Imposing Jesus Myth on India

published on November 23, 2009

News Report - 

British movie producer to explore Jesus’s India link

Sri Veda Prakash Comments

1. The whole myth has been created based on the forged book of one notorious Nicholas Notovitch – The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ from time to time.

2. The Quddhiani movement has also picked up this myth and tried to promote in deed to promote its master claim over “Prophethood” in Islamic heirarchy!

3. Then, of course, the western scholars have been so fascinated with this myth and started spinning their own stories with Holy Grail, Templars, Rosicrucian order and other legends!

4. Already, there has been a propsal to shoot “Jesus in India” and there are trailor and website also!

5. Following this myhth another myth has also followed the suit – the Thomas myth in India and another announcement of 50 crore budget movie!

6. And now one more on such myths! Oh Jesus Christ!

7. Why these people do not care to look into the historicity and decide to proceed, instead of depending upon the myths, romantic legends and apocrypha?

8. When the hisoricity of Jesus itself is seriously questioned in the west, why they impose such myths on Indians?

Shri Vava Menon Comments

The story of jesus from the age of 7 to 29 is missing in bible (produced from 1400 AD onwards after jesuits reached india) because the earlier versions of bibles contained Lord Krishna’s stories replicated in bibles to convince the public that he was son of god.

Jesus is not a historical figure but a creation of a section of the jews’ priest class at that time to spread the religion. 

Jesus never preached the concept of ADWAITHAM, which is what Sanathana Dharma was, is and will be.  all branches of science also are reaching that state of realisation. 

Study the last 100 years of researches and discoveries in sub-atomic level / quantum physics.  You will understand that the SCIENCE has reached its final frontiers of ALL-PERVADING ENERGY (e=MC-SQUARED), WHICH IS THE FIRST MANTRAS IN VEDAS. 

Let us keep aside and forget man-made stories such as jesus, moses, etc., which are asuric in nature, because they all preach and teach as to HOW TO CONQUER AND LOOT OTHERS/OTHER NATIONS. 

Jesus failed in India and therefore, they keep on concocting new stories to convince indians that jesus was divine.

Try to learn the basics of Sanathana Dharma which has 2,280 foundational scriptures, over 10,000 main commentaries and over 100,000 sub-commentaries, all of which PROCLAIM THE ONE AND ONLY TRUTH OF THE “OMNI-SCIENT, OMNI-POTENT AND OMNI-PRESENT” BRAHMAM/BRAHMAN/creator, which you can understand, realise and experience WITHIN YOUR “SELF”. 

Rest everything is man-made.

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