He is upset. Understandably

via Sriram Savarkar published on July 11, 2007

He is upset. Understandably

Have empathy.

 The Pope has genuine problems.

The Papacy was born to convert the world

to the only true religion, Christianity.

 This Pope merely continues this 2000 year tradition

to cleanse the world off ‘false faiths’.

 Turn it exclusively Christian.

He did not start the war to exterminate ‘false faiths’.

 He just inherited it; has no authority to change it.

War Plans to Christianise the world commenced after,

not in Jesus’ lifetime.

 The number of war plans to accomplish

this was just 250 in 1900.

 It rose to 510 in 1970;

became 1500 in 2000;

topped 1590 in 2002 –

an increase of 300% in the present Pope’s regime.

This is projected to double to 3000 in 2025.

 The plans are backed by meticulous research

 costing billions to stratify global societies,

to trap them into the only true faith.

 Like business plans
they look at the position now with a 25-year projection.

The present 35500 Christian denominations will go up to 63000;

the 35.54 lakh congregations will touch 53.50 lakhs;

the 4100 mission sending agencies will rise to 6000;

 the 56.33 lakh-strong missionary workers, larger than the
US and European army put together,

 will top 65.50 lakh.

The income of the church and

 para-church of over $300 billions,

that is Rs 13,71,000 crores,

 equal to 68% of India’s GDP,

is projected to reach $870 billions.

Evangelical literature distributed is in billions.

 Presently the tally is 4.7 billion scriptures,

187 million Bibles,

 5 million booklets,

120000 Mission literatures,

38000 periodicals and 18000 articles.

 By 2025 this will increase to 8 billion scriptures,

430 million Bibles, 12 million booklets,

 195000 Mission literatures, 100000 periodicals,

 and 80000 articles.

The bible density of 1460 millions will increase to 2280 millions.

The Church-run Radio and TV stations of 4050

 will increase to 5400.

This largest information and communication

 network in the world will become even larger.

 Even as he should be proud of this huge conquering apparatus,
the Pope has his concerns too.

 Like the rising cost of head hunting for God.

Today it costs $349,000,

hold your breath, Rs 1.55 crores,

 to turn a pagan to Christianity.

 This too will increase to $650,000,

 that is, again hold your breath,

 Rs 3.05 crores per head, repeat per head,

 by 2025!

Good news for chartered accountants.

 The Church seems to be paying more fee

 to them than a hundred MNCs put together.

 It pays them over $810 millions,

 that is, Rs 3700 crores as audit fee.

 Yet, the Pope is concerned that this
does not stop embezzlement in churches.

The present theft of $16 billions, that is,

Rs 75,200 crores, by Christian faithful,

too is projected reach $65 billions,

 that is, Rs 2820000 crores, by 2025.

Thus the Church runs an enterprise larger than most MNCs,

 with all the problems that go with commerce

All troubles to bring the entire humanity under the only true faith.

 Just look at the

 International Bulletin of Missionary Research

 [IBMR January 2002 issue]

for these and more details of the ongoing Christian conquest.

Then when Narendra Modi

pass laws impeding this global conversion enterprise,

will he not be upset?


 If more governments do that,

 what will the Pope do with the huge

 head hunting infrastructure created for
the last 2000 years?


What will the huge army do?

Will he retrench them?

Even as 6 lakhs retire every year,

more are getting recruited.

 The church is perhaps the largest employer in the world.

 What is the alternative job for the specialists

in head hunting for the only true Faith?

Genuine concerns. Isn’t it?

And worse still.

What Modi have done threatens

 to stop the head hunting business for God

in the most cost effective areas of the world.

 The IBMR finds that to convert a heathen into a Christian,

 it costs 700 times more, repeat 700 times more,

in rich countries as compared to nations like India!

 The Pope knows how cheap our market is for his harvest.

Perhaps, he will not mind if the high-cost US,

not the low cost Indian states, pass such a law.

 In India he can count heads for God

at 1/700 of the cost he has to pay in the US.

When Modi pass laws to stop low cost head hunting

 will the Pope not be upset?

He will and he is, understandably.


Sriram Savarkar


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