In India the need is not to CONVERT but to RECONVERT

via GSK Menon published on May 5, 2009
In India the need is not to CONVERT but to RECONVERT the lapsed Hindus back to their Ancestral Religion – Sanatana Dharma. The Hindus who have been converted to the Desert Religions can be grouped under the following groups:
1) Those converted during the Muslim invasion by way of rape, torture and abduction
2) Forced marriages to Muslim invaders.
The next type of conversions are those that took place to Christianity. This conversions are of the following categories:
1) Hindus on the West Coast of India who sufferred under the Goan Inquisition of Francis Xavier (an evil man being referred to as a Saint)
2) Conversions effected by the British/Dutch/French/Portugese by way of rapes, cross marriages, inducements and lucre.
3) Conversions effected by Indian Missionaries (read Keralite Missionary Gangs) in Tamilnadu, Andhra and Karnataka mostly by inducements and guile.
4) Conversions in North East  effected by European/Indian Missionary gangs.
5) Modern day conversions being effected by imitating Hindu rituals, customs, and temple ceremonies. Christianity is a bankrupt religion and survives by imitation and fabrication. To make this bland religion attractive the Missionaries are compelling the converted Hindus to retain their Hindu names and caste tags. Even the Church priests are sporting Hindu names and caste identities. Christian Gods are usurping names of Hindu Gods & Goddesses like Amala, Vimala, Nirmala, Parameshwar, Mahesh etc. Hindu religious symbols like Lotus are being used by these Desert Gods ! Idols of Christian Gods made out of plastic, clay, marble, plaster of paris etc are there in all churches. These idols are being fed Hindu delicasies like Kheer (payasam), laddoo, plantains etc. Hindu temple music, dance, religious symbols like Dhwajastambhams lamps are all being imitated with gusto. The idea is to mislead the Hindus and convert them into believing this corpse-god.
Hindus have the sacred duty of reconverting these lapsed Hindus back into our Hindu fold.

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