Indian media praises Jihadi ‘Artist’ Hussain for insulting Hindus

via HK Correspondent published on June 14, 2011

‘Artist’ M F Husain has died. Predictably, the Indian media has begun to sing fulsome praise of the so-called artist.

It may be Hindu tradition not to speak ill of the dead. But that is not the reason why the India media is refusing to speak the truth about Husain. Because, if that was the reason, the media would not have continued to throw dirt at Bhagwan Shree Sathya Saibaba even after he left his mortal body recently.

The real reason why the Indian media and the Congress-led UPA central government poured totally undeserving praise on Husain was simple, at least for those very few Hindus who can see the truth through the thick smoke of ‘secularism’.

The reason why Husain was praised so much was that not only he was a Muslim but he had insulted Hindus throughout his very long ‘artistic’ career. Since the media and the current central government are both deadly enemies of Hindu society, it is natural that they praised Husain who did with his brush and paint what the media does every day with words and visuals and what the Italian Christian-led central government does using the police (see the brutal dispersal of Baba Ramdev’s followers at midnight recently).

The Indian media called Husain an ‘iconic’ artist who made Indian art world famous. They carefully and cleverly avoided saying that the so-called artist had, throughout his very long career, used his craft to insult the religion of the vast majority of the country that had tolerated him for so long. Some media had the audacity to blame Hindus for getting perturbed by Husain’s continuous abuse of their religion. They blamed Hindu ‘fanatics’ (a word they would never use for a Muslim or Christian) for causing Husain to flee the land of his birth. In short, the media was telling Hindus: Husain is a Muslim, he can do whatever he wants in ‘secular’ India and, having born Hindu, you do not even have the right to be upset with what he had done.

Amazingly, the vast majority of India’s ‘converted’ Hindus (also known as Macaulay’s children), including even the so-called Hindutva ‘forces’, seem to have swallowed this Gandhian poison continuously spewed by the media and successive ‘secular’ governments since our so-called Independence. Discerning Hindus must have noted how pathetically muted even the BJP and Shiv Sena were in their comments after Husain’s death.

Husain never apologized to Hindus for what he had done. He never sought forgiveness for his sins against the host society that had tolerated him for several decades. In any Islamic country, if he had insulted Islam the way he spat at Hinduism, his right hand would have been chopped by a rightly enraged mob. That this did not happen to Husain in India is proof, not only of the oceanic and foolish goodwill of Hindu society but also of their naivete and total lack of self-respect . Husain was also saved by the inexplicable and inexcusable cowardice of the so-called nationalist groups like BJP, RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena. They are almost as much guilty as the media and the UPA government for being accomplices in Husain’s crimes against Hindu society.

Finally, a little but bitter truth about Husain’s alleged art. The Indian media has called him ‘Picasso of India’. The foolish media does not seem to know that both Husain and Picasso were not artists but fraudsters. Both did not practice art. The ‘modern art’ both practiced was pure swindle. In fact, Picasso had once admitted : “I fooled everyone.” While Picasso had the honesty to at least admit the truth about his ‘art’ towards the end of his career, the ‘artist’ from the holy town of Pandharpur in Maharashtra did not have the decency to do so till the end. How typically Islamic!

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