Irrational advice from Pope to Jehadis

via Surinder Paul Attri published on September 15, 2006

1. My Take:


Pope’s advice to Moslems to learn to respect all humanity, and remain in their limits, is not going to work, nor is it going to stick. It is going to roll off the Moslems, like water off a duck’s back. This is because respecting Non-Moslem humanity (that is, the Kafir humanity) goes against the fundamental teachings and purposes of Islam. Islam was designed as a Replacement-Religion, its mission is to end all other religions, and install Islam in their place. Any advice to the contrary is Haram ( impious) and Kufr (anti-Islamic).for a Moslem. Consequently, this advice is a closed door for followers of Islam. Pope’s advice is only going to receive flak from Mullahs and Maulvies of Islam.


2. The basic hostility to toleration of other religions, begins early in the life of a Moslem. During childhood, when the Moslem receives lessons in Quran, he is taught to swear by Jehad. When he grows up, he develops a passion for Jehad, and believes that it is obligatory for him, to fight in the way of Allah.


Can the Islamic-Clergy stop teaching of Jehad to their pupils? No, they cannot, because to do that, they shall have to amend Quran, and they are Not authorized to make any changes to Quran. Therefore, Jehad is here to stay. The ideas of Kafir-Hatred and Kafir-Destruction, are planted early in the life of a Moslem. Every Kafir who refuses to accept the message from Allah, is condemned to Hell-Fire for ever, and Moslems make it a point to start inflicting Hell-Fire on Kafirs, right here on earth. For fourteen hundred years, Kafirs have been receiving truck-loads of Hell-Fire, from the Jehadis of Hangman-Hazrat.


3. What then is Jehad, and what is its purpose?


The purpose of Jehad is to annihilate Kafirs, and destroy their places of worship, which entitles the Moslems with Reservation in Janat (Moslem’s Heaven). This Reservation is for those Moslems, who wage Jehadic-War.


Every Moslem child is brain-washed into this Jehadic-Psychology. That is why Moslems want Dar-Ul-Islam, every where on earth. The Non-Moslem lands constitute the Kafiristan, or the Dar- Ul-harb. Moslems are taught to grab such lands, by any means. This is because all lands belong to Allah, and Kafirs are in illegal possession. So it is legal and valid for Moslems to evict Kafirs, from Kafir-Lands. It is sanctioned by the laws of Allah. For a Moslem, God-Realization is not important, but achievement of Janat (Moslem’s Heaven) is. That is the path shown to them by Hangman-Hazrat, and all other paths are negated for Moslems.


4. What about those Moslems who are killed, while fighting in the way of Allah? Hangman-Hazrat has assured the Moslems, that Allah will never let their deeds be lost. He will guide them, and set right their state, Allah will admit them to Janat (Paradise), which he has promised them, and made known to them. This shows without a doubt the importance of Jehad, in the Islamic-Theology, and in the Islamic-Scheme of world order. Jehad has been ordained directly by Hangman-Hazrat (Messenger of Allah), and it is an Integral part of Islam. Jehad has also been described in Hadith, without any ambiguity, that Jehad is the greatest duty of a Moslem. Jehad has been further confirmed again and again, by the authority of Islamic-Clergy and Islamic-Scholars. No Moslem has the authority to interpret it differently, nor has any power to take it out of Islam.

5. Further confirmation:


Abu Said Khudri reports that Messenger of Allah told him, that whoever cheerfully accepts Allah as his Lord, Islam as his religion, and Mohammad as his Apostle, is necessarily entitled to enter Paradise. But there is one act, which elevates the position of man one hundred times higher in Paradise. When asked what is that act, Mohammad replied that Jehad is the way of Allah, and is hundred times higher, and will continue till the Day Of Judgment. Thus for Moslems, Jehad is a Continuum, it is a Holy-War that is to be waged throughout the ages, till the Day of Judgment.


The purpose of Jehad is to destroy Infidels. A victorious Kafir-Slaying Soldier of Islam, earns the title of Ghazi. This title bestows on him, the prestige in this world, and assures his entry into Paradise, in the after-life. That is why, it is the ambition of every devout Moslem, to be a Ghazi.


6. Coming to the Jehad in India, Moslems are told that Indian Constitution is not applicable to them, they are totally exempt. Moslems cannot imbibe any democratic values from Indian constitution nor from any external agency, such as the Pope. Islamic system is totally incompatible with democracy or toleration of Non-Moslem Kafirs.


That is why both Pakistan and Bangladesh, have been totally unsuccessful in establishing, any semblance of democracy in either place. On the other hand, there has been no shortage of coups and blood-baths of leaders in both places.


In place of democracy, Jehad is flourishing, especially in Pakistan, which has become the center of terrorism.


7. Several Jehadic organizations exist all across India and even in Nepal. They have the capacity to strike at any time, in any city or town of their choosing. After striking, they can quickly melt into the population of so-called Moderate-Moslems (actually they are Jehad-Sympathetic Moslems). It is because of the sympathy of the Moslem population, that bombings, grenade attacks and other acts of terrorism, are so successful, and so hard to bring culprits to justice. Jehadic wars have been successful in the history of Islam. The same old technique of Holy-War against Kafir-Hindus, is now being emulated across India, in the 21st century.


The Phoney-Liberal politics of India, which aims at the appeasement of the Moslems, is totally unable to eliminate or control or deal with Islam’s Holy-War of Jehad. Instead of wasting Indian tax-payer’s money, on techniques that are totally incapable of dealing with the Jehadic-problem, what is required is, to get tough with the Holy-Warriors, aggressively pursue the Jehadic-Warriors and crush them with the use of force.




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