I Do not Blame Them; They are Consistent!

via Dr. P.E.S.Kartha published on October 14, 2006


From the beginning, the secularists of all hues were never vague, not even by mistake, in being hypercritical of Hindu Dharma.  They are always predictable in their opinion, that ‘the belief in Hindu Dharma is communal’. From Sonia to Ghulam, from Kuldip to Khuswanth, from N.Ram to Yachuri, from Medha to A.Roy, from Karnad to Kanchan Illiah, they have identified without fail, indirectly though mostly, that the Hindus as the root cause of all the troubles. The fault was at our door step that we had never correctly estimated their robotic tenacity. Our present plight is the cost of this faulty assessment of the opposition. 


1.  Secularism = Pro-Terrorism


They were silent when that brave woman and men saved our MPs with their lives They were boisterous when Geelani was set free; said, they ‘the law is impartial’. They are angry now as Afzal is punished and vociferous against the ‘biased’ judiciary  Do not blame them; they are always consistent; they are our secular guides.


Sonia urges to suppress the terrorism without troubling any community; Like saying, drain the pond dry, but do not trouble the fish residing in it! But, the congress says Sonia is always right, as she is the incarnation of love Do not blame her; she is pretty consistent; she knows the pulse of the vote bank.


Liberals say punish the terrorists, but not too hard, or the minorities feel bad, They assert the terrorism is due to Hindus and so the Hindus are the culprits, They say do not be too harsh on the poor terrorists; poverty led them to this.  Do not blame them; they are quite consistent; they are ever politically correct.


“Set the terrorist free”, Chief Minister demands, as he fears the Muslims’ wrath, The ruling party spokesperson says terrorists should be punished, but no hanging! The same people say Bhagat Singh was a terrorist! But he was hanged. So Afzal…?   Do not blame them; they are not inconsistent; just that, we don’t see their logic.


2.  ‘Vande Mataram’ is Communal; ‘Adhinayaka Jaya He’ is not


They do not sing the Vande Mataram; they say that it is against Islam. But they do not defy ‘Adhinayaka’ in our Anthem; thanks for the small mercies!! I pity these souls, for if they worship their mother, their ‘God’ gets furious; Do not blame them; they are always consistent in obeying their Mullahs and Imams.


3. Population boost? Communal for Hindus; Secular for Minorities


“Do not control, produce more, increase our population”, urged a Christian Bishop: “Poor Christians”, “Justifiable”, “It is their right”, said the media and Jholawallas “Do not control, produce more, increase our population”, urged a Hindu Leader: “Anti national”, “Preposterous”, “Blatantly communal”, roared the editorials!


4. Saffron: Butt of ridicule for Media; Top of the Tricolour for the Nation


Saffronisation of education, if astrology and Sanskrit are taught, Saffronisation of history, if taught that Aryans and Dravidians are brothers, Saffronisation is harmful to the minorities, so says the intellectuals; Then why not they tear off the upper third of our National Flag?


5. Teaching Geetha in schools is Communal; Teaching Bible is Secular


Schools can teach Bible, but a big NO to Geeta, as teaching it is communal! Schools can teach that the Indian nation was created by the Great Britain, But they cannot teach that unity of India is based on Sanatana Dharma We leave the children ignorant of our roots to make them secular!


6. Banning entry for women in Ajmer Darga is secular; Centuries old custom of Young Women not going to Sabarimala is communal and discrimination


Our newshounds are creative in making news from gossips and issues from news; They are duty bound to tarnish any Hindu tradition if they get half a chance; Sabarimala is one case; based on a lie, they are attacking a millennium old custom.  None can ‘fall into’ the Sanctum there, unless you walk up and fall inside, purposely.


7. A Muslim has beaten up a thirsty Hindu old man for drinking water in Malappuram during Ramzan fast – Report: Is this communal or secular? 


Come down from your Ivory Towers, dear media moguls! Tell me why are you mute? Afraid to ‘hurt’ them?  Or, you lift finger only against us, as we are the sitting ducks! Are we to follow Muslim traditions? Or, would they fast on ‘Ekadasi’? Answer me.  Is it the real secularism? Speak up now for you will not survive for long if we go.  


8. Tailpiece: Enough of Siesta, my Brothers and Sisters; Kindly Wake-up


Before they do write our epitaph, be active, be proactive, or at least be reactive Proclaim that if you are a Hindu, work for the Hindu survival, or leave our ranks Declare that if you are an Indian, love your motherland, UNCONDITIONALLY,  Pronounce that if you support a terrorist, we will treat you as our ENEMY.

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