How Media Adds Fuel to Hindu Anguish

published on September 6, 2014

Folliwing the hartal call by Sangh Pariwar to protest against the brutal murder of RSS leader Manoj, Media houses had a topic to dwell upon, to add a touch of spice and make meaty their debates- ‘How has Kerala benefitted from the hartal? What has BJP gained from the hartal?’

Well, sounds logical at the first glance. But, looking a few steps further, it was quite evident that it was one that exposed the heights of animosity brimming in the hearts of intellectual beings and media houses, towards the person who was brutally murdered. If TP Chandrashekharan was slain under the shield of darkness for the perpetrators to remain incognito, Manoj’s was a brutal cold blooded murder, done in broad day light. And just three days back, the very same marauders had taken the life of another kinsperson, Suresh.

‘Rational thinkers’ like Basurendra Babu was quick to infer that there was nothing wrong in celebrating the murder of a person who was trying to kill one’s father. Going by his rationale, and taking into account the murders that have taken place in Kerala, in case there is a retaliation spree, RSS will require very little time to annihilate a couple of leaders .Kindly make note that this is not being pronounced with any strain of intimidation intertwined! But why aren’t media houses discussing these aspects as well?

If, in case, RSS retaliates for these two murders, media will be quick to grab the incidents and term them as ‘Victory of Amit Shah Strategies’ ” Well, you (media) can say anything. You have the right do so as well. It is always good to display commitment, when you are amply paid for getting a task executed. But care should be taken to see that the work done is not at the expense of wounding the sentiments of others.

There are scores of people in this land, who have lost in galore, just because they happen to be Sanatana Dharmis who worship fire, wind, trees, nature etc. We did forgive when the land belonging to Nairs and Ezhavas were seized and distributed freely to Pastors and Muslims, all in the name of socialism. We maintained silence when the lands belonging to those impoverished Adivasis, who do not even possess enough yarn to drape themselves, were trespassed into, for constructing resorts, churches and mosques. You did not suppress your glee when our temples and sacred groves were confiscated by the government. You lent a cold shoulder to a student, who was denied reservation, just because she was born in a Namboothiri family (a family steeped in the zeniths of poverty, that too). You, of course preferred M’ Adani and Thadiyantevide Naseer and the stake they claimed over human right realms. You shoved aside the rich tradition of our land and disavowed them and pasted maligning labels on our customs, depicting them as ‘superstitions’.

Pastors and Muslims have conquered the planet and ravaged ethnicities world over- many cultures have even been wiped out. Finally, the spree is witnessing a near annihilation of Yazdis in Iraq. The exterminators now have the aim of conquering India under various guises of ‘Project Joshua’, ‘Khurasan’ etc. This has, in fact, to a certain extent, been a successful venture too. They were able to dissect Akhand Bharat into Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. And as for our own land, Hindus live in morbid dread in places like Malappuram, Beemapalli etc. Kerala’s Pastors and Maulavis have specifically defined politics, to which they adhere… along with a bandwagon of politicians to comply to their wishes. Hasn’t the church in Sikkim become so powerful to decide when elections should be taking place? Hasn’t Malappuram become a place where Hindus dread selling food in public, during the month of Ramzan? Haven’t Communists become emboldened to challenge Sreekrishna Jayanthi celebrations in Kannur?

These are the happenings of Kerala. But today, the youth of Kerala are well not oblivious of what goes around them- they are well aware of the same. And since they are, it is not mandatory that they endure these in silence. They have, as embodiments, Swami Vivekananda and Veer Shivaji, who have given us the clarion cry,” Say with pride that you are a Hindu.”

Hindus of Kerala have borne the brunt since quite some time. Kerala’s Hindu society has been one which has disbursed love in abundance. But pronouncements issued by a certain misbegotten lot who are shamelessly skilled in distorting, has inflicted fathomless anguishing lesions in their hearts. After a span of sufferance, the smouldering volcano in them will eventually erupt. What will be witnessed thereafter will be a samhara thandava- a dance that unleashes liquidation. It would be good, if political organizations and media houses bear the same in mind.

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  1. RAJAGOPAL Reply

    September 7, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    It is pitiable that the Patriotic and Nationalistic Hindus of Kerala are sandwitched between Marxist Hindu betrayers and the Fanatic Muslims with connivant support from Govt.& Police(who are also politically motivated). Especially KANNUR Hindu victims on a continuous killing spree with lackluster attitude of GOVT.and the Police are becoming vulnerable targets to Fanatic Muslims and Marxists. Marxists should know that FANATIC MUSLIMS will not spare them also being 95% of marxists are Hindus. A question to Marxist hindus of Kannur is that while they could challenge Sreekrishna Jayanthi celebrations in Kannur, can they challenge RAMZAAN or other Muslim celebrations in the name of their COMMUNIST ATHEISM? question yourself was there a Hindu COMMUNIST not touched by a Muslim fanatic either in Kerala or West Bengal in case of Hindu-Muslim rifts or riots? These communist Hindus are more enemies to the other Pious Hindus than the Muslims who are bound to their religion than a Prayer. A religion can have theists and atheists but they should be loyal to their religion and Nation in whose name they are identified. These CPM parents while admitting their children in schools , what do they fill up in Religion & CASTE column or a Nationality column. Will they not mention HINDU, NAIR,EZHVA or Kshatriya or Namboodri
    and Nation as INDIA?? Will they mention RELIGION and CASTE as atheist and NATION as CHINA or RUSSIA? SHAME ON THESE COMMUNIST UNPATRIOTIC
    They say COMMUNISM is meant for the WELFARE of the POOR and there is no RICH or POOR. Are these communists in Kerala or in India do not hold houses,,properties and businesses cars and other oppulent ways of life? Have they been sharing their wealth to the poor? See the oppulent lives of their Leaders in India enjoying luxurious life. SAYING is easier than practising. That is why Indian communists(selfish and hipocrites) are unable to get the sympathy of people.Kerala Hindus are more a victim to Communists(to INTROSPECT)

  2. Ravi Reply

    September 11, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    Media will learn only when they start loosing ad revenues. The best way would be to boycott the products advertised in such medias. Make a campaign through social media.

  3. Raj Puducode Reply

    September 16, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    Jihadis, you have new company
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    The car, which also contained 200 grammes (seven ounces) of cannabis, belonged to 91-year-old Argentinian cardinal Jorge Mejia, emeritus librarian at the Holy See, who retired in 2003 and who is currently bedridden.

    Pope Francis, a fellow Argentinian, visited Mejia, who was confined to a hospital in Rome after a heart attack, just two days after being elected.

    French radio reported that the cardinal’s private secretary entrusted the vehicle to two Italian men to take it for its annual check-up.

    The two men promptly drove to Spain to buy the drugs, thinking that they would be protected by the diplomatic plates, according to RTL radio, a scenario not yet confirmed by legal sources.

    The pair were picked up on Sunday at a toll station near Chambery in the French Alps on their way back.

    Neither of the men has a Vatican diplomatic passport so the Vatican is not directly implicated, French legal sources told AFP.

    The Vatican confirmed that the car had been stopped in France with the drugs on board but stressed that no staff were involved in the incident.

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