Islamic Parochialism and Plurality of Ideals

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on November 23, 2009

No one can doubt that there are plurality of ideals and plurality of values as well as cultures. For Muslims Allah is “uberall”, Islam is the only ideal. The general public want kindness, peace and harmony. Islam wants Jihad war and Dar-Ul-Islam. we have different values, theories and propositions for tolerance, harmonious living and coexistence. we can pursue different values while maintaining our human semblance. All human beings  must have some valuable values else they cease to differ. One is reminded of an old wisdom “Everything is what is, is not and not another thing”. There is a moral “Esono Esono, NA Esono So Sono”: which reads “The Elephant is one thing and the Worm is another”.
We believe in multiple values that are objective and these multiple values are the essence of humanity. Unfortunately, for Muslims the Koran is everything which contains subjective fancies of MohaMad. Muslims are able to tolerate only koranic values and able to live by it. And it is damaging and these desert originated, outdated values are detestable. Muslims are indoctrinated with false information and false belief. For Muslims one set of values is true and this parochialism results in totalitarianism and hostility. Their inflamed notion that only islamic values is true and other values are to be condemned is a form of pathological extremism. This islamic parochialism has led, to unimaginable horrors. Muslims claim that Islamic values are superior is totally incompatible with today’s pluralism and multiculturalism.
Jihadi terrorists who commit heinous crimes against humanity are foolish, misled creatures who died for nonsense. Jihadis may believe that it is right to be a martyr. The more Jihadis are sincere to Islamic values, they are more dangerous. The single islamic belief system that Allah is supreme and Koranic values is everything is the root of all evil. Those Muslims who claim that Islam has the answer for everything, and Muslims alone know how society should be organized, how individuals should be lived, and how values should be developed leads to despotism and cruelty.  This Islamic intolerance and parochialism call for fanaticism and it is the root of Islamic extremism.
we are living in a free world of ideas, values and plurality of culture. Muslims claim that they have the freedom to preach rigid Islamic values and parochialism. Freedom does not means freedom to do what Islamists like. Liberty does not mean fulfillment of killing desires of Jihadis. In the name of freedom, are jihadis acting in the interests of any higher social values where people can live and enjoy freedom? Jihadis have naive notion that there is one true answer to every question. In this pluralist world, if we disagree with Islamic parochial values, we are called apostate and threatened with death. Muslims think that infidels are wrong, ignorant and the truth is not revealed to kafirs. This strange notion of Muslims justifies jihadis some of the most dangerous, the most violent interpretation of freedom.
It is time for freedom loving people to come forward and openly declare that Islamic parochialism is not acceptable. We should not allow our freedom to be exploited by Muslims to make us unfree. freedom is not free unless we fight for it. we have to fight against tyrannical Jihadi vales, by war if need be. Freedom is precious. we need to preserve, protect, practice and promote it for our children and children yet to be born.

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