Islamic Hatred Syndrome and Liberal Incentives

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on July 9, 2010

As Jihadis express outrage and Imams issue death threats against American, Israelis and Indian infidels, our liberal media and phony intellectuals are responding, not with condemnation of Jihadi hatred and death threats, but with condemnation of American-Indian-Israeli policies.
Wherever Muslims are on the rampage, commit homicide bombing, honor killing, or attacking religious shrines and causes deaths of thousands of innocent people, liberals are ready with their blame game. They say that we (infidels) must consider winning the hearts and minds of angry Muslim.

The liberal preaching of appeasement, unconditional positive regard for Islamic terrorists and non-judgmental attitude towards heinous crimes committed by Jihadis clearly evades one blatant truth: the Islamic hatred against infidels. Such opinion is irrational, and devoid of any reality. It is bad faith, a dishonorable evasion of Islamic reality, a flight from responsibility.
Media reports daily occurrences of mass murder of innocent people in all Islamic countries. Islamic cruelty syndrome can be violent, repulsive, irrational and gruesome. For Muslims, hatred of infidels is like intoxication, it is an ecstasy for Muslims.  
The phony secular “bad faith” bearers have the choice of stepping outside the role of endorsing evil deeds of Islamists. Are they suffering from spiritual malignancy? Do they have a real conscience? Do they have the capacity to bond with the victims of Jihadi terrorism? Their inability to show emotional empathy underlies a tragic distortion of their psyche, the absence of conscience.

The liberal establishment, deliberately forget that there is a tidal wave of Islamic terrorism around the world. So what they do? They glorify Ayatollah Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, Sadam Hussein, Bin laden, and Nasrallah. They support homicide bombing against Indians, Israelis and Americans.

Rather than blaming Islamic indoctrination of hatred, rather than admitting they have to revise the hate producing Koran, or take action against hate preaching Imams, their hostility and anger is displaced on to Israel, India and America. Our leftist intellectuals and phony secularists are in deep denial. They deliberately ignore the fact that to discuss Islamic follies with Islamic leaders is an exercise in futility.

Islam lacks conscience of humanity and morality. And what is even more shocking Islam justifies terrorism, totalitarianism, and hatred against infidels. Islamic hatred syndrome is a pervasive characterological disturbance involving Muslims’ belief that “Islamic way as the correct way”.  Educated or non-educated, where ever thy go, Muslims tend to be deeply committed to their dysfunctional Islamic belief system. The depth of their belief that “Islam is the correct way”, make them resistant to accepting emerging humanistic thought system. Unlike people with obsessive compulsive personality disorder, Muslims never experience any anxiety, guilt, remorse or fear. Their cognitive faculties are damaged beyond repair. It looks like Muslims are suffering the psychological defense mechanism called displacement. The purpose of displacement is to avoid coping with the actual reality. In this way Muslims do not have to be responsible.

In the leftist-liberal view, those who blow up passenger buses, fire bomb hospitals, business centers and chop off hands of infidel teachers as well as hijack planes are driven to such evil acts because of social injustices caused by India, Israel and America. The victims of Jihadi terrorism are seen as causes of the problem, and jihadi perpetrators are seen as innocent and exploited. The same liberal politicians believe the lie that criminal acts of Jihadis must be blamed on law abiding citizens or on psychological or economic circumstances.

Liberal-leftist and Islamized academicians take special pride in their tough mindedness towards those who criticize Islam and its violent methods. They show exuberant enthusiasm for violent Jihadis.  One of the depressing ways in which leftist intellectuals have abdicated personal and ethical responsibility can be seen in their failure to respond to the perils of Jihad terrorism. The liberal recommendations that we should have unconditional positive regard and no-judgmental attitude toward violent Jihadi terrorists repudiate the growing evidence that Jihadi criminals act without fear, guilt, shame, remorse or empathy for their victims.

The essence of Islamic hatred does not change, only its forms do. Horror, brutality, and mass murder have been with Islam for centuries.  Now Islamic cruelty has come back into the world and manifest in so many places in so many ghostly ways. Many believed that Islamic cruelty could not survive the sort of global scrutiny. But that was a naïve belief. Islamic cruelty syndrome survives the media scrutiny. Islamist fascists and liberals interpret images of Islamic brutality in their own way, for their own purposes. The media adjust itself perfectly to the purposes of Islamic wickedness. The TV shows images of Jihadi terrorism like a reality show.
Many liberals consider Jihadi terrorism not quite real, a shimmer of entertainment  about it as if to say, beheading kafirs,, stoning of women to death, chopping off hands of infidels and firebombing passenger trains and blowing big buildings are a show, not actual facts in the serious world.

Phony secularists and leftist liberals have some other explanations for deadly Jihadi terrorism. Bloody Jihadi terrorism including suicide bombing, kidnapping, and hijacking planes might be an act out of patriotic resistance against social injustice inflicted by democratic nations.
We thought modern technology represents a new form of civilization. Now Jihadis have used modern technology for a form of anti-civilization. Jihadis can coordinate worldwide terrorism from a Lap Top. Muslims hate all infidels but love all the inventions of the infidels like the automobile, airplane, the cell phone, the TV, computers, I phone, and satellite.
There are more verses in the Koran to hate infidels, but not enough to make Muslims love humanity. In this context, to discuss Islamic follies with a Muslim is an exercise in futility. Islamists hates democracy, but they use democratic –political route and procedures to destroy democracy. What is then the antidote to Islamic hatred syndrome? We know that hatred is violently regressive, but Muslims use it as motivativation instrument for promoting Allahism.
Islamic religion has licensed Muslim’s hatred against infidels and Jihad war-endorsed it with Allah’s authority and inspiration and the promise of virgin girls at Islamic paradise. And if Jihadis concern them to be victims, that is even more powerful incentive for committing terrorism. To the Jihadis, all things are permitted against infidels.

The leftist-liberal argument that economic assistance and technological aid would inevitably lead to democracy and secularism is irrational and devoid of any empirical evidence. Prognosticators and bogus secular-liberal politicians have failed to understand Islam. History of Islamic countries suggests that affluence, economic and military assistance and greater wealth will not automatically lead to political freedom, social change and human rights. Islamic religious leaders say that democracy and secularism are incompatible with Islam.  Yusuf Al-Qaradawi wrote in the Saudi Gazette, (June 11, 2010): “Secularism can never enjoy a general acceptance in an Islamic society. For Muslim societies, the acceptance of secularism means something totally different. As Islam is a comprehensive system of worship (Ibadah) and legislation (Sharia) the acceptance of secularism means abandonment of sharia, a denial of the divine guidance and a rejection of Allah’s injunctions. Of a legislation formulated by humans means a preference of the humans’ limited knowledge. It is indeed a false claim that sharia is not proper to the requirements of the present age. The acceptance of a legislation formulated by humans means a preference of the humans’ limited knowledge”.

Citizens of the free world must draw clear and sharp distinctions between law abiding free citizens and Islamists who have taken every possible opportunity to slaughter infidels. It is time for us to join together to protect our life, liberty, values and culture. The brainless leftists and their suicidal cohorts claim that we can end Islamic hatred and terrorism by changing our assertive behavior and increase our financial aid is really aiding and abetting Islamic animosity.
Rather, we must be realists and as realists, we must approach them as incorrigible, apocalyptic and dangerous terrorists. The global community must respond strongly with universal condemnation and Islamic terrorists must be cornered, punished and contained instead of rewarding or appeasing them.

Marxist-liberal-secular politicians reward terrorism and create incentives for its continuation. Islamic terrorism can be reduced by eliminating all incentives and we must impose significant disincentives. The free world must join together and fight against the Koranic principles that produce Islamic hatred syndrome.

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