In response to Asianet News’s attempt to instigate other channels against BJP

published on October 28, 2014

Following Boycott call by BJP ; Asianet News Channel urged their Media Brethren to Boycott BJP. Following is a Rebuttal to claims by Asianet News justifying their stance

In Response to Asianet
Asianet Claim 1: The decision taken by BJP Kerala, in boycotting Asianet News channel is one that has taken by surprise, every democratic aspect and belief. The allegation against Asianet News is that the channel has indulged in belittling India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Let us examine reality.
Rebuttal: Alright, let there be an analysis.
Asianet Claim 2: There has been a Facebook post by a youth leader of BJP that Asianet News channel has not done justice to the coverage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech delivered in Madison Square, which has been cited as reason for boycott. But the news covered by us should be observed. (A video attached herewith)
Rebuttal: This news has been seen by everyone.It has to be remembered that this video was the coverage given by Krishna Kishore, a thoroughly impartial version by a respectable media person.
Haven’t you, since the last two months, been telecasting news that has been thoroughly against the Prime Minister? Hasn’t the quality and quantity of news been one that has subjected the nation to humiliation, questioning her self- respect? Why aren’t those videos tacked along with the one you have one you have put up? Isn’t this an attempt to fool viewers?

Asianet Claim 3: Another allegation by the BJP leader is that certain news based programmes have exaggerated issues, showing them as government lapses. True, we have opposed anything that can be termed as Anti people. We shall be continuing the same too. This will include hike in the price of gas and the forsaking of the right to determine price of life saving medical drugs. In fact those experts in this field have vouched for our authenticity as well.
Rebuttal: Can you prove a single instance of what you claim to be ‘Modi government’s so called Anti People stance ? This is an open challenge to Asianet.
Issues of price hike of cooking gas and forsaking of rights to determine price of life saving medical drugs are nothing but products of your fantasy. There is not an iota of truth in your claims. Nothing but falsehood and deceit of the highest order! Is this part of what you claim to be ‘ethics of journalism’?
And who are these so called experts? Could well be your communist fellow travelers!
Asianet Claim 4: Media men have undertaken as their prime commitment and duty, to convey to citizens the backdoor reality of ‘developmental models’ and how governments handle financial scenarios during the time of globalization. Therefore for this very reason, it is anti-democratic to consider criticism as opposition. We are only exposing the background stories of financial management in this era of globalisation.

Rebuttal: You have all the freedom to criticize. But what you are indulged in is – spreading malicious propaganda , fabricating lies in the name of criticism, promotion of negative news against the development of a nation.
Asianet Claim 5: An examination must be done by them to gauge, if the stand taken by the state unit of a reputed political party possessing national stature, of boycotting a media house tows the lines of democratic culture. Asianet News has been, at various stages, been subject to censure by various political parties. But this boycotting happens to be censuring of a new kind.

Rebuttal: BJP leaders take part in party channels like Kairali, Jai Hind, Media One etc. These are channels that criticize BJP too. So if BJP decides to boycott Asianet News only, there should be ample reason for the same.
You ought to understand something…times have changed…People do not see it as a deficit if Asianet does not exist. In fact, in today’s media world, Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Reporter Channel stand a step ahead of you. Can you deny this?
Asianet Claim 6: This kind of behavior does not compliment the nature of a channel that has opposed the Emergency. The democratic conscience of a section of BJP leaders have reached a stage, where a section of media persons were shown the door at a public event convened to remember and felicitate those who fought and opposed relentlessly, the curb set on freedom of press during the period of Emergency.
Rebuttal:  If, as you claim, you have been shown the door, it is a gross mistake. This must be brought to the notice of BJP leaders. If they have wronged, they will not refuse or hesitate in tendering an apology.
Asianet Claim 7: BJP leaders should also understand that media men working in Asianet are not so bird brained to slur the person named Modi or the Prime Ministerial post.
Rebuttal: It is because you are bird brained that you, blinded by Modi abhorrence, decided to propagate deceit against a Prime Minister. How come none of the other channels have been doing the same? Don’t try and issue threats, stating that you are alone. You have not understood that times have changed. BJP’s ideology is not one that will crumble at Asianet’s plotting.
Asianet Claim 8: This is not the first time that Asianet News is being subject to unfair criticism. We have been subject to denigration over time, by leaders of both ruling and opposition parties. But they had not opposed the media-man’s freedom in functioning and his liberty in questioning mistakes and correct the same. It is a mistaken concept that media houses can be threatened and brought to task. This boycotting is not befitting of a unit embarked upon by KG Marar, which has in its forefront, luminaries like O Rajagopal.
Rebuttal: You are mistaken.
Long ago, when Asianet was boycotted, Kerala had only two media houses..Times have changed now. This is where you have faltered massively. If you feel you can set BJP leaders against each other by mentioning the names of or patriarchs, be assured that it will remain nothing but a day dream. The decision of boycotting has been taken by the leadership including O Rajagopal. And BJP knows how it has to be implemented too.
Post Script: Pay no heed is one of the most formidable weapons in the world. If, as you claim, there has been no wrong doing on your part, you were one of the channels basking in the forefront, you would have simply ignored the boycott and marched ahead. There would have been no reactions.
But you proved to be an edentulated lion yourself by lamenting about the boycot and seeking the support of fellow channels anf instigating them against BJP

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  1. Raj Puducode Reply

    October 29, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    Our people have sunk to new lows, why?
    Malayalees are on top of News headlines for the wrong reasons. We have anti-national foreign loving people amongst us who love China, Middle-east or Vatican more than our motherland. Dont ape westerners.Lip gloss, foundation, inner-wear in girlie patterns and colors, passion for all things pink these are just the traits that set off alarm bells in a ladys head, a year after marriage that her husband could be gay.

    Recently, the 32-year-old test engineer employed with the financial services department of Infosys was arrested by the city police after his wife caught his alleged homosexual encounters on hidden cameras installed in their Malleswaram home. He has been charged under section 377 of the IPC. Police said John F (name changed to protect identity) was a native of Thiruvananthapuram, who was born and raised in Abu Dhabi.

    John’s marriage was arranged to Lisa (name changed) in November 2013, but the couple lived and worked apart for the first six months. While the techie was posted in the Mysore branch of Infosys, his 31-year-old wife was practicing at a clinic in Bangalore. It was only in May 2014 that John sought a transfer to Bangalore and the couple rented a house together in Malleswaram.

    Though they had been married for a good six months, John allegedly refused to touch Lisa and did not initiate any physical contact with her. The two even slept in separate rooms, according to the dentist.

    “It was the pink lip gloss that first roused my suspicions. He used it every day without fail, and if it smudged even a little, he would touch it up immediately. His mannerisms and interests were also feminine, and whenever I questioned him, he always gave dodgy responses said Lisa, speaking to Bangalore Mirror.

    The techie would leave home at 8 am & return around 10.30-11 pm every day. Whenever Lisa was working late John would always come home early. It was only after casually questioning her neighbors that she learnt John was constantly bringing male friends home.

  2. Uma Reply

    October 29, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    When is Janam TV opening? Who will care about Asianet? We shouldn’t worry about these local channels and the minimum viewers they have. World media has given so much of coverage for PM. He doesn’t need their acknowledgement. They have just another typical average hindu mentality (always criticise any thing Indian or Hindu)to please their commie and congo friends. Pay no heed

  3. Thomas Reply

    October 30, 2014 at 12:44 am

    We have always wondered whether this Asianet is formed with a clear agenda of destroying culture and language. Their programs and the way their anchors/news readers (both in their TV channel and Radio Channel)pronounce Malayalam words raise this doubt. Ofcourse we admit that their rating and coverage is too high. But they should show more respect to the language and culture

  4. indian Reply

    November 1, 2014 at 1:46 am

    Hand bite ?
    History of Gandhiji boycotting ….
    Political parties Boycotting ….
    Bjp boycotting asianet is a big deal, because bjp bashing is their main business. (Newstraders ?)
    If this twisting and misleading continuous , Please talk with some north indian dth provider, make feasible deal avoiding asianet in dth and make our people to migrate to dth , discontinue the asianet cable connections then we can see how long will they exist in this game play.
    one year back itself i disconnected asianet cable connection , no more money from me to asianet for anti hindu and modi bashing.
    Don’t forget history of ”East india company”,, they took money from people of india and kept ”quotation teams” (also indians said as army, private army ?) to crush indians , there too MONEY MATTERS.

  5. Sunil Reply

    November 2, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    Are people running the show at Asianet living in Utopia?. In an industry which is witnessing cut-throat competition where Asianet is just one among the players who vie with other channels to grab eyeballs and increase their TAM ratings, it is foolishness from their part to exhort their ‘brethten’ channels to boycott BJP. Do they think that others will pay heed to their exhortations?. On the other hand they would be relieved to see the pioneer among private channels heading south in popularity among viewers. Nowadays the news hour debates on important topics in Asianet appears like a monologue where the participants look like talking to a wall with no spokespersons of BJP to counter their viewpoint or claims. At the same time BJP people would be seen engaged in fiery debates in other channels. Cleary the damage is done to Asianet’s popularity. The step-motherly treatment of Asianet vis-a-vis the BJP and its allied organizations is not limited to their channel. Their sister organisation Asianet data services which provides internet has denied their customers (like me) access to sites like HK for the last 3 years. They have even made sure that HK cannot be accessed even through proxy servers.

  6. rg Reply

    November 21, 2014 at 12:53 am

    double standard
    Asianet’s law: We may or may not telecast newses() relating to BJP no one should question us or our editorial policy.BUT BJP should not boycott asianet news because it is anti democratic.

  7. ravi Reply

    December 2, 2014 at 2:07 am

    Reporter channel
    Before general election,during a discussion Nikesh Kumar of reporter channel was heard telling to muslim league leader that he is trying to prevent Modi and BJP coming to power. The ML leader thanked for it. Reporter is not a good channel.

  8. Rajesh Reply

    December 22, 2014 at 1:40 pm

    Cunsumer movement
    In my opinion we should start boycotting the goods which are advertise on these channels, if no revenue these news traders will forced to re think of Hindus ideology.

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