Islamic Republic of Kerala

via Dr. TS Girishkumar published on October 29, 2006

When I was shifting to Kerala, some of my friends joked; my God, you are planning to go to Kerala, and beware, that place is full of Malayalees! But let me confess; it never occurred to me that things could be so bad, and I shall have to live in a sick society such as this.


There is this unholy trio, running the Kerala society for all Malayalees. The Unholy trio consists of Communists+Christians+Muslims. The unholy trio has their secret agenda, which is indeed no more a secret, of keeping the Keralites in continued alienation from Hindutva. Apparently, the unholy trio do not have much in common, but what they have in common in Indian context is strictly anti national agenda, since their very existence depends on anti Hindutva.


For the Communists, anti Hindutva shall be meaningful in the following manner:-


1.Communism keeps internationalism as its end object, through their theory of dictatorship of Proletariats, Classlessness to mean one Class immediately after Revolution, the Class of Proletariats, State, the communist State until it all withers away towards what they claim to be communism for Classlessness, statelessness and anarchy. 2. Communism through Marx, depends on the theory of Contradiction and Contradictions, and Hindutva stands for Unity and Unification. Hindutva understands plurality and multiplicity of nature through the concept of varieties of momentariness, for Hindutva, the differences are only periforical and apparent, and in actuality, everything is ultimately one on a final analysis, as Sankaracharya himself set out to demonstrate. With the influence of Hindutva, Communism shall at once wither away from any Hindu society, and this, the Communists simply can not afford. In a word, Hindutva shall be the Communists’ suicide and mass grave. Thus, it is indeed an imperative for the Communists to stop Hindutva from operating and functioning in any form, and they struggle towards this. As a matter of fact, they had not succeeded anywhere in India except in Kerala, and in the society of Kerala, they naturally find allies with the Muslims and the Christians. Communism in Bengal shall be a question altogether different, it has nothing at all to do with any theory of poor man Marx, and in Bengal, communism is just a local and regional party, that they had once juxtaposed to the Congress party of Jawaharlal and Company. For Bengal, Communism finds root through this juxtaposition, and their survival is simply based on the planted anti Delhi feelings in the minds of Bengalese, which shall not last for longer time.


For the Christians, Hindutva is anti Christian, since the Christians of Kerala look for a distinct identity. They do not want to identify much with other Christians, as they are aware of the rich cultural heritage of Indianans, but desperately want to reduce that to a Kerala Identity, or into what is known as “Malayanma”. I do not know who coined the concept of “Malayanma” to stand for an archetype Kerala culture, and to my mind, it must be some cunning Christian. (I borrow the expression “Cunning Christian” from a criticism levelled against Immanuel Kant, as Kant is criticised by the statement “Kant’s distinction of noumena and phenomena is that of a Cunning Christian”). This is a typical Kerala Christian dilemma. On the one hand, they are desperately aware of the height and richness of Hindutva, and want to be a party to it, but on the other hand, they do not have any justification in continuing to be Christians. Their only alternative shall be simply what they had been doing and following, of making attempts to create a separate identity for the Kerala people, distinct from Hindutva, in name only, but an identity that shall contain all Hindutva in the name of Malayanma. And for this, the Christens could champion themselves! Indeed they would miserably adulterate this Malayanma to suit Christianity and their concepts, practices and so on, but through these, they shall find great comfort in creating a space for themselves, which is their existential question, as a matter of fact. Hindutva operating in Kerala shall be against all these, and the Christian distinctiveness shall instantly get exposed. Naturally it becomes their desperation to conceal Hindutva and create an anti north Indian feeling, since they shall not be anti nationals explicitly. They shall not make a single statement against India, but they shall continue to make statements against Hindi, against the North Indians, and so on. Thus the Christians also get clubbed with the Communists, for a common cause.


Now to the Muslims, our great patriots. It is the wish of many Muslims to work for “Din”. Din shall not be interpreted as religion; it is in actuality, Muslim rule, and Islamic state. They want an Islamic rule all over, and especially in India. I need not speak much upon these; it is all history, both of India and of the unholy state of “na-pak” Pakistan. The Communist Christian Combination becomes a shelter at once for the Muslims, and upon which, they simply thrive and flourish in the southern Indian State of Kerala. The Indian Union Muslim League could continue to be in power through shifting coalition governments, and run an ongoing programme of anti nationalism through helping different terrorist out fits being in government. Of late, they had also put one of their men as the external affairs minister in this very nation!


The unholy trio had been so successful in Kerala through out, and they had effectively kept the Hindus against the wall pressed and well pressed. They succeeded in doing so through a very tactful operation, well thought out and managed indeed. The Hindus are still marginally a majority in the state of Kerala, roughly 56% of the population. The Muslims come to something like 35% and the rest Christians. Communism had affected only the Hindus, and the Communist virus could not affect both Christians and the Muslims. To this purpose, the Communists used the Kerala Hindu caste structure, to create proletariats out of the low castes and bourgeoisie out of the upper castes, to divide them into two ‘classes’ and make them enemies to fight against one another. The poor fools thought that they are autochthones of Communism to engage in “Class War” but ended up as alienated Hindus. The unholy trio strengthened the caste structure among the Hindus, and politicised the caste structure, and today, the casts are simply political pressure groups as the American David Eastern theorises. The unholy trio shall never let the two major Hindu caste organisations, the NSS and the SNDP to ever come together or work together; they shall do everything to keep these two organisations poles apart, and the timid leadership of both fall victims constantly. In addition, the unholy trio is so successful to keep all Hindu organisations in many different camps, fighting one another on any petty issue.


This makes the Hindus a desperate and unorganised minority in the state of Kerala, and the unholy trio thrives. Muslim fundamentalism thrives with the help of the unholy trio, and they had long made Kerala their centre of activities. All kinds of Islamic outfits shall thrive in this society, since there are many to help and abet them. The growth and spread of Muslim terrorist organisations in Kerala is nothing to the unholy trio, since none of them is actually interested in nationalism or nation building. Muslim League party, continues to be in ruling power, continues to abet terrorist out fits, and they use the state machinery to this end. Naturally, Kerala becomes the nerve centre of Muslim fundamentalist and terrorist activities in a way, which shall be beyond imagination. The unholy trio abets this, in spite of their knowing all these, as they have nothing to loose and only things to gain. The unholy trio keeps their anti Hindutva propaganda using the state machinery itself, and the Education system which had been under the control of the Muslim League party on a continuous basis. There are seminars on terrorism in the Universities and Colleges, and they desperately continue to justify terrorism by way of appealing to human rights, psychology, illiteracy, poverty, and such things. Recently, when Dr.Babu Suseelan from Pennsylvania came and spoke about terrorism in my department, (I invited him to speak), the students put out posters saying that “we shall not allow School of Social Sciences to become an instrument for Hindutva and Fascist propaganda”. What Dr.Babu Suseelan spoke against terrorism like any common American intellectual was instantly interpreted as Hindutva and Fascism. Whatever does not fit into the programme of the unholy trio, or whatever shall turn against the unholy trio gets interpreted as Hindutva and fascism. The unholy trio is constantly on the attack on Gujarat state and Shri Narendra Modi, who looks like the “Kalki Avtar” to my mind. The unholy trio takes great pride in condemning the state of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi, and anything in the name of Hindutva. In the national anthem which was printed in the text books distributed to the school by the government of Kerala, the name of “Gujarat’ was deliberately avoided. Shri Harikrishnan of Chengannur, who is an NTU activist, had to go to the court to replace all those texts, and he had to make several appeals to the Sangh Parivar to bring this to lime light, but none of these got publicity in Kerala society, since all media are under the control of the unholy trio. They keep showing motion pictures against Gujarat, Shri Modi in all possible venues like Universities, and keep speaking so, given any opportunity.


No wonder that the E Mail threat to both the Prime Minister of India and the President himself originated from Kerala. One must take a good look at the Email message. I shall give the full text below:




Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 15:30:02 +0530

Mime – Version:1,0

Content Type Text/plain format flowed

X-Original Arrival Time 26 Oct 2006 10:00:02,0962 (UTC)

FILETIME (8172C720:01C6F8E5)


The Hon’ble Prime Minister of INDIA Mr. Manmohan Singh will be killed on

NOVEMBER 1ST 2006-10-28 IN Kerala. He deserves it on account of MOHAMMED AFSAL GURU’s judgement & Cruel fate of ABDUL NASSAR MADINI


Added to that Mr APJ ABDULKALAM, Hon. President of India too will be killed In due course, Positively before his 76th birth day next year, and all these to happen in KERALA, the Allah’s own Country only. No where else.


Save them, if you dare !!!


In Shah Allah !!! So start the count down from PM; targeted on NOV 1st 2006.


Good luck!


(The full Email message as appeared in Malayala Mnorama Daily, as a front page item on 28. October.2006)


When the Jihadi terrorist calls Kerala as Allah’s own country, the unholy trio has nothing to loose or worry. The alienated Hindu, who suffers from self negation is too timid to even react. He is torn apart through cast organisations, and for him the identity of caste is imposed on him instead of Hindutva. When the Kerala assembly went to the extent of passing a “unanimous” resolution to release the terrorist Abdul Nasser Madini from Coimbatore jail, the Kerala Hindu remained senile, in his usual fool’s paradise that nothing shall happen to him personally. The caste autochthones behaved as though it is just not their affair at all. They all leave all that is concerned with Hindutva for the RSS to look after, as it is none of their business.


One ought to be aware of the impending danger from the Muslim terrorism. The unholy trio are making the way good for them to take over the state of Kerala, as the Email claims Kerala to be Allah’s own country. Look at their bargaining power, just with something like a 35% of population! And think. Who caused it all? Of course, the unholy trio thrives, but on whose account? It is all finally the fault of the Hindus themselves, of getting alienated, of permitting casteriddenness, of remaining fearful and dejected, and finally of not finding Hindutva within each one as a Hindu.


Common Hindus ought not to leave the burden of propagating Hindutva to the RSS alone. It ought to be the look out and responsibility of every Hindu, first to find Hindutva within, and then to propagate. If this shall not be done immediately, the time is very near for the Muslim jihadis to claim Kerala as “Allah’s Own Country“ as it becomes clear from the Email threat to Dr. Manmohan Singh and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Let me repeat what Swami Vivekananda repeatedly asked, Uttishtata Jagrata and Prapyavarannibodhita. Rise and awake o! Hindus, rise and awake from your dogmatic and lethargic slumbers, you are to act now for your own survival and the survival of this very great nation.    


(The author of this article is a Reader, School of Social Sciences Mahatma Gandhi University. Kottayam, Kerala, 686041)


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