Interesting Silence of Media on Murder of Christian convert by Jehadis

via HK Correspondent published on November 26, 2006

For decades now the Christian fundamentalists in the country have used the Hindus as bait for their expanding missionary activities. They have never spared a chance to blame the Hindus with false accusations of attacks and rape.

When the whole country and the world in general started pointing fingers at the reality of the Muslim extremism and terrorism, the missionaries and the Christians in general called this minority persecution and chose to ignore the clear signs.

Now the myth of minority group ism is slowly being demolished with the Muslim extremists now attacking Christians also. In an earlier century when the Christians converted from Hinduism to Christianity citing caste indifference, the Hindus never opposed it. Rather these people were again welcomed to stay with the society. Probably this foolish move is what gave the missionaries the added courage to pump money into states like Kerala to increase their numbers.

Their Muslim friends have now taken a cue from this and have started reacting to Christian missionary activities. But they are no weak minded like their ancestors. They know when a wrong action can correct many wrongs that is waiting to happen in the future.

Unidentified militants on Tuesday killed a Christian convert who ignored death threats from Muslim militants if he converted from Islam. Tantray was shot dead in his village. He worked for the J&K Power Development Department. Though they have been attacks on missionary schools and missions earlier, this is the first time a convert has been attacked and killed.

Surprisingly the secular ethos of our country has not yet been shaken. There have not been any protests from the secularists or the Christian mafia. The indifference of our media in these matters is also interesting to watch. If the same things would have happened in a Hindu populated area, we would have headlines in all the media blaming the Sangh parivar for it.

As longs as the Hindus remain silent and ignorant these things will just go on like a rerun of some classic movie……..

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