Get ready for next partition

via Amitabh Tripathi published on June 21, 2006

Last week I received one E-mail from one of my Canadian friend who was dismayed and shocked to know the revelation of plot of home grown 17 Canadian Islamic terrorists to blow up parliament and make hostage to parliamentarians and behead Prime minister of country. It was rather unbelievable for her to believe how a country like Canada can become target of Islamic terrorists which left no stone unturned in translating principles of free society and democracy in true spirit. She almost complained to fellow Muslim citizens what her country not gave to them even Muslim immigrants were taught English on the expense of tax payers money but how these new generations of Muslim immigrants responded to these obligations, they tried to blow up parliament the symbol of a democracy. It means our efforts go in vain and they still not have been integrated with society. But why? It is a big question before every democracy why Muslims are unable to integrate with mainstream society.

Canada is not a single case in western world where free, liberal and democratic society has confronted with new phenomenon of growing fundamentalism and radicalization among Muslim youths who born in western world thousands of miles away from pivotal of Islamic thoughts.

In year 2004 when Theo Van Gough famous writer and film maker of Holland was brutally murdered by a fanatic Muslim with a note on his body threatening western world of Jihad, first time this country experienced bitterness of Jihad and growing radicalization of its Muslim youths.

Britain was waiting to fall in category of nations which pampered its Muslim population to win their good will and secure as they will not prove hand in glove to radical and Jihadi Muslim but their efforts were of no use and transport system of London was targeted by suicide bombers on 7 July 2005.

Before this blast British government and political establishment were living in fool’s paradise with complacency regarding Islamic terrorism. In the name of freedom of expression leaders of covert Islamic terrorist groups like Al-Mojahirion were given full freedom not only to radicalize Muslim youths but to use land of this nation to export terrorism to other countries as well.London bomb blasts were a wake up call for British establishment in general and political parties in particular. After this incident analysts and sociologists tried to read out the psyche of these Islamic terrorists. In this process British establishment was compelled to draw conclusion that home grown terrorism is result of radicalization of Muslim youths of country who are getting this education in sermons of clerics in masjids and in text books of madrasas.

Those few instances were sufficient enough to indicate as how democracies are facing a dilemma to make balance between democratic norms and radicalization of Muslim population. But could it be assumed to happen with India also, there should be a blatant reply NO. Indian political establishment in no more dilemma neither they are ready to see the naked truth nor they are ready to learn from the experiences of these western democracies where freedom and equal right to Muslim did not stop them to become part of global jihadi movement.

Ruling party of India who draws its inspiration from British Political system is still busy in Muslim pampering and never tried to go into the details of root cause of Islamic terrorism.

Last week president of Congress party Mrs. Sonia Gandhi inaugurated India Islamic centre in national capital and delivered a lecture on this occasion in which she said that Muslim society is socially and economically backward and her party is committed to lift it up. She was covertly talking about reservation for Muslims.

This is not the first time when Congress president had floated the idea of reservation for Muslims. Since UPA government came in power two years back it is trying everything to win back Muslims to its side who had defected from this party after Babri structure was demolished in 1992 during Congress regime.

In its desperate attempt to woo Muslims Congress did not hesitate in overlooking constitutional provisions as in matter of providing reservations to Muslims and giving minority status to Aligarh Muslim University where in both cases High courts of respective states declared these decisions as null and void. But Congress has not given up and trying to create conducive atmosphere for Muslim reservation. Chief architect of proposal of minority status for Aligarh Muslim university Mr Arjun Singh recently visited Saudi Arabia and penned an agreement with Abdul Aziz university a major hub of Wahabi school of thought. According to this agreement more Saudi students will come to India to study in Jamia university.

Reason of visit of human resource development minister to Saudi Arabia is still unknown but he has definitely patronized the radical Wahabi school of thought which has larger implications on national security and Muslims of India as well.

It is very unfortunate to note that ruling Congress party has not learn any lesson from its historical mistakes and again ready to repeat its mistake of support to Khilafat movement which connected Indian Muslims with Islamic Ummah and pave the way for partition of motherland with legacy of two nation theory. Partition of India is an unfinished agenda for Indian Muslims who believe themselves as ruler of nation which in their views was wrongly handed over to Hindus from them by Britishers.

In this global era where Jihad has become a global phenomenon where Muslim privilege in every country has been used to push global Islamic agenda is it proper to blindly follow the policy of Muslim pampering.

Earlier country has witnessed how political parties like Left parties and Samajwadi Party with help of Congress party provided platform to Muslim leadership for mass mobilization against publication of caricature of prophet in Denmark and visit of American president which resulted in terrorist attacks on Varanasi a holy city of Hindus.

Muslim leadership is seriously planning to launch their exclusive Muslim political party to implement the issues of Islamic Ummah ,after which it has become very difficult for Congress to win back Muslims to their side. In this volatile scenario one thing is obvious that difficult days are ahead and country should get ready for next partition.

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