“I saw off those doubting Thomases with great amusement”

via GSK Menon published on April 3, 2010

The Malayatoor pilgrimage season is in full swing. I happenned to interact with a group of saffron clad cross bearers, in full imitation of Hindu Sabarimala pilgrimage. During the course of the interaction I asked them why they were just blindly imitating Hindu rituals and customs. I had to remind them that if such a person as Thomas came to Kerala, he came with the sole intention to convert as he despised Hindu religion and culture. Is it not senseless to worship him by imitating Hindu customs and rituals. The group was quite perplexed and were groping for answers.
Next, I asked them, how could Thomas come to Kerala with a Cross ? The Cross was accepted as a symbol of Christianity by the Romans, which was after a few centuries of the alleged crucifixion of Christ. Thomas , it is being propagated, came to Kerala immediately after the alleged crucifixion, for proselytisation. This is a big hole in the Thomas story.
Next, how could Thomas come to Kerala immediately after the alleged crucifixion, because there was no such religion as Christianity then ! Creation of a christian religion was the handiwork of St.Paul. To take revenge on the Jews, he carved out a new religion with Christ as the central figure, after more than a century of the alleged crucifixion. The aim was to split the Jews.Even today the Jews do not believe the story of the crucifixion of Christ !
Even, if some Thomas came to Kerala, a story is being circulated that he was assassinated at Chennai by a Brahmin. Just imagine, nearly two thousand years back, there was no township as Chennai. When the British founded the settlement at Chennai, there was no whisper about any Thomas having been killed there several centuries back. Even today there are hardly any followers of  any Thomas in Tamilnadu ! It is only the Keralites who are spreading these rumours. The whole idea is to give an aura of antiquity to Christianity in India. But,  this fabrication of the Kerala Padres stands exposed by the Pope himself who is supposed to be the ultimate authority on Christianity. According to the Pope a certain Thomas went to present day Pakistan and not Kerala ! ! ! Then who are these Kerala Christians worshipping by imitating Hindu rituals and customs ?
The group was really flabbergasted to hear such fundamental flaws. I saw off those doubting Thomases with great amusement.

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