How Deshabhimani can transform sheep to dog

published on March 13, 2010

An average Keralite knows very well the ability of Marxist Party in cooking up lies and perpetuating them.  The Marxists have been doing this for decades.  There is nothing new about it.  In fact, late Marxist ideologue, EMS Namboodirippad himself had been a pioneer of the Goebbelsean art of lying and propagating falsehoods.

The attitudes adopted by the CPI(M) on key national issues is still fresh in public memory. They have always taken stances, which are anti-national, and later done bizarre U-turns.  Saying something one day and trying to escape from the onus of the statement through continued media statements has been a traditional Marxist tactic. During the Indo-China war of 1962, the then Communist Party adopted a dubious approach and said ‘India belongs to India and China belongs to China’, which effectively meant that the aggression of China was justifiable!  Later, when confronted with the stigma of an overtly anti-national approach, the Communists retreated.

All such lies and half-truths have been traditionally couched in the hallowed ideological posturing indulged in by the CPI(M).  

The CPI(M) mouthpiece, Deshabhimani, though boasting a good number of editions and impressive circulation in Kerala, is generally viewed as a sedative rather than a daily newspaper.  No, this is not just my view.  Neither did this author come across this funny comment from any right wing bourgeois reader, but from a leftist sympathizer.  The content of Deshabhimani is intoxicating with the heady ideological hogwash and makes the reader fall asleep as if inebriated by a dose of sedative drug, he elaborated. 

The methods adopted by the CPI(M) to increase the circulation are often coercive and unfair.   The party, with its stranglehold over the government employees associations in Kerala, pulls out all stops to increase Deshabhimani circulation.  They just want to increase their circulation by hook or by crook.

Citing above information on the Marxist vitriolic mouthpiece is in the context of its recent ill-tempered rants on the media’s handling of the RSS Snaghik held at Kollam. The Marxist party is annoyed by the mainstream Malayalam media’s unbiased reporting of the Sangh event.  Unlike on many occasions in the past, the mainstream Malayalam media has been professionally forthcoming and sincere in reporting the Sanghik.  They just reported the event as it was, nothing more and nothing less. A few TV channels even covered the event live for some time and all the newspapers, except some obnoxious exceptions like Deshabhimani and Tejas, carried some impartial reports (with good photos) on the event.

Obviously, Deshabhimani is up in arms against the Malayalam mainstream media for not having portrayed the event in conformance with the usual pseudo-secularist journalistic standards.  The Marxist mouthpiece is terribly angry with Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhumi for the grave mistake they committed.  Deshabhimani, apart from mouthing the usual lies about the Sangh and its programmes, goes ahead feverishly as how the newspapers dared to publish stories on the Sangh event as they did.

Deshabhimani columnist, RS Babu’s headline screams in astonishment asking ‘bhagawatinu padapujayo’ (worshipping Bhagawat’s feet?).  But what looks ludicrous and apparently forcing a reader to surmise over the Marxist columnist’s basic arithmetical  knowledge is the numbers he has detailed out in his article.  Arguably, poor columnist, he cannot afford to mention the actual figure of 1 lakh swayamsewaks and 50,000 sympathizers.  If he ever dares to speak out the truth, he would be kicked out from his job in Deshabhimani.  So he has to lie.  But the columnist, after breathing so much of fire and brimstone, makes a mockery of an ordinary reader’s arithmetical ability and logical thinking.  He argues that if the number of buses were 4,000, the participants were a mere 25,000.  Even a second standard student knows that a bus, when hired for a programme like the one held at Kollam, would be filled with people to its maximum seating capacity.  Our Deshabhimani columnist like the proverbial cat, which drinks milk with its eyes closed, estimates the number of people, who reached Kollam Sanghik, to 25,000.  So he means less than 7 people travelled in each of the 4,000 buses!  It is better not to comment any further on the columnist, Mr.RS Babu’s reasoning.

Last, but not the least, a small request to the sole custodians of secularism like Deshabhimani:  Please do not try to mislead your readers in basic arithmetic.

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