How the Baptists Converted Gorkha Ram Singh

published on July 9, 2012

If you thought that Christian missionaries are on the prowl only in the coastal areas and tribal belts of India, you are dead wrong. The crusading Christian missionaries have spread their tentacles from the sun swept shore of the south to the snow clad heights of the Himalayas and from the steamy jungles of the north east to the burning deserts of Rajasthan.

This is the true story of Gorkha Ram Singh who is a watchman in a housing complex in Mumbai. He was on a long leave in Nepal and returned to Mumbai only yesterday. Hanging prominently around his neck was a chain with a huge cross suspended from it. I was shocked. I have known Ram Singh to be a devout Hindu who fasted on every Ekadasi, who celebrated the Ganesh Utsav, who visited the Mahalakshmi temple every month and who very devoutly celebrated Dussera.

I first thought that Ram Singh was sporting the cross just as a fashion statement. So many Bollywood actors are doing so. I teased him about it and asked him if he was aspiring to be an actor. But he got serious. He said, “no saab, humne dharma badal daala hai:, meaning I have changed my religion.

I was simply shocked.

I asked him why he done so. With a very serious face, he told me “Saab, a few goralog from America, had opened missions in my village.And so many of my fellow gorkhas have become Christian.
On probing further he said, “Saab, since my last visit to Nepal 4 years ago, a lot of bad things started happening in my family. All of a sudden, three of my cows suddenly died, I started losing all my
chicken one after another and my wife started behaving as if she was possessed..”

“A few relations of mine and my immediate neighbour had converted around the time I last visited Nepal. One of these relations brought in a firangi pastor. The firangi pastor was accompanied by a Nepali pastor. They both told my father not to worry. They said that the misfortunes that had befallen my family was due to the evil forces I worship. I used to be a devotee of Kali and Shiva. They told me that these are incarnations of the devil and I should throw them out.”

“Initially I was unwilling to believe them. Then two more cows died. The goats I had purchased out of my hard earned savings suddenly disappeared. I suffered huge losses.. I was distraught. I didn’t know what to do”

“The pastor and my newly converted Christian neighbours visited me.They told me they would pray for my wellbeing. They also said they would give me a cow and two goats if I allowed them to hold prayers in my house. I agreed. They came to me with the cow and the goats and said that once they chanted the Christian prayers at my house, I would not lose the cow or the goats they had given me and that my wife too would get well.”

“The prayers began. The pastor and my Christian neighbours would assemble at my house and chant the Christian prayers. I too would join in, because the prayers were in my native dialect. Gradually my wife’s condition improved. The cow and the goats started yielding good milk.My stock of chicken multiplied. Impressed, they poured holy water over me. They removed the pictures of Kali and Shiva and asked me to throw them down the mountainside which I did. And now I am a Christian. I
have a picture of Christ and a cross at home”

“They gave me food grains and  clothes, toys for my children and medicines for my old mother”

I questioned him further, particularly about the death of his cows,goats and chicken and about his wife’s mental health. He told me that only after the arrival of the American pastor and the conversion of his neighbours did his cows, goats and chicken had started dying. He said that his wife started behaving strangely only after visiting the mission dispensary  for a fever. His had been a happy family filling around 10 bighas of land and he had had no problems before.

Isn’t it a strange coincidence that his cows started dying only after the arrival of the pastor and the conversion of his neighbour? Isn’t it rather strange that his wife started behaving strangely only after
she took medicines from the mission dispensary?

From our experience we know that these are the standard dirty tricks the missionaries use to convert the poor and gullible, innocent Hindus. This is subversion of the dirtiest kind. The ultimate of
Christendom is to engulf Hindu India by eating away into the Hindu population living on the coast and the land borders and gradually moving into the Hindu heartland.

Hindus, wake up. The Christian west is trying to rob you of your religion, your freedom and finally. your country,


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