Hindus have no enemies!

via Kuru published on November 1, 2010

It is unbelievable, if not preposterous, to note that a billion Hindus are growing up without being aware of their ENEMY. And if and when the enemy comes, the panic stricken squabbling mass of humanity faces him one by one in utter confusion to be dispatched to the next world with utmost ease.
Seeing their megacities, teaming with millions, like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Dhaka suddenly vanish from the map and their “Lebensraum”(territory) rapidly SHRINKING, one can see why.
A Satanic force that arose in MECCA 15 centuries ago labeled anyone opposing them “KAFIRS”and proceeded to wipe them all out, sparing those who fell at their feet and beheading those who dared to stand up. Their victims were peaceful and law abiding Hindus, Jews, Christians, Pagans and Atheists who were living in their own flourishing cities with temples, synagogues, churches, scriptures, scholars, universities and civilisation.
The perennial enmity against the KAFIRS (Infidels) sprang out of “Hadees”, that is, what Mohammed said and did, and his book called KORAN that in the eyes of his fanatic followers is infallible and eternal, thus ensuring Jehad (war for Islamic supremacy) to last for ever.
Koran provided the instigation and inspiration to the Mohammedans generation after generation, century after century, to go on the offensive, killing, abducting, raping, converting, looting and destroying everything along the way while the Hindus could not take in the fact that they had an enemy, a sworn enemy, a formidable enemy, an ideological enemy, a perennial enemy.
Afghanistan was overrun but the Buddhists did not use the word “ENEMY”. Sindh was captured by the savage brutes from Arabia in 712 AD and later Lahore, too, went under the Sword of Islam. Mahmud of Ghazni, the zealot, invaded India year after year, destroying temples, looting and killing on such a large scale that millions of natives fled their homes in terror and came to be known as “œgypsies”or “Roma”. Yet no Hindu writer referred to the INVADERS as “enemy”.
Finally the Turks captured Delhi in 1192 and massacred the inhabitants in their tens of thousands but the Hindus looked at them like the countless generations of sheep watching the wolves and tigers from their green pastures.
In the middle of last century, just after the end of World War 2 that had been fought for man’s equality and dignity, the followers of Mohammed struck again and stunned the Hindus into shock by taking away one third of India in order to establish their Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Did anyone call them “enemy”?
What about the TOP Hindu leaders like barristers MK Gandhi and JL Nehru, even Baldev Singh? None of them used the word “enemy”for the Muslims who inflicted a crushing defeat on our unprepared Hindu nation. In fact, they went out an extra mile in order to embrace the enemy, trying to appease them even more by conceding key posts, including cabinet ministers, the Supreme Commander and President, to the enemy. Where on earth do we see a nation conditioned and indoctrinated to be servile, self-negating and most willing to walk along the road to extinction like this?
Since our worst ever defeat in history when (Akhand) Bharat was forced to surrender five provinces overnight to the enemy, a minor war has been going on in Kashmir Valley. Yet no one tells us that we have an enemy.
Visit all the mandirs and gurdwaras on earth and listen to the preachers, granthis and pandits for hours on end to see if they mention the savage separatist occupiers of Lahore, Multan, Sri Nankana Sahib and North Kashmir, or drop the word “ENEMY”!
It is this lethal deficiency in our Belief and Defence system that we must seriously resolve to remove once for all.
Mohammed was a shrewd man but also very ruthless and ambitious with high sex libido. To increase his fighting force he encouraged reproduction, sanctioning up to four wives and any number of sleeping partners and concubines to give him more fighters. Rate of reproduction among the Muslims in Europe, America and South Asia right now compares to that of the rabbits. Simply note the Christian-Muslim ratio in Europe and America, and the Hindu-Muslim ratio in Partitioned India, over a period of 10 years to see the alarming imbalance. Mohammed has become the most popular boys’ name in England. What hope for the rest of the world?
Ironically, the Hindus with their Belief in ”all mankind is one family,”though being the direct target of Muslim aggression, are conditioned into a sense of false security.
When Mohammed declared all “KAFIRS” to be his enemies he parted company with the existing civilized true religions and traditions on earth.
Until then an enemy was temporary, not for ever. One could stop being an enemy and become friends again. For example the Germans fighting the Allies were enemies but today both are friends.
But Mohammed’s idea was very different. His “Kafirs” were enemies in perpetuity. However much a Kafir may lead a life of piety, or help a Muslim, be nice to him, praise him and reward him with his daughter and goods, he can never be a friend of the MUSLIMS except as deception or momentary expediency.
Such a preposterously crude idea of “EVERY Hindu (and Non Muslim) being the enemy”of a Muslim for ever had entered the realm of IDEOLOGY. It got completely separated and detached from true RELIGIONS (e.g., “all mankind is one family”) and became crude, separatist and eternal.
Mohammed’s “Momins”(Believers) had only ONE course ahead, that is, to declare war on all the Kafirs (Infidels) and then proceed, inch by inch, mile by mile, country by country, fighting, killing, abducting, raping, ravaging and plundering, with the aim of defeating the KAFIRS and then CONVERTING them to Islam.
In case the Kafir was brave and defiant who stuck to his Faith then he was to be tortured or KILLED as per teachings of Mohammed. Muslims call him the Prophet of Mercy, forgiveness and Kindness!
While Mohammed threw his ideological “BALL OF FIRE” on the calm and sane people of rationality and reasoning, and motivated his followers to become fighters (Jehadis and suicide bombers), the KAFIRS on the other hand remained the same- peace loving, ethical, trusting and, tolerant people. Even when Muslim rulers were literally playing Hell with their Hindu subjects from one end of India to the other, and mistreating them as per Sharia, converting, killing, abducting, raping and degrading, the Hindus never went on the offensive but continued to defend themselves by non violent means as much as possible.
A classic example was the LACK OF RESISTANCE to Partition in 1947. Indian Muslims were neither prevented from great mischief nor punished in retaliation in an exemplary manner. Their leaders were not arrested and tried for High Treason and hanged to death.
Our top leader, “Mahatma”Gandhi, even called them “Bhai” (brothers), thus badly misleading and betraying his own Hindu and Sikh following!
After centuries of resounding successes and victories against the Infidels (non Muslims) the followers of Mohammed have got “ATTACK & AGGRESSION”embedded in their genes  as second nature while the Hindus have remained stuck to the doctrine of defence through “Satyagraha”or Ahimsa”(non violence), and cowardly compromise with EVIL. To an average Hindu the motto, “The best form of defence is offence,” means NOTHING.
“Ahimsa Parmo Dharma”, much trumpeted by MK Gandhi, puts the Hindus on the path to EXTINCTION when we face highly motivated and determined ISLAMIC enemy, fed on the doctrine of sedition, confrontation, deception, surprise attack and perpetual hate.
Under extreme provocation when the alien Muslims were behaving like beasts (torture and murder of Guru Arjun Dev, the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the murder of two small sons of Guru Gobind Singhji) the Sikh gurus kept on repeating, “SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI”(PEACE)
Guru Nanak Devji and several other “Sadhus, Sants and Swamys”are often quoted wrongly, to appease the Muslims, saying, “Do not commend your religion to a Musalman. Tell him to become a good Muslim.”
It was extreme irony and showed ignorance at the highest pious level. Putting their own safety first they did not want to speak of the true motivation and aspirations of a “good” Muslim.
In their hearts these holiest men knew well that a GOOD Muslim would be mad or fanatic (like today’s Taliban and Al Qaida) and a sworn enemy of the Kafirs.
All round they were seeing the savage treatment of Hindu subjects. Yet they compromised with Truth not to offend their oppressive rulers.
Now we know better and ought to show courage to call a spade a spade. We must recall what they did to the Hindus, the Sikhs and the Buddhists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They even blew up the sacred Buddha statues in Bamyan near Kabul. NO Muslim party or organization has condemned them since in their eyes it was a pious act. No rich Arab country has offered to reconstruct them. Those statues were “KUFR” in the eyes of their Prophet Mohammed who was very busy all his life destroying them.
It is to the credit of the “Indian born” religions that NONE among them used the word ENEMY for the Muslims. There is no concept like “KAFIR”in the Sikh’s holy Book. This has also proved disaster since the Sikhs could not prepare for the enemy who does not exist!
Sri Nankana Sahib and Lahore went down under abject Islamic slavery without being defended and RECOVERED. So did Multan, Karachi, Gilgit and Chittagong.
It is nearly a thousand years since the destruction of Somnath Temple and some 600 years since the destruction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Yet no Hindu has ever called the Muslim invaders “enemy”.
In the same way the Sikhs lost LAHORE and Sri Nankana Sahib in 1947 but have we ever heard a Sikh call the Muslims “ENEMY”? In Amritsar the Sikh “nishkam sewaks”serve 30,000 free meals daily to friend and FOE alike, a practice that is neither seen in Mecca nor in Vatican.
Therefore, in order to survive we must have an enemy or even CREATE one.
We must go on the OFFENSIVE (psychological & spiritual). So, where to look for our enemy? Where to find him? How to define him? HOW TO DEAL WITH HIM EFFECTIVELY?
The Hindus do not have to go far, nor have the Sikhs, to discover their enemy.
Let’s us face it frankly: Cowardice is the ONLY reason why our LEADERS do not, or can not, see the enemy. And sadly, the cowards will not escape the bullies for long and will not have long to live on earth. We did not live long in West Punjab, East Bengal and even North Kashmir and, therefore, need to make absolutely sure to survive in the “Rest of truncated India”!
WHO IS THE ENEMY? Let us coin a definition.
“Someone who occupies or lays claim to any part of Indian Territory, is, and will remain, our ENEMY IN PERPETUITY till that occupation is ended and the claim withdrawn.”
INDIAN MUSLIMS who occupied five provinces of India to establish their homeland called “Pakistan” in 1947 are our ENEMY and will remain so till Pakistan is dissolved in “AKHAND BHARAT” and both North and South Kashmir are united.
Opportunist, treacherous, weak, anti national and unscrupulous governments and parties cannot change a nation’s permanent interest including TERRITORIAL integrity, loyalties, rules, laws and conventions arbitrarily without referendum.
Cowards try to escape the challenge by giving good reasons, e.g.,
“Partition is history now.”
“It’s no good flogging the dead horse,”and,
“Those evil treacherous Muslims are now dead. The present generation is not responsible for their treason!”
We will also hear, “I know some very good Muslims who, like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and the ex President Abdul Kalam, are 100 per cent “desh bhakt”and so on.
But we must NOT forget that they still believe in KORAN and read the word “KAFIR”whenever they open this Book of Hate. Why would anyone in love with Bharat stick to Islam & Koran, given the agony of Partition and the lethal blows to SECULARISM and (Mother) India given by the followers of Mohammed in 1947?
A part of Muslim faith is to deceive the enemy, lie low and then, as soon as an opportunity comes, launch a devastating surprise attack.
It was THAT kind of sudden attack by our “good” Muslim fellow citizens that swept five provinces out of  map of India overnight.
Are we INVITING another deadly blow due to ignorance, compromise, appeasement or cowardice?
We easily forget that since October 1947 our army  has been fighting a determined ENEMY in South Kashmir whom we, like Pavlov’s dogs, are conditioned to call “brothers & sisters”, earnestly hoping that one day they would delete the word “KAFIR”from their vocabulary as we have deleted the word “PARTITION”from our Constitution (“Vidhan”).
The enemy, carrying guns, grenades  and  Koran is highly motivated,  fighting the hated Indian “dogs” (KAFIRS) while our own simple but brave Jawans are being pushed into  the ideological fog of deadly confusion where all the enemies look like Bapu Gandhi’s “misguided children”, Pandit Nehru’s first cousins or Indira Gandhi’s in-laws.
Srinagar will go the way of LAHORE simply because we could not utter the word “ENEMY”.
After that DELHI. Who can stop their FINAL assault?


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