Islamic Fundamentalism wrecks havoc in West Bengal

via Animitra Chakraborty-Journalist & Human Rights Activist published on February 17, 2007

The ghost of Islamic Fundamentalism has finally set itself in this part of Bengal too. The issue which was dormant and always needed a political shelter has finally come out with its sinister design.


On 26.01.07 in the village Banirdhal of PS: Kultali, Dist. South 24 Paragana, the Hindu boys for immersion the deity of Goddess Saraswati at about 8.30 pm along with the procession reached a crossing named Ghatiharania. But the moment the procession was moving by the side of a Mosque, stones, bricks and other lethal arsenals were thrown on the procession resulting in the breaking of two hands, crown, swan of the Holy Deity and lots of Hindu boys getting injured. It was followed by a deadly assault with number of Muslim anti socials fully armed, dragged three Hindu youth inside the mosque and tortured them severely. When a goonda named Sahabuddin Molla was about to butcher them into pieces they somehow managed to flee.


As a reaction to this, about 1500 Hindus furiously started demonstrations in the Ghatiharania market area, preserving the broken Idol and drew the attention of the local Police camp accompanied by Officers-in-Charge of Kultali and Jayanagar, S.D.P.O. – Baruipur, C.I. – Canning and R.A.F.    


Meanwhile armed Muslim mob also started assembling at the local Idgah Maidan being instructed from the loudspeakers of the local Masjid , the other Masjids were also informed at the earliest by motorcycle borne Muslim youths of the locality. The police created a barricade between the Hindus and the Muslims but took no action either to disperse the mob or arrest the culprits. Due to cold wind when the gathering of the Hindus was reduced to a few handful by 2.30 am, without a single provocation the R.A.F. and the rest of the Police Force suddenly pounced upon the assembled Hindus, minuscule in number by then and thrashing them relentlessly threw them into the police vans. The Police Officers were also found castigating the Hindus and vilifying the Hindu deities. Altogether 38 Hindus were arrested, of which 10-12 were within 15 years.               


One person arrested, named Bacchu Mondal was forced to write after custodial torture that he out of his own will had immersed the Holy Deity. After that the act of immersion was done by the police itself.


Next morning the police arrested only two Muslims as eyewash, because the real culprits named – Abu Taleb Sheikh, Sahjahan Laskar, Abdulla Sheikh, Mohiudin Laskar, Dayud Joddar, Jamal Molla, Khalil Sheikh, Abu Siddik Sheikh, Abu Kalam Sheikh, Arif Sheikh- were not arrested.


Other than 38 arrested ones, 11 others are being harassed by repeated raids by the police allegedly for violence and violating law and order. It is suspected that the political highhandedness of the Ruling Front has made the Police act likewise.



Against this vandalism and nakedly partisan behavior of the police, a demonstration was staged by the Hindus against the Local Administration organised by the Hindutva outfits VHP and Bajrang Dal and led by Tapan Kumar Ghosh – the Zonal Organiser of Bajrang Dal. The agitation was a huge success with the attendance of a large number of Hindus on their own from all walks of life, even from remote corners of the area.    The organizers were able to control the anger of the crowd. But while returning from the meeting two motor vans comprised of Hindu men and women were again attacked by the Muslims at a crossing called ‘Tarunir More’ ( P.S.: Jaynagar) 16 passengers including 8 women were brutally beaten so that they had to be taken to nearby Nimpeeth Hospital. But from this moment the Police & Local Administration appeared in a new manner. They acted in the most hostile manner and tried to disrupt the normal procedure of treatment of the injured Hindus and even prevented their admission to the hospital so that no medical evidence would remain when the case goes to court.    


Even eminent persons could not escape from the persecution. In the Deputation Team was Shri Raneswar Das, a reputed businessman of the local area and President, South 24 Paragana District of the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch was asked to be present at the Baruipur P.S. at 10.30 pm at night, by order of S.D.P.O. When refused the S.D.P.O. came on his own to Shri Das’ residence and thereby the Police brutally beat him, his ailing elder brother Shri Dinesh Das (a Heart Patient), Shri Dinesh Das’ sons and some local boys with rifle butts. After that the S.D.P.O. dragged Sri Raneshwar Das to the local police station by force. Exploiting the terrified situation the Police made Shri Raneswar Das sign on a piece of paper containing 3-4 lines. Later he was released.


But still 32 Hindus are languishing behind bars, innocent but victim of a heinous conspiracy, of which 6 are mere boys of age 12-13 years.


As fresh reports are coming in, three more Hindu businessmen have been arrested at the Ghatiharania village.


So, here lies the situation. These types of incidents are very common in Bangladesh where the administration is under the full gear of the Islamic Fundamentalism. But what about West Bengal ?


Is this the beginning of a new face of the pan-Islamic Communalism with the tacit support of the Leftists?


But we can’t sit when my nation and religion dies like ‘a sweet fire small and alone’. Can we?  


 So we must do something. The time is to act now.


But what to do?


To quote Bismarck , “The great question of the day can never be solved by majority resolutions and mere speeches, but by blood and iron”.

Shall we follow that way?









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