Human Right Activists or Terrorist Supporters?

published on January 6, 2012

Dr. Babu Suseelan

The subject of Human Right has occupied a central position among journalists, social scientists and writers for decades. Although victims of Islamic terrorism, and criminal acts distain the concept of Human right for the criminal terrorists, the word Human right holds great attraction to Marxists, liberal Journalists, pseudo secular academicians and pro Islamic writers. Marxist-Islamist Human Rights activists use word  Human Right  to convey inaccurate information and perpetuate negative stereotypes.

Our heritage commands us to love humanity, nature and all living and non livings thins, GOD and each other. But can Marxists and Islamists recognize our Vedic spiritual values; follow our ethics and moral principles?

In this context, it is important to view the public concerns of how Islamic terrorists are disposed of in India.  Recently, the Supreme Court of India denied bail for Abdul Nasser Madani, the Islamic terrorist Leader. Madani was arrested by the Karnataka police for organizing bomb attacks in Bangalore on 25 July 2008-in which a woman was killed. The radical Islamic Mullah Abdul Nasser Madani, the founder of Taliban like organization in India the PDF, Was also responsible for bombing in Coimbatore in 1998 which killed 98 people. Abdul Nasser Madani is the new icon of extremist Islam in India. In the past this Islamic radical clergy was charged to have organized terrorist activities but the Marxist government in Kerala exonerated him of such charges. In the 2009 election, Islamic terrorist leader Abdul Nasser Madani was allied with the Marxists in Kerala. Abdul Nasser Madani is a Bangalore jail.  The Karnataka government spends hundreds and thousands of rupees for his treatment. The cost of treatment for this terrorist leader is expected to increase.

Now ex-Marxist member of Parliament Sebastian Paul, Hammed Chennamangalam, an Islamic writer, B.R.P Sekhar, an anti Hindu, pseudo secular journalist, and several Marxist politicians have formed an unholy human rights group criticizing denial of bail for Islamic terrorist leader Abdul Nasser Madani by the highest court of India. The so called Human rights group issued statements praising the Islamic radical clergy. It is an attempt creates public relations in favor of Islamic terrorist leader Madani.

The Human rights concern with Islamic terrorism and the radical Islamic preacher and terrorist leader Madani is intended to affect the day to day behavior of the public. Such public relations stunt seems to undermine our judicial systems ability to deal effectively with Islamic criminals.

In India, Human Rights are not used for the protection and support of criminal victims and prevention of crime but it’s designed for the protection and maintenance of Islamic terrorism. They are very pro active with the needs and demands of anarchists, criminals, subversive groups and Islamic terrorists. How can Human Rights activists have an alliance with Islamic terrorists?

The stupid things these Marxist-Islamist-Liberal Human Rights activists do in support of Islamic terrorism may force one to question their character, conscience, and moral values. A good deal is now known about the nefarious political activities of these bleeding heart Marxists, terrorist human rights supporters and Islamists who hide behind phony secularists. We know that their political activities are positively associated to a significant extent with funds from Islamic countries.

This Human Rights cult group must be listed as a terrorist organization. Their opposition to our criminal justice system and judiciary will damage the reputation of our Supreme Court and our Vedic Dharma and democracy. The radical Islamic terrorist Abdul Nasser Madani and his Marxist Human Rights activists are irrelevant to the cause of Dharma. If allowed to continue their public relations campaign against our judiciary, this terrorist=totalitarian-fundamentalist cult will haunt us.

The real Human Rights issue in why we allow this enemy funded and directed Islamic terrorist cult to survive in India. The problem seems to be ignorance of Islam and our belief that all religions are the same. This inaccurate perception and our tolerance of intolerant Islam sadly often leads to acceptance of Islamic hatred, terrorism, bigotry, discrimination and oppression.

I believe that we have an obligation to uphold the responsibilities that comes from the freedom we enjoy in India—responsibility to ensure that Human Rights activists are not allowed to use Islamic terrorism to harm us. We must have the strength and courage not to allow these Jiahdis and their cohorts to divide and terrorize us. We must boldly question the abdication of their character, courage and conscience.

We cannot completely eliminate Islamic terrorism until we create the philosophical catalyst for individual and social change; we are not safe in a society filled with dysfunctional systems operated by criminal politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and human rights conspirators. We need to act with insight vigor and vitality. We need to combine ideas from our Vedic traditions, new science, and history, proving a model of individuals to claim political power to change the dysfunctional social systems.

This is not the time to keep quiet and aloof with defeatist mindset.

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