychand who will initiate the second phase of Islamization of India. Qayyum Endian further asked Kejriwal to provide assistance to Muslims. His message posted in the online campaigns elucidated that the citizenship filter is a deliberate security breach and even as you have to sign that you are Indian citizen in the form checkbox attribute, it lets you bypass the obstruction. Qayyum Endian suggested that it was a nice way to shoot two targets with a single arrow, managing to create a public perception that they were receiving no foreign funding, but were getting only NRI money. Thus one could still make a donation to them. When a person successfully makes the payment through credit/debit card, he will receive a Transaction ID like Qayyum did.


Thereafter he urged the public to assist AAP according to his/her capability because, “Allah said that the dust you face in the battle, will return as fragrance and then help you invest in the cause of Allah, will be returned to you 700 times more” Qayyum asserts.
According to the two researchers, this post supporting Kejri’s AAP was first found on a Facebook page titled, “Our Kashmir, Our Concern” running from Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir. It aimed at promoting the separatist causes in Kashmir and supporting the Pakistani Army. The two authors, Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murtad, had also provided the link to the pro-Islamic post on the website https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=232217923619106.  Subsequently the post gradually found its way to other separatist and Pakistani pages on Internet.3 [Ibid]


The fact that the same article by Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murtad was also found by Asansol News on their website https://asansolnews.wordpress.com. Thus, prima facie AAP appears to have got lots of funds from anti-Indian operatives located in Pakistan, Pak-Occupied Kashmir and some Gulf-based moles operating as doubtful entities.
The authors of the seminally researched column posted on the website of covert wires, had rightly asked the important question whether the founder the Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal, truly deserves the title of Jaychand bestowed on him by Qayyum “Endian” ? One more critical question which needs to be answered is whether AAP really aims at promoting the cause of the “Indian Muslims” as claimed in the message for establishing Islamic rule in India, posted by Qayyum “Endian”?


For facility of ready reference a copy of the facsimile of the payment made through IDBI Bank, posted by Qayyum showing his donation of 45,000 INR to AAP and instigating other like-minded supporters of Kejriwal’s party to donate money and further promote the donation process is reproduced below. It has been taken from Covert Wires website of November 17, 2013, and can be accessed on their website.4 [Ibid]
The avowed admirer of Arvind Kejriwal, Qayyum Endian, had cited several reasons owing to which the AAP must be supported by Pakistani and Indian Muslims and even “Good Hindus”, i.e. perhaps the secularism-swearing fellow travellers. One of the reasons cited by Qayyum was that AAP was the most bold critic of the BJP which is an important nationalist Indian party and therefore the most anti-Pakistan outfit. Qayyum Endian argued that Aam Aadmi Party definitely fulfils the criteria suiting the Muslims because it has excellently fooled the Indian masses who believe every rubbish which the AAP spits out. For instance, the AAP quickly blamed Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for provoking communal riots in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, India without any proof. And that qualifies AAP to get funds from Pakistanis and “Endians” like Qayyum.


One more fascmile about the online donations shown in the aforesaid article posted on the website of Covert Wires is reproduced below.


Unfortunately the highly revealing article of Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murad apparently missed the attention of Indian intelligence agencies. It can be accessed on the website of covert wires, www.covertwires.com. The use of a cleverly invented nomenclature “Endian” by Qayyum remains a puzzle. Could it signify that his aim was to put an ‘END’ to the Indian nation by propping up Kejriwal ? Interestingly neither India’s “unpaid media” nor the ever voluble “paid media” tried to unravel the truth about AAP having enlisted the powerful support of anti-Indian groups operating in Pakistan, Pak-Occupied Kashmir and Sheikhdoms of West Asia.


Another aspect of the mysterious Kejriwal narrative was his two hours long meeting with the hardcore anti-Hindu Mullah Tauqueer of Bareilly who had issued a ‘fatwa’ in March 2007 promising a reward of Rs. five lakhs for any Muslim willing to behead Taslima Nasreen. Earlier in the year 2006 the same Maulana had announced a reward of Rs. 25 crores for beheading the U.S. President, George Bush, before his visit to India. When asked what did he discuss for two hours with Maulana Tauqueer Kejri’s laconic reply was that he didn’t know about Maulana’s communal background ! Can any sane person believe that a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology who had served for many years in the Indian Revenue Service was so ignorant and innocent as Kejri claimed to be. It may be recalled that Kejriwal was the key operator of Anna Hazare’s team and had removed the painting of Bharat Mata from the stage in Ram Lila ground because it hurt the sentiments of Muslims. He had done that mischief immediately after meeting Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid.


Another proof of Kejri’s anti-national activities was the the decision of leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party to celebrate the birthday of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale on 9th February, 2016, across Punjab. Posters carrying photographs of Bhindranwale, Kejriwal and other leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party were pasted across Chandigarh and other cities urging the Sikhs to join the celebrations in gurdwaras.


Prima facie there is a valid case for investigating Kejriwal’s alleged association with radical Muslims and secessionist Sikh groups working against the Indian nation. His close connections with the AISA cultivated through his confidante, Gopal Rai, and AAP’s youth wing, Yuva Chhatra Sangharsh Samiti need to be thoroughly probed. Interestingly neither India’s “unpaid media” nor the ever- voluble “paid media” cared to unravel the truth about the AAP managing to enlist the support of several anti-Indian groups operating in Pakistan, Pak-Occupied Kashmir, Punjab and Sheikhdoms of West Asia.

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