Islam fascist-Police nexus in Kerala

via HK Correpondent published on December 24, 2005

Over the last 25 years, successive governments in Kerala have introduced social, economic, educational and industrial polices to appease and favor Christians and Muslims at the expense of Hindus. In fact, Communist party and the pseudo secular Congress party were in competition to enact laws and statutes to take away hard-earned acquisitions, rights, lands and temple properties of Hindus. These policies were intended to finish them off from the social, political, economic and religious field. Several Hindus find death easier to face than a lifetime of poverty, economic deprivation, assembly-line slavery, while most, in a less dramatic fashion, simply bucked down to lives of quite depression.

Most citizens have no real grasp of several factors governing their existence. Political parties in Kerala are under tremendous pressure from strong, organized Christian and Muslim group with money power and international connection and extra territorial loyalty. Under coercion from the high powered Christian and Muslim group, successive governments have buckled in favor of Christians and Muslims. Muslims and Christians were successful in penetrating all branches of the government including the police and intelligence agencies.  The resulting pressures from such groups and agents account for much that has unsettled Kerala society and threatens the future of Hindus.

There is a paradox in Kerala. Incompetent, corrupt governments have failed to develop clear, correct, constructive policies to provide the context for a higher standard of living for all citizens. Government has systematically redesigned the entire state system, introduced laws to redistribute wealth to Christians and Muslims at the expense of Hindus. Policies are enacted for the economic, social and educational benefits for organized Christians and Muslims.

Nearly all institutions exist to insure the protection of Christians and Muslims. Now there is a disturbing news that Muslim police officers and intelligence officials loyal to the Muslim League are posted to serve the interests of Jihadi groups and their front organization, the National Democratic Front supported by Pakistan ISI.  They are requested to move around and provide security cover, and guidance to indulge in anti-national activities. It is also reported that several police officers loyal to National Democratic Front (NDF) are actively participating nefarious programs organized by the Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (CHRO). NDF and CHRO are Jihadi front organizations financed, directed and managed by Middle East based Jihadi terrorist groups and Pakistan ISI.. Their purpose is to engage in anti-national activities and provide a cover for Jihadi terrorists to indulge in criminal activities to disrupt social and civil life in Kerala. CHRO is active in promoting phony root cause theories to whitewash terrorist activities of Jihadis in Kerala. Jihadi terrorists, Muslim Police officers and paid CHRO agents have made a dangerous nexus in Kerala. And it poses a threat to our state.

Recently, Indian Army Southern Regional Commander has openly stated that Pakistan ISI agents and Jihadi terrorists are very active in Kasarkode, Kannur, Kozhikodu and Mallappuram. There are several reports of arms smuggling, distribution of counterfeit money from Pakistan and the Middle East. Even elements of the Muslim police officers have been co-opted for their nefarious activities. The press controlled by the Muslim money mafia and the state intelligence agencies controlled by the Christian Chief Minister Omman Chandy ignore the dangerous trend and the threats. Muslim interests and Jihadi values take priority over all other issues for the government.

Islam fascists, NDF, CHRO, and their terrorist movements, with their threat to unleash chaos and bloodshed, offers the present government a great benefit. Kerala government is falling behind in identifying, apprehending, prosecuting, and punishing these terrorist groups freely operating in Kerala with active connivance of Pakistan ISI. Since the power holders are Islamists, they operate on the premise that the majority are stupid, helpless and indifferent. The present government expects the innocent majority to accept on going terrorist savage activities. The government use brutal repression and police harassment and mass arrest to the populace in line with the government directed by Muslims.

Genuine Human Rights organizations are replaced by fraudulent entities loyal to Muslims and Christians. Labor unions are weak to respond. Liberal intellectuals have little choice but to keep silent to preserve their perks. The dominant Christian and Muslim groups co-opt intellectuals and media pundits for promoting their dangerous ideologies, phony root cause theories of terrorism, and vested interests. They too become part of the problem.

The most persistent and urgent question is what are the majority citizens doing to correct the corrupt system? What are the media pundits and liberal, pseudo secular intellectuals doing to expose the dangerous, unholy alliance between Jihadi terrorists and Muslim Police officers?  Intense terrorist actions in kerala’s urban environments and threats necessitate a high degree of vigilance. The Jihadi terrorist groups operating in Kerala present serious problem for the government and citizens. If the government wanted to combat Islamic Fascist groups, it has many systems and resources in place. A firm non-sectarian, aggressive and well-coordinated programs are the mainstay for monitoring, apprehending and prosecuting and punishing the anti-national terrorists funded, managed and directed by Pakistan ISI agents. A firm, non-patrician approach would eliminate terrorist groups and safeguard life of all citizens.

Still, many questions and systemic obstacles remain for the broader implementation of interventions to tackle the menace. The transformation from the sectarian policies of the government to firm, non-patrician anti-terrorist policies can be enacted and implemented when the majority Hindus wakes up from their slumber. They need to overcome their denial, indifference, and politically organize and assertively demand equal rights and protection. With strength and unity the majority should force the government to create a system wide change focused on national security. Surely, in a democratic system, coercion and positive aggression would produce favorable results.

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