Hospital based conversion rampant in Kerala, No one to wipe the silent tears of Victim’s parents

via HK published on April 6, 2009




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of Missionary Doctors and Nurses into our Hospitals reached now to an alarming
extend. Many of them exploit poor patients and convert them to Christianity by
brainwashing them when they are physically and mentally weak.


Sakharia and his Wife Dr Suma are teachers in Pariyarom Medical college who are
also practicing Dental surgeons at Thaliparama are one among the few who are
indulged in converting Hindu students and Patients to Christianity.

Dr. Thanooja Warier of Edappal PHC who first converted herself to become a
Christian following a love affair with a Christian have now managed to convert
her younger sister also who was studying in Pariyarom with th ehelp of Dr
Sakharia and his wife. From the batch of Thanuja’s sister Eight more girls have
been harvested by Dr Sakharaia and his wife.Love affairs are also a tactic used
by Missionaries here to lure unsuspecting victims. We can see their many
arrangements to lure people just opposite the college: the innocuous “Asha
Kiran Counselling Centre” is just another organisation to convert.

Dr. Thanooja was in news earlier when she tried to proselytise patients at KozhikodeMedicalCollege
while she was doing her DLO course there. She used to distribute pamplets and
advise patients that they can only “get saved” through Jesus Christ.
Now, Christians are projecting her as a Namoodiri convert who is dissatisfied
by her old religion and is used in various platforms to ridicule Hinduism. 

The most alarming fact is that it was Dr. Thanooja Warier’s father’s family
members who were instrumental in helping her getting converted and married to a
Christian as they are jealous of his families progress!!


Dr. Kuriakose is a well
known heart
in Govt. Medical
college hospital
. Whenever he takes a Hindu patient to the heart operation theatre, he tells them,
if and only if you believe in Jesus
, I can guarantee the success of the surgery. Don’t tell
anyone that I told like this to anyone. If you tell I cannot say that the
operation will be successful.


These Sakharias and
Kuriakoses are only tip of the ice berg in India who threatens the patients
just before entering into the operation
to pray only to Jesus, both in Govt hospitals and private hospitals.

Conversion attempts
against Hindus are not a new phenomena in our society. Earlier thanks to the
efforts of Spiritual leaders like Chattambi Swamikal and Sri Narayana Guru we
were able to counter this menace. In this change political arena there is no one
to wipe the silent tears of Hindu parents who loose their children to align Semitic


Because of the social
stigma the family faces if some one from the family converts many of the
parents are not even ready to discuss it with immediate family members. Instead
of nipping it from bud, they are also silently being part of the missionary


There are many parents who
throng in Psychiatric centres with their Children hoping psychological
counselling will help them to bring back to the family. Injecting poison
against parents and family members and our gods are the first step practiced by
these cunning missionaries.


Children born and bought
up in a secular family atmosphere in Hindu homes often fell prey easily to
these Missionary tricks very easily. Any one who wish not to loose their near
and dear one’s to these vultures on our society should alert and take early precautions
to avert any danger. Imparting the values of Sanathana Dharma from the early
ages itself is the one and only cure to prevent these conversions happening in
our society.   

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