Indian Muslims are above the law!

via Amitabh Tripathi published on August 3, 2006

On 27th of July reputed English daily Times of India published a story vicious campaign elaborating how in Muslim majority areas of western UP in general and Muradabad in particular are not cooperating with government agencies and non government agencies to combat disease of polio thanks to conspiracy theory floated by a Muslim in may 2005.


Times reports,” The mischief started in May 2005 when an Urdu newspaper carried a highly inflammatory write up and things have never been the same again ever since.

The write up penned by one Monis Bushra Abidi and titled “These drops of poison” made its appearance on May 27, 2005. Portions of the cleverly written piece are being quoted in posters or whisper campaigns, warning Muslins against the government-sponsored drive and save their progenies from ruination.”


According to government officials the most populated state has recorded 106 cases of polio this year a big jump in comparison to last year, which have only 26 cases of polio in state. Contribution of Muslim majority districts in this rise is significant which comprise Muradabad, Rampur, Jyotibafule nagar and Bijnauor   with 69 cases of polio out of 106 cases .


This is not the first time when conspiracy theory has spread polio. Way back in May 2005 when some Indian Urdu newspaper published inflammatory articles regarding polio vaccination several other Muslim countries were also facing the brunt of conspiracy theory.


Eminent American writer and authority on Islamic subject Dr Daniel Pipes first time in 2005 revealed the source of this conspiracy theory. According to him” The theory’s source seems to be a physician and the president of Nigeria’s Supreme Council for Shari’a Law, Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, 68. Dr. Ahmed, an Islamist, accuses Americans of lacing the vaccine with an anti-fertility agent that sterilizes children (or, in an alternate theory, it infects them with AIDS) and considers them, according to John Murphy of the Baltimore Sun , “the worst criminals on Earth … Even Hitler was not as evil as that.”


Times report is not first instance to prove how much respect Indian Muslims have for land of law but surprisingly it points allegiance of this community to pan-Islamic character. Law of land has some conditional approach for Indian Muslims thanks to their sacred personal law, which allows them not to follow principles of monogamy and produce more than 6 to 8 children with special blessings of Allah endangering other cultures to become minority in their own countries.


The story of Muslim defiance of law of land in India become part of debate in regime of late Rajiv Gandhi when one progressive judgment of supreme court in Shah bano case was overridden with amendment in constitution. But till today Muslim community has not shown any indication towards its moderation in personal law.


One year back in 2005 nation witnessed existence of medieval law in form of personal law and shariyat when Muslim women named Imrana was raped by her own father in law and instead of giving harsh punishment to accused   Shariyat court said Imrana cannot stay with husband   


In early months of 2006 another case of defiance of land of law by Muslim community came under light when Orissa unit of Jamiat- Ul -Ulama dared to challenge Supreme court   not to intervene in matters of talaq after apex court ordered Orissa government to   provide all security to Najama biwi and Sher Mohammad who want to live together after talaq.


These cases are examples of rigidity of Muslim community in India.    India is the second most Muslim populated nation after Indonesia and this country has provided every privilege and facilities to this community to raise its index of development but Muslims in India has more adherences to Islamic values incompatible to modern society.


Muslims often complaint about their illiteracy and lack of education but they never react to those Muftis who issued fatwa to Muslim guardians to not send their children to those public schools where vande mataram is sung on every morning. How come Muslim children will be able to get good education when they boycott good institutes because of their religious taboo?


In spite of Islamic apologists repeated claim of peace loving and law abiding nature of their religion ground reality is completely different. Whenever Muslim allegiance for law of land come under test they failed it miserably . As per example in Bhiwandi  where Muslims  violently  protested construction of Police station near masjid and graveyard.  


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