Head count of Muslims in the armed forces

via HK Group published on February 14, 2006

How many Muslims do you have, Govt. asks Armed Forces!!. For the first time ever, all three wings of the armed forces have been asked by the Government to provide data on how many Muslims are there in their ranks, which position they hold, even their role in some key operations. This survey forms part of what the Government calls its efforts to promote “minority welfare” by studying the social, economic and education status of the Muslim community in India. 


The UPA government in its efforts to appease the minorities and to ensure their support in coming elections is now engaged in the dangerous game of communalizing the Armed Forces as well. The only government machinery in the country which could claim any credibility of being secular is the Armed Forces and there is need to keep it that way to ensure the safety and security of the country. In the armed forces, discipline and service decorum stand foremost and could not be compromised at any cost. During the British rule itself the army has been following a system of having regiments in different sect names like Rajput Rifles, Sikh Regiment, Gorkha regiment, Mahaar Regiment etc. In the colonial period, it could have been an effective ploy to bring out the best from soldiers when addressed by their sect or to deceive them by prompting to display their valour in a competing spirit at strategic places. That still remains in the army as a very healthy tradition, because the motives where different. In modern times, it would be catastrophic if the Government has any plan to raise a Muslim Regiment to make up their quota proportionately!!   But, like the sports events, you cannot fill the armed forces with candidates coming through reservation quota system or religion quota system because one cannot allow for compromise on the physical and mental standards set for the selection. Any such attempt shall definitely back fire, and destroy the morale of the armed forces. Due to abrogation of their privilege to raise joint protests, the armed forces personnel are duty bound to remain silent and cannot in any way express their resentment.  Therefore, it becomes duty of the citizens to stand for them in such developments and force the government to roll back its adventurism with armed forces.


Today, the NDA leaders have met the President and apprised him about their apprehension about this move from Government side. This issue must be debated through every media available and a national consensus must be built up to force the Government to withdraw such orders and make it known to the public that the Government shall not in future go for such draconian policies. Our limping cabinet minister surviving solely on his anti-Hindu stands have already recommended to the union Government for reservation in IITs, IIMs, IIFTs for students from the minority communities. Slowly and steadily the UPA government with the support from the left parties are brining in more and more such measures without any forethought that during the past 120 years the strength of Muslims in India has increased by 10% and the Christians by 1.3%.  It is time that the reservation system itself must be scrapped and the merit system without regard to the cast and religion should get implemented in this country that every one wish to project as secular. Ironically enough, the policy recently adopted by the UPA government dictates that while considering the nationality issue of a foreign national in India, his/her opinion also must be sought.


Our inaction has drawn us to such debacles and let not things like this go on unnoticed.  We must rise to the occasion when it demands and carry it through with determination.  Or else, we shall ever remain just as moot spectators.

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  1. Hindu Reply

    February 16, 2006 at 12:28 am

    Re: Head count of Muslims in the armed forces
    Who should be blamed for this? Only the fools known as Hindus. Mostly the people who preaches secularism are Hindus and not others. 15/02/06 Mathrubhumi letter to the editor is having an article by a Namboodiri who claims that Aryan invasions are a Historical reality! Naturally he subscribes to Romila Thappar. He also makes some derogatory remarks about Veda Vyasa. If he would have been an Islam, and made similar comments about Islam-where should have been his head – in the drain?
    Who has elected the League minister-Keralites!
    Where ever Muslims are in Majority, they rules as in Kashmir or Malappuram. But when Hindus are in majority also Muslim rules!? because he is minority.
    I have seen a report – highly inflammatory- in Kairali channel about the saffronisation of Adivasis in Gujarat and the threat posed by “Sangh Parivar” to noble Christians by a Hindu reporter!!!
    I work in a quasi-governmental institution with a Muslim as head. He bends and ignores all rules to promote Muslims and supress Hindus. Now we talk of secularism! What will happen to Hindus after Narendran Commission report!!?. God only knows.
    Here at the expense of Hindus (they gives money at Guruvayoor temple) anti-hindu christian communal elements like Zacharia and Sarah Joseph are promoted in the name of Poonthanam literary meeting! Hindus are happy as they are promoting secularism against the dark forces of facism!!! 5

  2. G.Vijayalakshmi Reply

    March 6, 2006 at 7:08 am

    Re: Head count of Muslims in the armed forces
    It is such policies of the UPA Govt. that should be vehemently opposed by the BJP.I find that the BJP lacks tenacity.They must give important positions to a lot of second rung leaders who are promising and who display commitment.They should also take in advisers from the RSS,to guide them and inspire them.The old generation leaders should be only patrons and advisers.Let the show be run by the young and dynamic leaders of the party.This will inspire the younger generation also to join the fray and work in a constructive manner.I think Mr.Venkiah Naidu,who is in charge of the election affairs in TN,should be ably assisted by a dedicated team of assistants inorder to put up a good show in the coming elections.People of the State want a change from the corrupt and autocratic Jayalalitha Govt. and the atheistic and dynastic rule of Karunanidhi.BJP must show itself to be a viable alternative. 5

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