Jihadi terrorism in India is nothing new

via Kannan Devan published on August 28, 2008

Jihadi terrorism in India is nothing new. Islamic terrorism has been present in India for centuries in a myriad of forms and locations. From Kashmir to Kerala, Muslims have been waging a relentless Jiahd war against peace loving, tolerant and passive Hindus. However, the Amarnath incident and Jihadi murder march against Kashmiri Hindus gave Jihadi terrorism a new urgency in India.


Muslims have been killing Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists who failed to follow the footsteps of pedophile MohaMad and refused to worship fake Allah. Since the creation of Pakistan, Jihadi terrorism gained momentum in India. Pakistan financed, guided and directed Jihadis have been infiltrating Kashmir valley and the entire Muslim dominated areas of India. Since 1950, Jihadis have made an unholy alliance with Marxists, pseudo secularists, anarchists, anti national ideologues, and demented individuals in India.


They have resorted to assassination, bombing, arson and violence to destabilize India and to destroy the Hindu social fabric. Jihadi terrorism, plane hijacking, beheading, bombing and violence have been used as a master Islamic plan guided by international Jihadi terrorist groups to Islamize India. Indian pseudo secularists, bogus intellectuals, mindless Marxists and phony academicians have prepared irrational and meaningless social theories to justify Jihadi terrorism. Their flimsy and baseless arguments include… inequity of Muslims, social injustice, and economic backwardness and lack of education. The intend and purpose of such bogus argument is clear.


It encouraged Muslims to intimidate politicians and threaten the government for more privileges, extra constitutional rights and affirmative actions and job reservation. Hindu tax payers money is channeled for economic assistance for Muslims in Kashmir and other parts of India. Muslims enjoy special privileges and constitutional protection denied to the Hindu majority. Muslims with criminal thinking and criminal needs put pressure and intimidation to subdue politicians and make them close their eyes to Jihadi terrorism.


Jihadis and politicians joined hands to blame the victims of Jihadi terrorism. As a result premeditated, politically motivated and deadly Jihadi terrorism continued in India. Muslims who kill innocent civilians were never apprehended, tried or punished in India. Recently there have been numerous bombings, beheading and bus burning by Jihad terrorists in India. There are other violent incidents by Jihadis in different parts of India. But government machinery is ineffective and indifferent in protecting Hindus or arresting and punishing Jihadi terrorists.


Failure to understand the goal and mindset of Muslims and the hidden motives of Jihadis is the real cause of continued terrorism in India.  The simple factor is that Indians must take effective military action against Jihadi terrorists. It must also be combined with psychological reeducation of passive, indolent and indifferent Hindus on the root cause of terrorism namely Islamic criminal thinking. Strong military action and effective deterrence remain the primary response to Jihadi terrorism. India must make it costly for Muslims to continue their hostility, violence and terrorism against Hindus.

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