Islam is a dangerous ideology;Beware of it

via Narayin Kataria published on May 23, 2006

For the life of me, I cannot understand the Indian policy since the days of Gandhi through Nehru and on to the present day of the grand appeasement of Muslims in India. If another free, democratic country did that, our media and intellectuals would accuse them of selling out
their country for profit.

Islam as a threat to the world around is over 1,400 years old, dating back to the 7Th century AD. By the year 1,000 AD the advanced Persian civilization, with medicine, astronomy, advanced mathematics, literature and other marks of civilization was plunged back into the
darkest of dark ages by the advance of militant Islam. Even Omar Khayyam had to flee to Samarkand to avoid the Jihadi assassins. The cruel Islamic warriors continued their onward march with destruction to destroy ancient Buddhist and Hindu civilization in Afghanistan and
India. Thousands of centers of higher learning, cultural institutions and temples were destroyed. Millions of Buddhists and Hindus were slaughtered by the Jihadi Muslims. Thousands of women were raped, children were abused and killed. Several hundreds of Buddhist and Hindu religious leaders were beheaded, libraries were burned. The death and destruction continued all over India unchecked. Millions of people lost their inheritance, millions were forcefully converted under the sword of Islam. Jihadi terrorism, beheading, bombing, plane hijacking, passenger bus burning, rioting and destruction of property are still continuing all over India unabated.

India maintains its secular status as a free society for all religions beliefs. Special status, privileges and rights are accorded to Muslims under the Indian constitution for fear of riots and Jihadi terrorism, and a special way to appease Muslims. Islam is not a party to any treaty with either secular or religious nations. It has one doctrine:conquer the world for Allah. If the Indian leadership believes it hasa bunch of secular Muslim leaders in India, Pakistan or any other
Muslim nations, it is dead wrong. Thousands of Indians are slaughtered daily by Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangla Desh.Indian citizens are discriminated, tortured and humiliated in Islamic countries.

Indian insist on secularism, a useless way to fight a rigid, dangerous Islamic ideology. For thousands of years, Hindus were under intense persecution by the Jihadi Muslims–that’s the way Islam operates.Islam fight for Allah until infidels are subjugated and surrendered.India must be wary in order to be able to protect what few freedoms we have left (compared to the freedoms our forefathers enjoyed prior to Islamic invasion).

Indians are notoriously ill-informed when it comes to the various threats to its people and its national security by militant Islam.Finding Muslim terrorists that are capable of bringing down our nation and identifying Jihadi terrorists beheading innocent men, women and children are important to preserve and protect our nation. Coercion,terrorism, violence, rioting, beheading, hijacking and torching temples and business centers certainly are the basis of Islam. Not every Muslim subscribes to voluntarily as a terrorist. At least not willingly. So far, all the terrorists have been Islamic.

Right now, Islam is still the world’s most dangerous ideology. Indians need to recognize that publically to unwind the coils of Islam. India should join the civilized world to combat militant Islam. Otherwise,the growth and spread of Islam will continue until it is the world’s dangerous force. I think it will be contained prior to that time. I hope it may not not only a wishful thinking.

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