Hindus and Communists- A letter not approved by mathrubhumi

via A Hindu published on February 22, 2008

Communists cannot claim the credit for communal harmony in Kerala. We owe it to our historical past, rulers of princely states, the Hindu majority and the inherent catholicity attached to Hindu religion. Besides, the law of the land takes care of secularism. Safety and security of all communities are guaranteed in our constitution. Communists derived its strength and support base largely from Hindus.95 percent of its supporters are Hindus. Being an unorganized, a Hindu does not find any difficulty in joining any communist party or leftist outfit. The case is different with members of organized religions. Minorities are not at all interested in CPM and its ideology. The powerful Catholic Church and the dominant Muslim clergy cannot accept or tolerate communism flourishing in their respective territories.

Lord Mahabali was the first practical communist lived in Kerala. Therefore Hindus have no objection to communism or socialism .To the average Hindu, political “isms” are secondary issues and it is not a prime concern to him… He wants to see a prosperous nation with every citizen, happy and well settled. Call it either communist nation or Rama rajya. If implemented in true spirit, both are one and the same in practical effect. But, our communists want to see Sachar committee report enforced in letter and spirit. My, dear comrade, Krishna, who need reservation in Kannur? Who need scholarships and loan for higher studies? Are you deaf and dumb to the the plight of your fellow citizens? Can’t you see the ground realties? Do you really want to implement Injustice? Sachar committee report in Calicut, Kannur, Taliparamba, Payyanur and Kasargod? If the report is implemented, we have no other option , but to follow the path of Lord Mahabali. The netherworld is waiting for us! Yes, such a committee is recommending 100% reservation for jobless Hindu youth in Kerala .Not for jobs, but to the nether world!

Communists cannot make a secular society in Afghanistan or Pakisthan. They cannot do it in Israel or in Palestine. They are unable to form a single LC unit in Kashmir valley or in Nagaland. It is impossible for them to form governments in U.S.A or Great Britain. Our communists cannot win an electoral battle at Pala and Puthuppally in a life time. Impossible for the communists, to defeat a Kunjalikutty unless they are accompanied by a trouble shooter Jaleel! Venom spitting Banatwala, a non Keralite unable to utter a single word in Malayalam , managed to represent PRBHUDDA KERALAM consecutively 3 terms in Indian parliament!

In short communists need a fertile soil with Hindu or Buddhist back ground to grow and flourish. The hills and coastal belt in Kannur always remained vulnerable to CPM where as the Hindu Kannur of midland solidly rallied under red flag.

Communism is alive in Hindu Nepal, Buddhist China and Thailand. Kerala Hindus voted enmasse in support of the first elected communist government of the world to create a new chapter in world history!

You are once again, on the cradle in Kerala, only because of massive Hindu support. In return, what did you do for Hindus? Many communist leaders continue to spit venom on Hindus. Communists do not miss a single opportunity to tarnish Hinduism and Hindu organisations. What wrong we have done to you? What is our offence?

Hindus are an insecure lot in Kerala. Their population is diminishing rapidly. They are economically weak with high percentage of unemployment and poverty among them. Their temples are forcefully taken over by government. They lost their lands and means of livelihood due to periodic govt. interventions. They don’t run schools and colleges exclusively for their children. They do not have a mechanism to collect capitation fee to fill their coffers! They are an un organized lot with leaders like Vellappilly and Sukumaran Nair born to conflict each other.They do not have an Inter State Temple Council to brow beat democratically elected governments. The constitution is silent about Hindu plight and does not guarantee any of their legitimate rights in the peculiar situation prevailing in Kerala! They do not have any say in flourishing Hawala, petro dollar and Mafia networks!

Money do not flow to them from the overseas. They do not indulge in conversion and allied activities! They do not have an opportunity to listen anything like “Edaya Lekhanam” in a temple. Their activity is restricted to “Ganapathi Homam” and “Bhagavatha Sapthaham” with subtle effects which are incompetent to influence the material world controlled by peddlers of power politics. They do not issue “Fatwa” to their fellow citizens. They do not draw a parallel to “Sharaiat” to suit their vested interests. They are not protected by minority rights and international pressure lobbies. Narendra Modi was denied visa to America. Taslima Nasrin cannot travel safely in India! Amnesty international and Human right protection groups do not care for hapless Hindus. International arm twisting tactics emanating from the west are exclusively reserved for the cause of Non-Hindus. Pope will not raise his concern over the plight of Hindus. OPEC countries will not resort to arm twisting over demolition of any temple. Communists will shed tears for Palestine, Gujrath and Orissa. But they conveniently forget the plight of Hindus in Malaysia and Pundits of Kashmir. CPM is a party built with sweat and blood of millions of Hindu brethern. Nobody can deny it. Dear friend, it is time to stop Hindu baiting! Do not push them to the wall!

My dear comrades, CPM wrested power in Kerala only because of Hinduism. That is a truth. You have to accept that truth. A decline in Hindu population is an alarm bell for CPM or any other leftist ideology. Beware of that reality. Do not cut the branch, on which you are seated!

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