Jihad will continue- Jihad will escalate with Hindu Political Silence

published on July 14, 2011
The Jihad on Hindus – Mumbai is the starter

by Aron Aronite

First Hindus must acknowledge they are the Targets. Attackers have repeatedly Declared Hindus and Jews are The Targets.

Secondly Attackers have declared it is Islamic Jihad.
Attackers are Islamist Jihadis from Pakistan with some supportive outfits called Indian Mujahadeen an Islamist Indian group.

 Thirdly, this Maharashtra State Government as well as UPA administration had been sheltering Convicted mass murderers under “mercy Petition to President of Republic’- one being an attacker against Parliament and murderer of Jawans defending Parliamentarians.

 This is the worst Hindus had done-  endorse and extend such a Rule and Pro-Jihadi Administration.

 Lastly the Media had Obfuscated these Simple Facts.
 Hindus continue to watch and patronise the same Liars.
 The Result is what this mindless killings of Hindus yesterday. It will continue as long as Hindus chose to do the above Escapist Denials.

 It is true non-Hindus too are its victims.  But it is a cold Lie to say then Terror has no colour or ‘All are its victims’.

While targeting Hindus the Jihadi manuals say it is invertible and permissible to incur non-Hindu and even muslim collateral damages.

This is not to mean Hindus are not the sole intended target, or that it is indiscriminate killing.These Terror attacks have Self Declared to be Islamist Jihad Targeting Hindus and Jews, and to pretend this not the case is to keep its Targets and Killers Unrecognised and enables the Targeting and Targeters remain Unrecognised.

Hindus will continue to pay a heavy price if they continue with this nonesense. This makes Hindus believe in Denial of Threat and Denies them Political Assertion of their legitimate Voting Rights to secure a Governance by a Party that promises to protect them from Targeters of their lives and properties, and take action against its Attackers.

Only 43% of Mumabaikars voted last elections- which is failure to punish electorally the soft and Pro-Jihadi Rulers of Maharashtra state and UPA.

 You may have no better choice, but endorsing the Worst is suicidal.Hindus must stop this Denial of Existential Threat and start Demanding special Protection to them.
Attackers must be identified for what, why and whom they target.

Victim groups must be Identified and allowed to voice their Demands for Protection.Hindus must quit Denial Lobbys like media that perpetuate Myths and punish electorally and by boycott of those who Refuse to acknowledge the Jihad against Hindus.

These attacks and much more in the future are inevitable as long as Hindus chose to bury heads in sands like Ostriches.

The Islamist Jihadis will not go away, or stop targeting them.They will celebrate like they celebrated Birthday of Ajmal Kasab who gets long lease of life under protective custody when the Birthday of Afsal Guru turns up.
This Denial mentality bestows long lives to murderers of Hindus, and shortens the lives of Hindu public, and empowers the Treacherous and cowardly bargain dealers with communal voters.

Finally- Hindus must acknowledge the fact Pakistan State and Army follow General Malik’s motto- “to serve and strive for Jihad in the way of Allah”.

Pakistan was created as a homeland for Muslims in United India.Muslims have been magnanimously allowed to stay here in India after creating such a Threat Nation as their Homeland.

This is a Courtesy and Not an Obligation.

If Hindu lives and properties are going to once again be threatened- then Hindus have the right to ask them to leave this part of India and go live in the Homeland they have been granted.

They cannot continue to live inside India and make this Jihad continue with their presence and voting rights that enthrone Compromised and Pro-jihadi Rulers of Hindus.
If their presence among us endangers the lives of non-Muslim citizens and makes difficult the protection of their lives and properties, then Muslims must be asked to relocate in the Muslim Homelands created for which they demanded and obtained.

This is their responsibility.

As long as Hindus deny these bitter truths and facts, they will continue to pay with its results. Pakistan will not cease its Jihad, and the Muslims here will remain as a wing of that Jihad.

Brigadier S.K. Malik of the Pakistani army produced an authoritative military manual on jihad called The Quranic Concept of War. It is a required reading of Pakistan’s military officers.

Malik writes: “the Holy Prophet’s operations …are an integral and inseparable part of the divine message revealed to us in the Holy Quran … The war he planned and carried out was total to the infinite degree. It was waged on all fronts: internal and external, political and diplomatic, spiritual and psychological, economic and military… The Quranic military strategy thus enjoins us to prepare ourselves for war to the utmost in order to strike terror into the heart of the enemy, known or hidden… Terror struck into the hearts of the enemy is not only a means; it is the end in itself.”

So, this is a conflict from which there is no escape and Hindus and Jews have no option but recognise this War declared upon their people.

The longer it takes to come out of its Denial, the larger the price Hindus will have to pay, with their dear lives and properties and freedoms.

Electoral support to Pro-Jihadi parties is an act of War that is Jihad

The Muslim minority in India enjoys unequal special rights and privileges.These rights and their right to vote have so far been exercised in Electoral decisions to empower the Parties that Deny this grave danger and go soft on its Jihadis and outfits.

This is a common threat to the nation but their responses have been Pro-Jihad.

To stop this Jihad within Indian soil- these Rights must be redefined as not automatic or though it were an entitlement- but as a gesture of goodwill and trust.
These Rights have been denied to an equal number of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Bhuddhists who were unfortunate to remain in the ancestral homelands that was carved out through Jihad of Direct Action Day- as East and West Pakistan’s.

The onus of reassuring their solidarity with the targeted national community and nation, remains with the Muslims who have been let to remain even fatre creating a Muslim Homeland.

If they fail to do so, then Hindus can request their Relocation to the Muslim Homeland to secure their lives and properties from their Jihad activities.

All Jihad attacks must stop henceforth and if they continue, then all Jihad elements must be removed from the National territories and its borders.

Failure or refusal to do so, is an act of treason and endangers the lives of non-Muslims who are the Declared targets of Islamist Jihad.

Hindus and non-Muslims must identify such pro-Jihadi political lobbies and outfits as endangering their lives and properties and must come together to formulate a Political Course Correction.

Jihad against non-Muslims must be recognised and response to it must be with Zero Tolerance to Terrorism of any kind.

Electoral support to Pro- Jihadi Parties must be looked upon as an act of Jihad.

Those who want to do electorally empowered Jihad inside India therefore must not be granted such a democratic Right to murder non-Muslims.

Jihad has no place inside.
Dismantle the Anti- Hindu Political Establishment
Dr Moorthy Muthusway a spokesperson of Indian American Intellectual Forum and a Nuclear scientist states-
“Evidence-based reasoning suggests that India is undergoing a civilisational transformation – a process of de-hinduising, powered by Article 30-induced egregious deprivations.This shows that the majority community in India has not yet matured enough to protect its core interests from being unfairly trampled. While the minorities’ politisation of their religious institutions have helped them mobilize their community to vote and to leverage the voting power to advance their interests,[51] the lack of politisation of the majority community’s religious institutions has not helped.

These contrasting roles played by the religious institutions of the minority and majority communities can be traced to centuries of rule by alien powers.

In order to mitigate potential challenges to their hold on power, the alien entities ensured de-politising of the majority community’s religious institutions.

It’s a long article — and rightly so since it touches on a important matter which cannot be discussed meaningfully in sound-bite sized pieces. Here is a bit more from it.
Among the capable segments of India’s population, the middle class, upper middle class, and even the rich members of the majority community have remained apolitical — by largely shying away from voting — due to their disappointment with the political process in the nation.[52]
They could afford to, as the booming economy of the past two decades has created educational and job opportunities for them.

It has become quite clear that the apolitical, and yet the capable segments of the majority community now have to involve themselves in the political process, in order to ensure a future for themselves and their progenies. . .
Clearly, modern and “emergent” India has to do away with Article 30 in the present form.

The question remains what should replace it.

A window into answering this question comes from the United States of America, arguable among the most developed secular democracies and home to a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. Discriminations faced by the black minorities and to a lesser extent by non-Christian and non-white immigrants from abroad (in employment, educational, social and professional settings), compelled the United States to enact the cornerstone anti-discrimination legislation: The Civil Rights Act of 1964. . .

This article shouldn’t be viewed as an attack on Christian minorities or a call for undermining their rights, or an effort to stop conversions altogether. The focus of this analysis is about the egregious human rights violations of the 80 percent majority community. By tracing these violations to Article 30 of the Indian constitution, this piece offers ways of addressing this issue objectively and fairly without infringing on anyone’s rights. As a modern and free nation, India ought to uphold the right of its people to practice and importantly, change a faith as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, . . .

One could justifiably argue that India doesn’t deserve to be called a modern democracy unless it takes steps to stop the constitution-based egregious discriminatory practices and unfair denial of empowerment of one eighth of entire humanity. . .

If biodiversity is viewed crucial for the well-being of humanity, so should cultural-religious diversity. For instance, India’s western neighbour Pakistan’s relentless drive to eradicate cultural-religious diversity within may have left it highly vulnerable to dead-end ideologies. It is incumbent on humanity to ensure that ancient ways of life are allowed to evolve, and not be extinguished by apartheid practices.
 Muslims staying inside India- not a permanent privilege to help Strategically Pakistan’s Jihad
They must not only be denied this privilege to kill non-Muslims, by helping with their votes to power such collaborators of Jihad, but also asked to leave the country that is under siege by this Islamic Jihad.

If Hindus and Sikhs could be displaced en masse from Indian territories to carve out an Islamic Homeland, then the same can be done again to secure the Hindu Homeland.
They should be asked to leave to their own Creation that is the Jihad Homeland of two Pakistans.

As a Hindu I feel this must be stated to secure my progeny and their lives from this incessant Jihad from outside from their Jihadi Homeland, and the numerous outfits for Jihad and its Jihadis who continue take our lives and destroy our hard earned properties at will.
If Muslims could secure an Islamic Homeland, then it is hypocrisy to criticise or condemn the very same right for non-Muslims.

Especially, when this murderous Jihad is launched against us from this Jihad-land there and by a section allowed to remain amidst us making its recognition and defeat all the more difficult.

Hindus and all non-Muslims in their turn, have no choice in this matter, but to recognise this grave and perilous Existential Threat and do a Rethink on their Survival Strategy and long pending Resolution of root causes.

 The Cause of this is not difficult to Recognise- it is openly declared in the e-mails of the Indian Jihad outfit- which is Islamic Jihad against Hindus.

 Pakistan’s Koranic Concept of War on Infidels. The choice is therefore clear for both.

Are you with India and targeted Hindus or are you with this Jihad from within and outside?

Those who cannot stand with Hindus must be asked to leave to take their place with the Jihad outside and the Society and Armed Forces readied to face this National Challenge.

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