Jihadi Bomb Blasts in Maharashtra

via HK Correspondent published on September 9, 2006

More than 37 people were feared killed and hundreds injured in a Series of bombs blasts on Friday in Maharashtra.


Four blasts took place in Malegaon town, 260 km northeast of Mumbai, India’s financial hub, the NDTV channel said. One explosion was outside a mosque while the other was at a burial ground.


Jihadis have planted the bomb near a Mosque on a Friday where Muslims congregate for Islamic prayers. Muslims are said to be more agitated after Islamic call for Jihad during their Friday Islamic prayer. The bomb blast was caused to create communal conflict and to agitate and provoke Muslims to riot all over India.


The bomb blasts occurred while Muslims were praying for the dead “Shab-e-Barat”. When they pray for their dead Muslims believe that prayers would absolve them of their own sins ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.


Police said Malegaon, which has a history of Muslim violence, was tense as groups of Muslims had gathered around the town and were shouting slogans against the police and Hindus.


The blasts came days after Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that intelligence agencies had warned of more terrorist attacks across the country, possibly on economic and religious targets as well as on nuclear installations.


A Home Ministry official in New Delhi said federal forces, including the Rapid Action Force (RAF) used for riot control, were being rushed to Maharashtra to prevent rioting Muslims creating law and order problems.


India has been on a heightened security alert after a series of bomb blasts by Jihadis in commuter trains that  killed 186 people in Mumbai in July. The attack was by militant Jihadi  groups with links to Pakistan ISI.


In recent years, Jihad terrorists have murdered several Hindus and attempted to murder several Hindu social and spiritual leaders. Several Hindus have died as a result of Jihadi bomb blasts and arson in Marad, Nadapuram (Kerala), Godra, Mumbai, Varanasi, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bihar, Bangalore and Coimbatore.


Jihad war against Kafirs is an essential element in Islam and it is sanctioned in Koran. Murder, beheading and violence against infidels are sacrosanct in Islam. Mumbai train blasts and arson killing of train passengers in Godra, beheading of Hindus in Marad are not isolated incidents. Hindus have been facing Jihad war for centuries. Invading Muslims have slaughtered more than 40 million Hindus since 8th century. Will Durant, the great Historian has said that Islamic brutality against Hindus was the most brutal in the history of the world.


Now Muslims are waging a Jihad war against Hindus and India by military, economic, and political means. Pakistan ISI agents, Bangladesh Jihadi infiltrators and Jihadis hiding in India have established a strong alliance against Hindus and India. It has become a deadly force against our culture, freedom and democracy.


Bogus secularists, anti-national media, the corrupt Police, psychopathic political leaders and the lethargic, indolent Judiciary have failed to understand the seriousness of the evil acts of deadly Jihadis. They show a kind of sympathy for the Jihadi terrorists and blame the victims for the sufferings. This misplaced sympathy and misguided appeasement of the criminal Jihadi terrorists is unfortunate—indeed, fatal.


It is time that India reconsider some of its basic policy towards Jihadi terrorism. Jihadis are motivated by a perverted fantasy ideology. It is absurd for us to look for some phony root causes of Jihadi terrorism in poverty, lack of education, unemployment and reduced opportunities.


Such factors play absolutely no role in Jihadi terrorism. The root cause of Jihadi terrorism is the perverted ideology of Islam. Jihadi terrorism emanates from the fantasy ideology that infidels are to be subjugated or converted.


Unless we shift our policy of appeasement and accommodation to containment, control and effective prevention of Jihadi terrorists, there is no hope for peace and freedom. There is no other way.








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