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via Haindava keralam published on November 9, 2005


For many years, westernized Indian media including Television have depicted Hindus as caste conscious, eccentric, otherworldly, disorganized and hostile to Islam and Christianity. In many cases that hostility and negativity have been the result of distorted secularism and alien ideas imported from abroad. Even after independence, the hostility has not been removed, but has been more firmly established at a deeper level. As a result, books, journals, newspapers and television are loaded with articles, news reports and commercials that reinforce the negative image of Hindus.




Now the media is busy smearing Hindus, Hindu renaissance, Hindu organizations, spiritual movements and seva work organized by Hindu charitable societies. One will be intrigued to read in Times of India, Hindu Daily, Malayala Manorama, Hindustan Times, The Week, India Today, Frontline Magazine that the Hindu renaissance movement is inspired and manipulated by Hindu fundamentalists. Televiewers of the Kairali television, Asianet, Star TV, India Vision, Surya TV, and Jeevan TV could hear words like “Hindu militants”, “Hindu warlords”, “Hindu extremists”, “Hindu bigots”, and “Hindu fanatics”. These journalistic euphemisms and psycho linguistic programming are misleading, unfair, and potentially dangerous, because it distorts reality and creates an impression that Hindus around the world are fanatics and fundamentalists who use violence as a problem solving technique. It must be that these anti national, anti Hindu media take pleasure in spreading persistent, pervasive lies about Hindu unity movement. What else could explain the credulous acceptance of lies, half-truths and distortion of news about the Hindu unity movement? The inconsistencies, deceptions, and outright falsehoods about the news reports are obvious and are responsible for what the bogus secularists and leftist intellectuals think and do. It is profoundly disturbing to note that the picture that continues to emerge from the media on Hindus is outright lies, distorted, and false. These distorted and fabricated reports encourage Muslim, Christian and Communist gangs to continue their absolutistic, terrorist and irrational behavior.




The distorted and carefully crafted information and bumper stickers encourage readers and television viewers to change attitudes and values and establish emotional responses and direct behavior on that basis. The readers are not aware that they are being psycho programmed, controlled and manipulated. Further, people prefer the continued state of mind because it is easy and convenient to follow subliminally seduced suggestion.


Unethical, missionary trained journalists use loaded words and seductive phrases for psycho programming effects. Virtually, every word used in reporting is derived from prior assumptions that have been deliberatively shaped by the hostile media. Every word that the phony liberal journalists use is intended to manipulate the mind and the future control of behavior. False facts, lies, distorted truths, manufactured events, and coded words are all intended to convey a hidden agenda. Programmed words, pre-fabricated phrases and images are skillfully used to confuse and disorient the readers or television viewers. Sometimes, manufactured data, cooked up information, erroneous statements, pre-selected knowledge are refined and modified to make general statements, which send a subliminal message to the public.


This cunning distortion of reality, manipulation and invention of events validate the pseudo secular belief that Hindus are suggestible, emotional, irrational, and prone to violence. Christian extremists in Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya kill more Hindus. Westernized Indian media do not describe them as Christian fanatics, Christian fundamentalists or Christian militants. The secular media controlled by foreign agents has a vested interest to protect them. Innocent Hindus are killed in Kashmir, Hyderabad, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kerala, Gujarat, Utter Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Afghanistan by Jihadi terrorists. Hindus are discriminated and treated inhumanely in all Islamic countries. These human rights violation and mass murder of Hindus are not being reported in the secular Indian media.


Psychological thought control, in all its various capacities has spread the infection, in varying degrees to most phases of Indian media. This thought control system created by Christian, Muslim, Communist, and pseudo secular conspirators for the purpose of eventually leading to the destruction of the Hindu way of life poses a crucial problem for every one. This type of deceptive cognitive restructuring can destroy Hindu society if it is allowed to corrupt peoples’ mind, attitudes and behaviors.




Missionary school trained bogus secular media pundits and pseudo intellectual elites have complete control over Indian media and they are able to generate enough anti Hindu phobia in the west. They team with enemies in India and abroad to undermine Hindu society. Indian journalists’ formula is to destroy Hindu culture that kept India together as a nation for thousands of years. Indian media stigmatizes Hindus, and malign Hindu organizations. They are very disdainful towards our spiritual heritage, and philosophy. The concerted efforts of the leftist establishment and phony secularists in India are directed at the obliteration of Hindus. Survival of Hindus is anathema for them. They extol the superior power of the western Christian culture, Muslim violence, religious conversion, communist subversion and endorse the porous nature of western consumerism. They attack spiritual leaders and glorify the stupidity of the corrupt anti-national, anti-Hindu politicians.


Most of the Indian media pundits are blind to the reality of events around them and are unable to grasp the hidden agenda of our enemies. The unjust, unethical media elite are like modern day computers whose printouts they cannot read. They don’t know whether their psycho-programming is true or false, right or wrong, whether it set to lead or mislead. They are eager to join with our enemies for some breadcrumbs and a handshake and are willing to divert attention from internal and external danger. These pseudo liberal media experts with extraterritorial loyalty substitute empty rhetoric for significant content and obscure principles of fairness. They sacrifice truth for empty slogans, substitute real facts with manufactured events. Hindus struggling for basic rights are portrayed as attackers upon India’s secularism. Well organized, disciplined, orderly and peaceful mass protest against coercive religious conversion of Hindus by Christian evangelists is dubbed as communal frenzy. At the same time genocide, beheading, murder and loot committed by Jihadi terrorists and Christian fanatics in Kashmir and the North east are depicted as fight for human right. While denouncing peace loving Hindus, journalists have an open admiration for religious intolerance of Muslim and Christian fundamentalists. Fraudulent evangelists and Jihadi terrorist leaders are praised for their charisma, mass conversion efforts, mind manipulation techniques, and they are admired as leaders promoting liberty!




Many concerned individuals ask what can one do about the media bias. How can one recondition them? How can we restructure their criminal thinking and attitudes?

It is certainly true that innocent public is caught up in the prevailing patterns of complacency and conformity. Hindus have no influence or control over the mass media. There is no reason why one billion Hindus should remain a marginal and degraded group being denigrated by the vested interest media giants. There is nothing that prevents Hindus from being assertive. Hindus must unite, regain strength and confront media bias, misrepresentation and prejudice with force. Hindus have to work against their feelings of helplessness, use their brain power, technical expertise and use them to excite the hidden power of the Hindu masses.


If the media were to take Hindus seriously, Hindus have to develop confidence in their potential power, culture and become assertive. The day has come for Hindus in India and abroad to wake up from complacency, and denial, and take affairs into their own hands and shape their own destiny.

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